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  1. TheVixenator

    Migration Agent Recommendation

    Hello all I am looking for migration agent recommendations please. Although I doubt I am in a position to apply for a visa at the moment I am intending to apply in the next two years or so. I am just finishing my degree in Cybersecurity and computer networking in the next 2 months and am a bit of a crossroads into which career path has the strongest visa chances based on current trends etc. I appreciate this can change at a moments notice but hoping that a migration specialist will be able to offer some guidance (happy to pay for a consultation of course) based on their knowledge and experience of visa pathways etc. Then I can move forward with my next steps with a bit more of a plan rather than a whim and a prayer! I completely understand that things may change and of course I wouldn't be pinning all my hopes on advice offered that may quickly go out of date. I am just looking to be able to make more informed choices in my career next steps. I am 36 years old and unsure whether to study a masters or go straight in to the work place and start gaining my 2 years post qual experience required by the ACS for security specialist and network engineer/admin roles. If work experience is the better option would network engineer or cyber security specialist roles have a stronger visa pathway. My degree covers both 50/50 and I enjoy both equally. I can complete a masters here in the UK in 12 months but would also consider studying in Australia to gain extra points etc. I understand the the global talent visa is available to applicant who have completed a masters and would also like to discuss if that could be a viable route. I have been offered a few graduate roles too, one in networking and one in a cyber analyst role, I'm finding it difficult to decide which would be the best option. Any help, similar experiences and agent recommendations would be much appreciated
  2. I am in the process of using Seven Seas to ship 2 or 3 boxes from Newcastle UK to Melbourne and so far so good. It costs £160 per 26kg box and they dropped the boxes off at my house the other day. They will collect them when I am ready and send via airmail in 12-15 days. You can store at the other end for free I think if you do not have an address yet. But so far couldn't recommend them enough.
  3. TheVixenator

    Anyone used transfur?

    Also to add in terms of pricing I got about 6/7 quotes and they were right down the middle. What attracted me to them was there quote was easier to understand as had one "all in price" where some quotes had all sorts of different options, sold, silver etc and I found it difficult to compare like for like. I spoke to them on the phone and they where very reassuring so opted for them. I remember at the time when I said I wanted our dog to go in Dec/ Jan he said Nov, Dec and Jan are busy times so don't know why they are shocked by how busy they are. I don't regret choosing them and I know Honey is in safe hands just feel their communication could be better during what is a very stressful time for many people.
  4. TheVixenator

    Anyone used transfur?

    I am in the process of using them at the moment to send my dog to Melbourne on the 18th of Jan and over the last few weeks I have become very frustrated with them. They are very knowledgeable and everything is booked however I have found their communication is shocking. I have had to chase them several times over the past 4 weeks and it came to a head on Monday this week when I blew my top with them on the phone as I had been waiting for info for 4 weeks (which I had chased 4 times) and was told they were sorry they were really busy with lots of dogs going out in Oct and Nov. Now I appreciate my dog is not the only dog going however when I am paying a lot of money don't tell me sorry we are too busy to help you at the moment as we are too busy with other dogs. Either employ more staff or turn away work. The even more annoying thing was they sent me an email by the end of that day confirming the flights were all booked and permits were all through. So they had done all the work, just hadn't dropped me a few lines to keep me in the loop and I have been worried sick for nothing. Literally all it would have took was one line saying permit through then another quick email saying flight booked etc and we will speak in a few weeks when the next lot of vet works starts. So in summary they are doing a good job but I feel their communication is not great and they have caused me to worry for no reason.
  5. TheVixenator

    Student Visa - does anyone from the UK have experience?

    Sorry you may have misread the thread of the comments and thought this is another "they don't like what they hear whinge". I couldn't agree with you more and if you re-read my comments you will see that is what I have said. All the positive and negative experiences are invaluable and the knowledge I have come across here has helped me greatly. The comments I took issue with are the two I quoted that reference Lego songs etc. as they do not offer any constructive feedback in the slightest other than to poke fun at peoples posts.
  6. TheVixenator

    Student Visa - does anyone from the UK have experience?

    Thank you SummerHQ and ramot. Ramot I didn't think you were being negative in anyway and I appreciate yours and most of the comments on this forum. It has been my go to place for gathering as much info as possible before I leave and its important to hear all the pitfalls as well as the positives. I have learned so much on here that would have took me ages to find trawling the web otherwise and for that I am very thankful. What I don't find helpful are the type of comments above. They may actually put people off joining in and being part of this community as they come across as not adding any value other than making the original poster seem silly which helps nobody. Everybody starts on this forum somewhere and even on their journey to Australia and I bet they knew 1% of what they know now that is why I come on here, to learn from others.
  7. TheVixenator

    Student Visa - does anyone from the UK have experience?

