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  1. DukeNinja

    Heating a House

    Unless it's asbestos sheeting, which mine is.
  2. DukeNinja

    Masters in Nursing

    Your best bet is to speak to someone at AHPRA directly. You don't want to waste two years of your life for nothing. Also bear in mind that as with any profession, nursing (or your chosen field of nursing) may not be in the skills shortage professions list by the time you are ready to apply.
  3. DukeNinja

    Heating a House

    I meant to say 8hrs x $0.25
  4. DukeNinja

    Heating a House

    I second reverse cycle AC. We often run our 2.5kW and 8kW overnight, and used 8kw (8 × $0.25). Our house is extremely poorly insulated. But as stated above, you can time them to run during the coldest time of the night.
  5. Hopefully you'll get by with the old one.
  6. Don't be in a rush, my friend got her grant at 13 months, original health clearances and pcc were accepted.
  7. Hi peeps, I'm after some advice please. My friend is migrating tonight (190 Qld), with her youngest. Her husband and the other child aren't flying over until the end of May. Would this be an issue, and do they have to have something to state that permission is being granted by the other parent? Thanks.
  8. DukeNinja

    Travelling with only half of the family

    Thanks. I'll pass it on.
  9. DukeNinja

    Travelling with only half of the family

    Hey Rammygirl, thanks for your time. They're flying from the UK, and it's the primary applicant coming over first.
  10. DukeNinja

    190 Visa Grant

    It must be really hard not knowing when one's visa is likely to be granted, but the way to look at it is; as long as you've been invited, submitted all the relevant docs, and you meet the requirements, then its just a waiting game. Unfortunately there's nothing one can do, but prepare oneself for when the grant happens. I know that my comment may not add much to the conversation, but being focussed on the delay in processing times will only make on frustrated. I do hope you guys get your grants soon.
  11. DukeNinja

    Nurse job

  12. DukeNinja

    Travel Exemption Experience

    Be aware that AHPRA will only grant you an approval in principle. The full registration is normally granted after you present to an AHPRA office to verify your identity. ATM most offices are closed, so they recommend that you present to your employer, who will verify your identity. Unfortunately, most employers wont't consider you without full registration, so the whole thing can be a chicken and egg situation. Be prepared to play the numbers game when it comes to applying for jobs whilst overseas.
  13. DukeNinja

    Booking hotel quarantine

    From what I've heard, you have no say in the matter apart from the size of the accommodation, depending on your party size.
  14. DukeNinja

    Medicare card in quarantine

    I don't think it would be wise to put the hotel address. Might be worth liaising with the temporary accommodation to see if they would be willing to take in post for you prior to your arrival.
  15. DukeNinja

    SIM card

    I bought an Amaysim similar and posted it to the UK for a friend. I had the luxury of specifying certain numbers of the phone number, to make it memorable. I guess that only works if you know someone here.
  16. DukeNinja

    Singapore Airlines

    Just a heads up. The LHR - SIN - NZ - OZ route may not be available after the 12th of April. Evidently, LHR- SIN - OZ is still available.
  17. DukeNinja

    Info on points system and selection

    Nice. The Rolls of the bunch. I guess you can now sit back and start planning at your leisure. Well done again
  18. DukeNinja

    Info on points system and selection

    Congrats. Did you go the 491 route? Might be worth looking at applying for exemption to travel if your occupation falls into the categories.
  19. DukeNinja

    IELTS - academic to boost points

    This x2
  20. DukeNinja

    No response from Home Affairs

    Maybe, they actually someone from immigration, fishing around.
  21. DukeNinja

    IELTS - academic to boost points

    It seems that most native English speakers feel that taking the English test is an insult. In fact, as Marissa pointed above, the main reason is to jump as far ahead of the queue as you possibly can. You'd be surprised how poorly native English speakers fare in the test if they don't prepare adequately.
  22. DukeNinja

    491 mechanic 90 points

    It would be illogical for it to not be frowned upon. After all one is pledging to contribute to their chosen state's economy by bringing one's skills. By submitting EOIs to multiple states, one comes across as having no commitment and loyalty to a particular state, implying that one may choose greener grass if the opportunity comes along. Thus the original state who sponsored that person has deprived someone else of the opportunity to contribute to their economy and society.
  23. DukeNinja

    New mobile phone contract

    Get a dual sim phone. Three UK sim only PAYG to keep your number. If you keep an eye on ozbargain.com.au there are regular sim only deals that pop up, often with gift cards between $100-$500.
  24. DukeNinja

    Very beginning

    I concur. My first car was a manual. I moved to an auto very soon after.
  25. DukeNinja

    Very beginning