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  1. Moving Back to UK after 7 years In Melbourne

    I agree with everything that Snifter has said about Bristol. If we were to leave Australia that would be my first choice of location back in the UK. I spent part of my childhood south of Bristol (in the Cheddar area) then moved away for Uni and then Paris for 10 years. I moved back to Bristol and lived in Clifton and loved it but it is pricey. All the areas mentioned in the previous posts would be lovely areas to live and Bristol airport is easily reachable for trips to Europe etc Good luck with your move
  2. Car registration before a permanent address??

    We had to register our car and our drivers licenses to our short term, 2 week rental address and it didn't seem to be a problem. I just changed the address once we had moved into our long term accommodation. I'm not sure if that would work with a hotel address - a work address may be a better option
  3. Things you wish you'd have know/done

    Unlock your mobile phones before you leave the UK
  4. Renting out house in uk

    You will still need to declare the rental income in the UK but may not be taxed if you are under the threshold. You will need to fill in a Non-resident landlord form with HMRC (Form NRL1) to receive your rental income without deduction of tax As Peach said, you also need to declare it in Australia but won't be taxed on it if you have already been taxed in the UK due to reciprocal tax agreements between UK and Australia
  5. Planning a UK Wedding From Aus

    We were living in Sydney and organised our wedding in the UK from there. We wanted to get married in church and obviously had problems due to not living in the parish but we were advised that we had to apply to the Archbishop of Canterbury for a special license and we had no problems. With regards to all the other stuff, we did a lot of research on venues, photographers, florists and cake bakers etc then had a 2 week trip in July to view the short list (we got married in November). We managed to secure all the things we needed during our trip and then went back to Sydney and relaxed. It was all really easy thanks to the internet and family back in the UK who could sort out any last minute stuff. We flew into the UK on a Weds, got married on the Sat and flew out for our honeymoon on the Sunday Good luck
  6. Emirates Skywards loyalty scheme- is it worth it?

    Also useful to know - if you have an Entertainment Book membership you can get up to 10% off the price (use code AUEBOOK) I saved $900 on Emirates tickets for our family of 4 last July
  7. Things to do in the last few weeks before we fly!

    Unlock your phones
  8. Where are the road direction signs?

    I've always thought the signs in Adelaide are excellent
  9. Leaflet Printing in the UK

    I've used Staples before - not sure if they are the cheapest or not https://www.staples.com/sbd/content/copyandprint/index.html
  10. UK Self Assessment - Paper or Online?

    Hi Alan Thanks for your reply. Our taxable income is more than the UK personal allowance. I just really need to know if I get an instant answer if I buy the software which allows me to do an online return rather than having to wait until December. Our Australian returns are just waiting for the figure from the UK before we file them - we have included depreciation on the UK rentals - thanks!
  11. We have been told by HMRC that we have to send a paper tax return as we are living overseas. We did this back in August but have been told this week that we won't get a reply on tax owed until December. We are waiting for the figures so that we can file our Aus tax returns with the ATO and wondered if there is a way of speeding up the process. If we pay for software which according to HMRC allows us, as expats, to file online, will we get an instant reply of how much tax we owe? We have no salaried income, just profit from a rental property . Thanks
  12. What is Hawthorn like?

    Hi Can anyone in Melbourne tell me what Hawthorn is like as a suburb? My sister is visiting over Christmas and is travelling around a bit and has asked me if Hawthorn is a nice place to stay. I live in Adelaide, don't know Melbourne and have no idea what to tell her! Can anyone help? Thanks
  13. Deciding on a Bank Account

    HSBC don't have monthly fees and have several branches in Sydney and Melbourne Not so good in Adelaide where there is only one branch but I just withdraw cash for free at the supermarket till
  14. 5 year RRV expiring

    In order to get another 5 year RRV you will need to have lived in Australia for at least 2 years within the last 5 years. If not, you can get a 12 month RRV but only if you can prove significant ties to Australia https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/155-
  15. Tricky situation

    You haven't been in Australia for very long and as other people have said on this forum before, it does often take a long time to settle and make friends (which obviously helps ease the homesickness). I had my first baby here in Australia with no support from family (who are all in the UK) and my husband works long hours, evenings and weekends but what made the situation much better for me was the mothers group that the hospital hooked me up with. These other new Mums supported and helped me with the stress of becoming a first time Mum on the other side of the world from my family and have become life long friends. I found that I suddenly had a ready made group of friends all with babies the same age as mine and it certainly made my life happier and helped with missing people from the UK. Just another view point - may not necessarily help you