    You have assumed wrong. I have not alluded in anyway on this thread or even forum that I think studying this course will grant me a golden ticket to PR. That is not what I am looking to achieve. The qualification you claim is not well recognised will actually help me advance my career to the next level in the UK or will count for credits towards a degree if I decide to study on in the UK or in Australia. I have decided to study in Australia over the UK as whilst my husband and I have no children as I would like to see a little more of the world than the doorstep I grew up on and after all Melbourne didn't just win the most liveable city again for nothing. Yes its costing more than if I were to study in the UK (and the difference is not as much as you may think) but we have saved and paid the course fees and have covered one years rent so that we can enjoy the experience without fretting over money. I have gone in to this with my eyes wide open, so there should be to quote "no expensive shock" on the horizon as we have factored in as much as possible to allow me to focus on my studies whilst enjoying a different country. So whilst it may not be "Harvard" it will give me time out to refocus my career, a career which I have stumbled into but done surprisingly well at in a short time. I do not see it as giving a career up as I know I enjoy the role and industry but know that the company I work for is not where I want to be long term. We are not burning any bridges as we both own a house each which are being successfully rented at the moment so are not selling up and throwing all of our eggs in one basket. Some may see this as an "expensive career break" and I'm sure some will jump and pick holes in this but so what it is right for us at the moment and if we want to "throw money away" then that's our choice but rest assured its not chasing a dream you rightly point out is a near impossible task of converting a student visa to PR. Thank you for all the helpful comments on this post and on other threads they are really appreciated but just had to clear this one up so that if I post again I don't get the "rolled eyes" and "stupid student girl chasing the dream comments" as that's not what I'm doing.
  8. I would be interested to know your course start date to as mine is 30th of Jan and the visa website warns me to wait 90 days before course commencement otherwise my application will not be prioritised. Would rather just get it done now!
  9. TheVixenator

    Student Visa - does anyone from the UK have experience?

    Yeah the flights look about £150 each cheaper if we fly on the 30th or 31st of Dec rather than the first few days in Jan. I will be studying in Melbourne. I haven't been granted a visa yet as its to soon to apply but I have registered on Immi and filling out the details I can at this stage before submitting my application. so far I can see I will need my OSHC, CoE, passports, marriage certificate and GTE statement but may find more info is needed down the line such as proof of funds etc. When are you looking to go? The new academic year starts in Jan but it looks like lots of places do mid-term intakes :-)
  10. TheVixenator

    Student Visa - does anyone from the UK have experience?

    No problem with the questions! Would be more than happy to keep in touch as you says its nice to know somebody in the same boat! I’m studying an Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management at the Australian National Institute of Business and Technology. Got my CoE all sorted and paid for the OSHC for me and the hubby and we fly out on the 31st of Dec. Getting really excited now but a bit scared about leaving work and the secure salary etc. but we have saved to see us through. What and where will you be studying? I’m 32 so a mature student too! x
  11. TheVixenator

    Student Visa - does anyone from the UK have experience?

    Hi SummerHQ I am preparing to apply for mine in the next few weeks (I can't apply until 90 days before my start date which is the 30th of Jan) but I'm pulling all the paperwork together now and it seems pretty straight forward and the system guides you through all the information needed. The only bit that's got me thinking at the moment is writing a statement for a "Genuine Temporary Entrant" - I may post a thread on this late to ask for help!
  12. TheVixenator


    I moved to Sunderland about 6 months ago to live with my parents whilst my Husband and I save for our move to Melbourne in December. Before that I had lived in South Shields for 30 years and it is a lovely place about 5 miles outside of Sunderland. South Shields has a few lovely beaches and the council are part way through a 5 year development plan to invest £100 million into the town. As with a lot of sea side towns it has gotten a bit run down but the investment is making huge noticeable changes already. Nice places to look are Boldon and Cleadon which is the more expensive part of town but more affordable nice areas are Westoe, Harton Village and Westoe Crown Village down the sea front. Good schools are Harton and Whitburn Sunderland I don't know as well but have so far found Seaburn and Offerton look nice places to live, again some good beaches and a lovely park we often take the dog to is Herrington Country Park and there are some new build house around there that look nice. Durham, Newcastle and tynemouth are good places to look in to as well but either way you really cant go past the North East. Its a great area which has the city, beach and countryside on your doorstep. Where about will you be working? Both Sunderland and South Shields both have good access to the A19 and A1.
  13. TheVixenator

    Flying from Newcastle Vs Heathrow

    I will double double check! I'm panicking so much as we fly out on 30th Dec and our dog is staying with my parents until the 18th of Jan when she flies out. She could have gone a similar time to us but Transfur have advised that with Christmas close down it would add so much stress chasing the vets and labs etc. What is making me panic is if my parents mess up the last bit - They are experienced dog owners and will be more than capable following the final instructions but if it goes wrong and I had made a mistake then I could only blame myself. I can't really blame the parents who will be doing us a favour!
  14. TheVixenator

    Flying from Newcastle Vs Heathrow

    Thanks Snifter and Bob - I am using Transfur (sorry Bob) and they are saying staying on the plane is preferable but as Bob says she is very relaxed and a happy little dog who would cuddle a burglar if they broke in so think I have made my mind up to go from Newcastle. Thank you for all your comments I have been struggling to make my mind up for over a week now!
  15. TheVixenator

    Flying from Newcastle Vs Heathrow

    Thanks Bunbury, I hadn't thought of it like that, either way its adding several hours on to the journey so may as well keep her at home longer and save a good few hundred pounds.