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    Probably not. I think they should be able to email it to AHPRA directly.
  2. DukeNinja

    190 visa want to leave before 2 years period

    This. How about some locum work? You might come across something that'll broaden your experience.
  3. DukeNinja

    190 Offshore Visa Applicants

    Maybe just give them a nudge? It's difficult trying to get to a sympathetic soul at the department, but my friend managed to to that, and her processing started shortly afterwards.
  4. Plenty of Australia-wide positions being advertised by Alexander Associates. I have no affiliations with them. Contact: Anthony Barono E: anthony@alexander-associates.com.au MB: 0425 211 634
  5. DukeNinja

    ASMIRT skills assessment - how long?

    One more thing to point out. Even if you applied for your visa before your 32nd birthday, you might not get invited before the latter.
  6. DukeNinja

    ASMIRT skills assessment - how long?

    Assume a minimum of 12 weeks. Hth.
  7. DukeNinja

    Things you wish you knew before building

    We bought a place last year, and within weeks of moving in, the gas boiler died, the shower mixer broke, the electric oven caught fire and a lot more stuff went wrong. So we have done some sort of reno. We installed a 10kW solar system, an induction free-standing hob/oven, as well as a heat pump hot water system. In hindsight, a simple 3kW hot water heater would have sufficed instead of a heat pump, as I time the water to be heated up during solar production hours.
  8. DukeNinja

    Primary School Admissions

    Hey. I remember you from when I was doing my 101, and you helped out, thanks again! So evidently some government schools don't even send out application forms for prep until August. As long as you're in the catchment area, you should technically get a place. Have you checked on the EdMap website? https://www.qgso.qld.gov.au/maps/edmap/ Of course the private school would say yes sooner because you'll be paying for it. You might want to check for any penalties if you accept and then pull out later (They might require that you pay a fee upon acceptance etc..)
  9. DukeNinja

    Quarantine food

    I did the same for my friend, however the dealer was unable to register the car in their name without an Aus licence. This is in Queensland. Might be worth checking this with your dealer. Mind you this was a new car. It might be different for used cars or different states. All the best with your journey.
  10. DukeNinja

    Quarantine food

    It is common knowledge that we are often referred to as "whinging poms". And unfortunately I have a habit of being a grumpy middle aged bloke, which puts me squarely in the above category.
  11. DukeNinja

    Borders closed until 2022

    This. Like Peter Kay says: Booked it, packed it, f*cked off.
  12. DukeNinja

    Quarantine food

    I can appreciate your intentions, however this is probably the wrong forum if you want to change the system. My friend has just finished their quarantine, and even though they specified meal preferences due to religious reasons, those were not respected on multiple occasions despite this being contested.
  13. DukeNinja

    Quarantine food

    A nurse is paid between $40-$60 per hour. How many are there in your hotel? How about the national guard? How many are there? The bill probably says food, but it's probably accounting for the above as well as the fact that the whole hotel is a dedicated quarantine facility.
  14. DukeNinja

    Quarantine food

    I'd gladly fork out 2 weeks' worth of overpriced canteen food for the prospect of a complete lifestyle change. Especially considering that we are in the middle of a pandemic, and you're being allowed in the 3rd best country vis-à-vis the virus spread.
  15. DukeNinja

    Australian paint brands

    Don't forget to use a primer... We learnt the hard way.
  16. DukeNinja

    Free IELTS course (UDEMY)

    Found this on OzBargain: https://www.udemy.com/course/ielts-guide-for-non-native-speakers/?couponCode=2A5A97B6E8DE30FED002 Might be of interest to some.
  17. DukeNinja

    Travel Exemption Experience

    Be aware that AHPRA is not allowing you to present to their offices to validate your ID, and hence finalise your registration. You'll need to present to your prospective employer.
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    It is not about the topics, it is about the structure of your answer.
  19. DukeNinja

    Keeping UK mobile number in Oz

    Vodafone does eSim. I second Three UK.
  20. DukeNinja

    Transferring House Sale funds (GBP) to Australia

    I second MoneyCorp.
  21. DukeNinja

    What owl is this?

    This little fella has visited us twice now. Any ideas what type it might be? I'm thinking a Powerful Owl .
  22. DukeNinja

    What owl is this?

    Thanks guys! The sound of its call confirmed that it is a Tawny.
  23. DukeNinja

    Do you consider yourself Australian?

    Does one need to have a nationality-based identity?
  24. DukeNinja

    Heating a House

    Evidently, the underfloor hot water heating is the better option. Hot water is directed through a dedicated underfloor labyrinth of pipes, instead of having radiators. This would allow you to run a lower heating temperature, and have a better heat distribution when compared to isolated radiators. Or you could have a smart heating system. I had a Honeywell Evohome installed in the UK, with each radiator having a smart TRV. I had different schedules for weekdays/weekends. I'd often have to leave the house before 5, so I'd set it up so that the master bedroom was comfortable for when I woke up. Then the bathroom was warm in time for my shower, followed by the kitchen, for me to have brekkie. And you could set it to heat the kitchen during cooking and dinner time, followed by heating the lounge, and then getting the bedroom warm enough for bedtime. The system also allowed IFTTT integration and geolocation activation (it would start heating the house as soon as I was outside a pre-set radius around work). It also had Alexa integration, so I could say (Alexa, set bedroom to X degrees). I loved it. We had a Victorian end of terrace, and the house was never cold. Then I rented the house out, and the tenants wrecked it.
  25. DukeNinja

    Heating a House

    Unless it's asbestos sheeting, which mine is.