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  1. dunc

    Visa/Passport/DL name issues

    Apologies for the delayed reply, I've just found the notification in my spam folder. Sounds like it depends who you speak at the DOT then. We'll see what she gets in the post and maybe follow up to have it changed if her maiden name is on it. It looks like you can change a DL with a marriage cert for $10 should it come to that.
  2. I'm just wondering if anyone is in a similar situation, my wife's maiden name is on her permanent resident visa and her passport. We spent some time in the UK and at that time she updated her UK DL to her married name. Now we're back in Perth and she applied for a WA license with her UK license and our marriage cert. Everything seemed to go fine but now she's had a recorded message from DOT stating that her maiden name will be used because that's the one on her visa. Is this normal, the DL name must match the visa? We previously looked at changing the visa name but were told we'd need to change her passport first which has several years left. If so I'm guessing she'll need to update her UK passport, then her visa and finally the license? She's just paid for a 5 year license... So everything in WA, bank, utilities, insurance etc is in her married name but the DL isn't which is probably going to cause issues with car insurance among other things!
  3. Yeah I think we'll probably just leave it, too risky otherwise. The DL has to be done within 3 months of becoming a permanent resident I believe, so it is already overdue. Thanks for the replies.
  4. I don't suppose there is any real urgency. We recently got PR so I guess she'll need it to get a drivers licence and it would be good to not have to do that twice. I'll check when her current one expires.
  5. Has anyone applied to have a name change done on a British passport recently (this year)? My wife hasn't had the chance to change her surname on her passport yet. We're going to be in the UK next month but have already got a return flight booked so it's not an option to get it done while we're there. She'll need to use her passport again in October so if we post the application the day we get back to Oz we'll have 7 weeks for it to get to the UK and the new one to arrive here. Just looking to gauge if this will leave enough time for us to get it sorted. If we wait until last minute to book the flights we'll likely have to pay double!!
  6. dunc

    Changes to pathway to Citizenship

    The way the document is worded it sounds like this is going through not being put forward for approval! Maybe that's the norm though.
  7. dunc

    Changes to pathway to Citizenship

    I agree, this would be an ideal scenario!
  8. dunc

    Changes to pathway to Citizenship

    Feel for you mate, we've just done the long frustrating wait for PR. Hopefully they'll have decreased the processing times when you come round to apply.
  9. dunc

    Changes to pathway to Citizenship

    So is it a given that it will get passed? If it doesn't get passed then nothing changes which is why it does matter.
  10. dunc

    Changes to pathway to Citizenship

    Maybe it doesn't matter to you but it matters to me! I would like to know either way if I am going to be able to apply for citizenship in 11 months or 3 years and 11 months.
  11. dunc

    Changes to pathway to Citizenship

    Does anyone know if there's a timescale for this legislation getting approved?
  12. dunc

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi all, just a quick comment to say that our nomination and visa were approved on 21/03/2017 while we were on holiday. No documents requested for my visa. I detailed all the information requested for the nomination in the spreadsheet but it appears someone has deleted it.
  13. dunc

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    My colleague and I just met with our MA about our nomination. They still need some info about the company that they should get today from the MD. When they have everything it'll take a couple of weeks to compile and submit. Apparently the file for our company is quite complex. The 28 days are up on 06/03 and they expect us to have a decision a couple of weeks after that. They also advised that they would have expected me to receive any questions about my visa application at the same time and I haven't so that sounds promising at least. Another thing worth noting is that although there are 2 of us from the same company our nominations are being dealt with by different CO's. The MA said it's also likely that it'll be a different CO that deals with the information submitted. It all sounds a bit inefficient to me!
  14. dunc

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    I didn't use an MA for my visa application but the company advised using one for the nomination. I wish I'd just done it myself and saved the money because I had to arrange for most of the nomination information to be provided to the MA anyway. Some of the information we've been asked for was provided when we initially submitted the application. No word on my visa application yet, I assume they won't even look at that until the nomination is approved (or not as the case may be).
  15. dunc

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    No I haven't taken any unpaid leave. I don't understand why the MA didn't ask for all this info at the start of last week!