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  1. yes i know Rajat, I have been following this forum for quite long, I must say.  I hope you can get some good news very soon....all this waiting is unfair
    This means a lot to me.. . Thanks for your wish..
    I also wish same for everyone..
    I dont know why everything is late

  2. G day, Just wanna share a good news.
    2018.2.27 187 application and RBC submitted 
    2019.05.30 medical check done
    2019.06.19 s56 request 
    2019.07.17 all submitted 
    Recived golden mail today .
    Wow Fan wow...
    Thats such a good news.. you were
    Waiting desperately.. Congratulations for
    New. life.... Enjoy

  3. Hello everyone,
    I got requested checklist email from Immi that requested company financial info, my working evidences...Is that s56 form? Someone told me s56 is AFP, medical requested, not financial info. Plz explain to me coz I don’t understand. Thank you so much!
    Your evidence is part of S56..
    Medical is requested because I believe your medical is not updated or it is old.

    So I am assuming most likely your s56 request is there or you can do one thing you can go on IMMI website and you can check your messages there must be a request of s56.

    All the best

  4. May god bless all of us with australian rsms visa 187 positive result. Also to be included our friends in AAT.


    This visa has involved endless energy, money, dreams and dedication of every individual.


    Collectively we pray for faster results.


    God please bless all of us right now.





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  5. Hello Guys.

    Does contacting department by yourself for the awaiting result, is a good idea or not?

    Do you think that can upset your employer or migration agent ?

    Does contacting by yourself can make your case more negative ?

    Have anybody contacted by them self ?

  6. What are the current timelines for approval for the 187?
    I got my RCB approval yesterday and will be filing my nomination and visa application next week. 
    Wish me luck
    The bitter truth is " it is a long wait"
    until and unless it's a exceptional case.

    You should not take stress at this point where you only your RCB is cleared.

    On an average calculate at least 20 months.

    All the best

  7. Very good day.. 4 ppl in forum got pr...

    My best wishes to all of you for your better future.



    This forum is getting empty day by day as I cannot see anyone new coming and joining in.


    I wish tomorrow morning everyone gets pr.


    Love and kind regards to everyone





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  8. No guys no news from my side so far.

    I am shocked to see people getting immigration on Saturdays , some people on holidays ,even some in 7 months.

    I don't know how the system works.

    The feeling is irritating ,anxious, confused, helpless ,tired.

    What about you guys

  9. So all you s56 and further assessment people I, want to ask one thing that is this stage a good stage or not ?

    I mean to say that how close are you to PR ?

    What are your opinions and what is your migration agent comments ? Please share

  10. So all you s56 and further assessment people I, want to ask one thing that is this stage a good stage or not ?

    I mean to say that how close are you to PR ?

    What are your opinions and what is your migration agent comments ? Please share

  11. Once again friday came to an end.
    We all hoped soo much this week.

    Sadly there is no clear system of justification
    for this process.

    Good wishes to all who are waiting.
    Good time to all who got PR.

    Dont forget 1st week this month was raining PR.
    It was a huge mob which got cleared, then a slow down.

    Happy weekend guys.

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  12. Hi everyone 
    Alhamdulillah Finally after a long long wait we got our PR today. Our timeline is....
    RCB Apply AUGUST 2016
    Nomination apply SEPTEMBER 2016
    Visa apply    OCTOBER 2016
    s56 request in JUNE 2018
    (ask for proof of English, all financial documents and work place photos)
    After that no news just wait wait wait
    Again request s56 in JUNE 2019
    (ask for each and everything which needs for file nomination. BAS, PROFIT N LOSS, PHOTOS, PAY SLIP etc)
    Receive call from Immi on work phone they talk with my employer and then they talk with me ask about, salary, working hours, working days, joining date.
    Nomination Approved on 29 June
    Asked for medical on 08 July
    Medical done on 15 July
    Finally today 23 July we got our golden email.
    I apply with RPL certificates so guy who worried about it still its fine with RPL certificates but its depend on case as well
    Dont loss your hope and wait Inshallah guys you got your golden email soon.
    Wow.. what a achivement..
    What a patience level...
    Thanks for sharing.. we crip soo much
    That nothing is happening . . Imagine your situation..

    So all fellow friends from this forum who are from 2018-2019 batch should see and realise that they should not get restless