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  1. christopherj

    Do i need to lodge tax return

    Hi All.... This is my situation I work for a Sri Lankan IT company and one of our customer is Aus. I was in Aus 2016/17 working on a project for the above customer for 3 months on the 400 visa in early 2017 we received the 489 I was again in Aus for 4 months on the 489 visa working for the same customer. My monthly pay was only in Sri Lanka and ONLY from my Sri Lankan employer. Now i'm not working for the Sri Lankan company my question is.. do i need to lodge tax details for 2016/17 Regards Chris
  2. christopherj

    The IT field Thread

    On 489 visa 16+ Years experience in various roles from Infor BI, Microsoft BI, Yellowfin BI, SAP Basis, MS-SQL Admin and Developer, C# Software Development, Crystal Reports Worked in US, Germany, Japan, Malaysia Aus working experience - 6 months (on the 400 visa) Looking for opportunities and will be available from 3rd week of Aug.
  3. christopherj

    489 Based Migration

    Hi MaggieMay..... could you confirm if there are any legal issues of say me working in VIC above zip codes which are regional... for like 3 months and then moving to Adelaide for good.... EVEN IF SA Sponsored our 489
  4. christopherj

    Working online - remotely

    We received the 489 - 8539 visa from SA. Can I live in Adelaide and work online from Adelaide for a Mel or Shepparton company? Regards Chris
  5. christopherj

    489 Restrictions on employers

    Hi All....The restriction on the 489 visa when it comes to working.... what about the following scenarioIf i want to work for a consulting company which has a registered business address in the CBD BUT i will not be working at that this location at all... my work will be at the above employers' Customer locations (100% of the time) which are in regional areas i this possible ?
  6. Hi, I saw your post with title 489 based migration. Can you please let me know the total point score, you got  to lodged 489 visa EOI, time taken to get the visa approval, and your SOL occupation.

    1. christopherj


      65 System Analyst

  7. christopherj

    489 Based Migration

    Our 489 is for SA...but my current work requires me to work in a customer office in Tatura 3616 and Live in Shepparton 3630 for the next couple of months.
  8. christopherj

    489 Based Migration

    Working will be Tatura 3616 Living will be Shepparton 3630 But does it really matter since I'm not the primary applicant
  9. christopherj

    489 Based Migration

    Hi Everyone...Apologize for the lengthy post...we just received the 489 Visa in SA and here is the current state My wife is the primary applicant. The company i work for in Sri Lanka does Internal IT Projects and the current project i'm involved in is for a Aus customer. I worked in Aus from Dec-2016 to Feb-2017 using the 400 Visa and i was based in VIC. Right now im back in Sri Lanka and hoping to get back using the 489 to continue with the above-mentioned project. Here are my questions... 1. We will be living in SA and since my wife is the primary applicant is there any work restrictions for me to work in VIC ? 2. What are the initial steps i should do when i come to Aus using the 489 ? 3. What about a Tax File, Bank account...etc
  10. Hi everyone..... We have applied for SA State Sponsored under 489. My wife is the primary applicant and I have already found work in VIC. Is this a possibility where we live in SA (My wife will look for work in SA) but I will shuttle to SA from VIC every couple of weeks or monthly. Regards Chris
  11. We did and what the agent told us was it's still been processed and since we submitted the medicals just before the holiday season there might be delays...so fingers crossed
  12. Note sure...we went through an agent... and the agent hasn't informed us of it
  13. No.. The panel Dr said nothing to worry after the physical..etc... but the Blood tests takes 24hrs and we didnt hear from them after that..so im assuming it's nothing major
  14. christopherj

    Agent or do it yourself?

    We went through an agent and awaiting the final stage outcome... although the agent has been helpful, all the information is online so if you have the time to go through the Aus immigration site and prepare your documents...etc .... I'd recommend you do it on your own and save the cash.