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  1. evets

    packing sea container experience

    I agree with rammygirl, when I relocated to Canada. The movers were very professional and efficient and very quick, in and out with a few hours. I was slightly concerned that things did not get packed as I would have done, but in the end no broken goods. I could not have done what they done in the timeframe. Just ask them if they need a tea/coffee/water when they arrive. Small things!
  2. evets

    Is this realistic? 18 months away...

    Interesting comment. I did not choose to keep mine as a investment. Something called GFC happened, and my home was worth less than I paid for. Fortunately I was not in negative equity. I could not see the point of selling, so choose to hang on to it A new term emerged in the UK around that time, reluctant landlords, which I fell into. The costs involved selling outweighed the costs of not selling.
  3. evets

    Is this realistic? 18 months away...

    Well people at the moment, appear to be living in the bubble of house prices can only go up. I would personally say rent it out for a few years while you find you feet. Downside you end up paying CGT unless one of you can return to the UK for at 3 months and (pretend to) live in the property to avoid that.... I was made tax exempt, so it could happen to you. I am not making a great deal of profit, then again not spending that much either. So have no reason to sell at the moment. Kinda missed the boat on the property market for Australia by at least 10 years.
  4. evets


    What exactly are you looking for? The WHV means you can visit Australia for a year, possibly 2 if you do the farmwork. The year you are there, do no consider trying to advance you working career unless you get lucky. Think of it as an extended holiday, which it is. You can make some friends, have some fun, explore a new country.
  5. Nice story. So happy things have worked out so well for, made for a nice read and put a wee smile on my face. Good luck with your future.
  6. evets

    Moving to Melbourne

    How much will you earning? The real cost of cost of living is probably higher than you would expect, but can be reduced with shopping at Aldi,etc. And also how far you are prepared to live from the CBD.
  7. Rent prices ARE high and I personally think 100k with a stay at home wife and wanting 2 trips back to Spain will not really provide you with a fairly decent standard of living, let alone savings. It can/could be done depending on what you are going to class a good living!!! The return flight off season may be around the $4k mark for the both of you, not sure if you have children as you have not mentioned. But I did chat with a family who did the trip to the UK over xmas and it was around the 10k figure for them and 2 kids. Does the 100k include Super or is Super on top of that? Is the company providing your healthcare?
  8. evets

    Where/how to find bargains?....

    try a costco membership. it may work out. I am still trying to work it if it makes sense to me to keep it. If you are looking to your shopping cheaply, then Aldi is the way the go but it depends on you sl;section and what your are looking for. Farmers markets may or may not wot work out cheaper, depending on what your are looking for.
  9. 63k London verses $110k Sydney. Not the best of deals especially if they are not going to provide any medical or insurance. Does the salary exclude your super ann(pension) which they will pay on top? Australia kinda pushes you into taking private healthcare, as you have a tax levy if you do not have it. In addition, if you are over 30 and do not have it, if and when you may decide to purchase it, again penalised by the healthcare companies. Not sure who your current provider is in the UK, as if you transfer with them, if they have an Australian outfit, they honour your years of service, so no starting afresh. After living in London, and Melbourne. 63k for London is very good, $110k for Sydney not so good. Since you already are Australian, and they are paying no relocation costs, except possibly the flights and maybe some good will a hotel for a few weeks. you also have to consider the actual cost of shipping your goods over. The only real positive I can read from this, is you have a job to come to at your own expense. It really all boils down too are you wanting to move back? If so, you probably would have to incur those costs yourself and have no job to walk into.
  10. evets

    Where do I stay in Melbourne?

    I had a place, 2 bed detached bungalow, private courtyard in the bad, built in garage. SE Melbourne, 10 - 15 mins walk to 2 train stations, same line, Carnegie, also 10 mins walk to a tram. Very nice location as lots of good shops around depending on your needs. Around $360/week. But as @Melb2016 mentioned, is a good location as becoming/become very gentrified of late ie, lots of cafes, coffee shops and close to CBD and other parts of N Melbourne for nice nights out. If you like cycling, great access to a cycle path close by.
  11. evets

