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  1. Hu Geace
    Immi asked further documents on july 2018 (financial) regarding nomination and English verification for visa. We submitted everything within a week.
    Status change from initial assessment to further assessment in ict 2018
    After that no news still waiting for nomination and visa 
    What about you
    @Niz it's a really long wait
    have you know nomination been done ?

  2. English please. If people start writing their own language, that could undermine this forum.

    @CarlG .. brother actually he is trying to cheer me up and make me happy and giving me positive Vibes that worry don't take stress.

    [mention=251689]Sameer[/mention] brother.. thank you for sending me positive Vibes. I got little upset when I read someone's message that department will be almost close done this week and coming week for the celebration of Easter.

    So that where I got little depressed.

    Thank you so much brother for lifting my mood


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  3. This is not suggestion or questions it’s just excitement for nomination granted and waiting for visa. Babar saheb nominations granted or waiting?? I am also waiting I hope I might get some good news next week. 
    Oohh I see excitement.. good..
    Otherwise I thought its a confirmation for more employees appointed.

    Brother my case officer is appointed 6 months Ago.
    Papers for visa asked And submitted 5 months ago.

    Nominations not done yet.
    God knows how long will it take but faith is consistance.

    Need prayers from you brothers like you

  4. Guys All of us will grant visa.
    Now this is POSITIVITY.. please don't misunderstand with any news. Lol

    My dear friend's.. just keep on repeating
    " today is my day.
    Today I will receive visa.
    Today I am going to be PR"

    Just keep on Repeating when alone ,when driving, before sleeping or doing anything.

    Collective prayers are heard early.
    Pray for others .. your work will be done .


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  5. Hi everyone,
    Got a golden email today after longgggg wait.

    Sharing with you guys my timeline.

    Childcare room leader
    187 direct entry (offshore)

    Nov 2017 - application lodge(rcb, nominations and visa)
    January 14, 2019 - nomination approved ( requested for financial documents and job position is still available. After 2 days they discarded requests about documents and approved nomination)
    March 7, 2019 Visa file was open( requested AFP)

    Grant visa on April 8,2019
    Finally very relaxing
    I hope and pray that everyone who is still waiting will receive theirs soon
    Stay positive all.

    Congratulations for your wonderful time
    Sam 2018 have a wonderful time in Australia.
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  6. Is there anybody here whos application states "further assessment" and has been asked for the last documents but the nomination haven't been approved yet?
    Its me only brother.

    Case opened 6 months back
    Paper deposited 5 months back
    Nomination not approved yet
    High risk country
    Status further assessment
    Email to department done
    Every possible way done
    My case overseas

  7. I am interested as well to know if the status should change. I had a s56 as well. anyone please advise. 
    Once you loged the application the status became received.

    Once the case officer is appointed the status become initial assessment

    If the case officer demand any papers and you supply them then your status becomes further assessment

    Once the case is completed the status will become finalize
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  8. Hi everyone, 

    Just want to give hope to everyone who is still waiting for their golden email. 

    Sharing with you guys my timeline. 

    Restaurant Manager


    187 Transition Pathway 

    June 2017 - application lodged. 

    Feb 18, 2019 - nomination approved 

    Feb 21, 2019 - CO asked for updated medicals

    March 14, 2019 - submitted medicals 

    March 21, 2019 - CO asked for AFP (maiden name) 

    April 2, 2019 - AFP certificate submitted 

    April 4, 2019 - PR Granted  

    22 months in waiting.

    Don’t despair guys. Claim everyday that “today is going to be my day, my Visa will be Granted” 

    we are over the moon. And I hope and pray that everyone who is still waiting will receive theirs soon  


    My good wishes with you.
    Please bless all of us before leaving group.
    Enjoy your stay
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  9. Hi Rajat 
    i never check that but I asked to my MA he said nothing so far as he is not changing this statement from 3 years I’m soooo depress what to do I don’t know have to prepare for English test and start study as well. Even I have 3 month old little one 
    3 years is a lot of time..
    I guess you are the oldest in this forum.

    There must be some technical issue with your file.
    You're ma need to approach them by every mean.
    I wish you all the best.

    Remember one thing, if not Australia then atleast you are citizen of some other country..

    Focus on child.. much love

  10. Hi all
    very boring today no one posting 
    I’m very upset by thinking every time about my visa and checking this frm nothing updated?
    Same here man.
    Tell me one thing when you check you immi account do you go to messages or somewhere else to check the update ?

    You are right sometime it become so frustrating till the time you don't have result in your hand because our entire life in based on one decision.

  11. Hi guys...Im bringing a good new, finally I have got my golden visa today.
    Timeline/two people/cook/WA
    Nomination and visa lodged 23.02.2018
    Nomination approved 12.02.2019
    Docs required new AFP/medical/partner English
    We sent required for invoice to pay 
    Uploaded docs 20.02.2019
    2VAC invoice required at 6.30p.m. 01.04.2019/4890AUD paid right away
    Visa granted this morning at 10a.m.
    Company has 7 full-time 4 casuals 
    Turnover around 3.3m
    I have been working here for 6 years.
    Hopefully everyone will get their visa soon. This forum helps me a lot thank you guys 
    Congratulations brother . Cheers to good time
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  12. finally got my golden mail just 1 hour ago 7.5-year wait is over.
    I pray for all of you that this day comes very soon for everyone.
    best of luck every one just believe in yourself
    Wow Mani2017 .. total deserving .
    Congratulations.. cheers to you're PR
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  13. Today my wait over..got PR today.
    Applied Sep 2017 Business manager WA
    nomination approved 04 Feb
    docs requested 13-02 
    submitted on 01-03-2019
    Visa granted today 01-04-2019
    i can’t express my feeling today. Hope everyone get their PR soon.
    Good news.. Have a lucky stay as PR
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