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  1. From a parental perspective, do you believe that the sooner kids start school (referring to age here), the better their outcomes (e.g. academic, long-term) will be? I am doing a report based on this topic and I would really appreciate your opinion on this. Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, I'm reposting this topic again because the previous thread question I wrote wasn't explicit towards my investigation (sorry I'm still new to this). By the way, I'm focusing on the children's overall wellbeing, educational and long-term outcomes. -Thank you!!-
  3. Hi guys, I am in year12 and is currently doing an investigation on whether formal education should be pushed back to the age of 7. My hypothesis (and focus) is:To what extent will changing the Northern Territory school-age entry to seven benefit children’s wellbeing, academic achievements, and long-term outcomes? I would really appreciate your opinion on this as it will count towards 30% of my grade. Thanks!

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