    Job offer and a difficult decisions

    As others have said, the salary offered is not great for Sydney. Add to that you are a family of 4, I personally think it would(will) be a struggle. Cost of living is higher than you would expect. The comment: at least we would be warm and poor! You may not be saying that once you have experienced a winter. While you do not get snow, houses have little to no insulation, no double glazing so you will feel the cold much more. Add to this higher electric bills, which are already high, during winter to keep the place warm. The old art deco houses are great in the summer, but shocking in winter. I owned more thermal clothes in Australia than I ever did in the UK. Once you are in Australia on the 457, you could apply for PR, I believe after 2 years, by yourself but not so sure now with all the changes that have taken place this year. Note: I believe your occupation must be on the SOL to apply for yourself and family. So it may be possible. Can you see the salary increasing much in the future. What about your partner, would they work and be able to to help you get past the skintness. EDIT If you and the family are looking for an adventure and some new experiences, go for it. But the reality of packing up and having to head home with no or little savings, will be a lot harder. You mention being skint in the UK, do you own your own property? Sydney is one of the most expensive cities in the world for renting/buying. The Australia dream sold to the UK, is a far cry from the reality of living there. Remember once you get your foot in the door and if eligible for PR, Sydney could be a stepping stone to other (cheaper) parts of Australia. All depending on what you and your family are looking for.
  12. evets

    To sell or not to sell

    Prices going up is subjective. Who can tell what will happen in the next year or two!
  13. evets

    To sell or not to sell

    I left the UK mid 2009, not long after the property crash. I bought the place near the top, so became the accidental landlord, phrase at the time. I have been lucky and fortunate , possibly due to location as not had too many expense's and the property has always been rented out. I was lucky decent deposit so did not hit negative equity but did not make sense at the time to sell. The Melbourne property market since 2009 has been crazy, probably the worst time to move to the city. Not saying now is any better, if not worse! The market in Melbourne is still insane and if you can rent out your property in UK while you transition, probably the best bet. Give you some breathing space. Downside you get hit with CGT when you sell. As it stands I am now making a a slight profit and paying no tax and have very little to worry about, at the moment.
  14. evets

    Cost of living in Melbourne

    OP, what part of the UK are you currently living as 50k, will certainly go further in many parts compared to say London, which would make you a little more prepared for the higher living costs. As some one who made the move from London to Melbourne, on a slighly higher salary than you have mentioned with super on top, top level BUPA healthcare etc. Would healthcare be provided for you, if not that is another expense you would need to factor in. Dentists are also not cheap in Oz! I would say you would struggle on that salary, esp a family of 4 but people do it on less. I was single and while I did not struggle, if I had to feed 3 extra mouths and all the other expensives that come with it. The biggest factor is rent and then if you decide to take the plunge finding a property within your budget to buy. I was in SE Melbourne, 2 bed detached unit, garage was around $1700/m. Good location as only about 20 mins to CBD. I doubt you would be able to find something comparable in Melbourne for what you are paying in the UK. Would you plan to sell the UK property or rent it out for a few years while you and the OH decide if you want to stay? It probably is possible depending on where you would be located for work and how much of a commute you are prepared to make. Trips back to UK can work out expensive, I remember my first trip back around xmas time and got chatting to a family of 4 seated next to me. It cost them close to $10k, then again one of the most expensive times to fly. Lifestyle can be very good in Melbourne, but if you are going to be stretched financially is it really worth it! Lots of really nice suburbs, cafe lifestyle, access to beaches, and so on. On the flipside, while the weather may over all be better than the UK, in peak summer if/when you start getting above the late 30's into the early 40's, it is unbearable and then consider the humidity. Winter is nice as no snow, but as a Canadian who I worked with said winter in Melbourne felt colder than Toronto. Take a look online at Coles/Woolworths/Aldi which list the prices to get a better idea. Melbourne also has a costco, but never used it so cannot comment on the prices or variety. Elec for 1 year $963.92 Gas for 1 year $1,007.48
  15. Carpets, I really doubt the landlord/lady will change them unless they are extremely old, damaged and a safety issue. This is there retirement income and will not want to expend any money that is not necessary. And then it could be a struggle. If the area you are living in has a low vacancy rate and is popular, they will have even less incentive. I tried to get a kitchen worktop replaced during an inspection of a new rental I was viewing. The landlady had just replaced the freestanding cooker and living room carpet. The RE said to me she was an OAP and did not have the spare money to fix up the rest of the unit. Sad, that this is what the rental market has been in parts of Australia.