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  1. welder85

    Welding Work

    Hi Steven, There's loads of work about mate depending on what you want to do... Can do pipework around Kwinana/Naval Base and be home every night. Or try and go up north (mining). You definetly won't struggle. Good luck
  2. welder85

    No Study/Training

    Tourist to Skilled...NO WORK RESTRICTIONS. As i previously mentioned, only restriction is NO TRAVEL. Not only does it clearly state that on my visa, I confirmed it with my agent and I also double-triple checked online and have read the same statement on various websites. The only bridging visa to have NO restrictions are BVA going onto 189, 190 and 489 Skilled. The are work rights on other visas but will be restricted (working hol to 457 for instance has only 6 months work). I can't comment 100% but as I knew someone who went from tourist to spouse and had no work rights whatsoever in 2014/15.
  3. welder85

    No Study/Training

    Which Bridging Visa is it? Our BVA says no work restrictions and no study restrictions... the only restriction we have is No Travel!
  4. Hi mate, I didnt use vetassess but I did it last year with another company as metal fab. To be honest all the questions asked are "bread and butter questions" what tools you use for this process, that process. How you work out the circumference of a circle, how you work out angles- don't overthink it!! How to set up machinery etc. Just be honest with them. The assessors are tradesmen and are friendly- don't expect a bloke in a suit, more likely in work clobber, chances are he/she has just finished work. They won't sit there with a clipboard grilling you about argon gas- they don' want to know how it's made, just how to use it. Hope this helps, good luck
  5. welder85

    city and guilds Australian equivalent

    Hi Zak, Im pretty sure a city and guilds is not recognised mate unfortunately BUT getting an ASME 9 code IS. The City and Guilds will help in you Skills Assessment as evidence, to gain this you'll need to 'exchange' 4 years experience for a AFQ Level 3- 1st Class Welder, Metal Fabricator etc. I had an apprentice doing the same course. calNgary is spot on, you claim points after a qualification. For instance if you worked for 10 years, you would only claim 6 years as you would have used 4 for your skills assessment. My suggestion would be to go down the 189 Skilled Independent or 190 Skilled State Sponsorship route. As VERYSTORMY says, 457 employer sponsored is only temporary. Speak to a migration agent mate and give yourself plenty time. Good luck
  6. welder85

    190 NSW invitation processing

    Thanks for the reply. We had the same thoughts about the application time. It's some relief knowing someone else is the same seat as us. Hoping for a nice Christmas present from them!
  7. welder85

    190 NSW invitation processing

    Hi All, Anyone on here been invited to apply for NSW 190 and are waiting for it to be processed?? I received my invitation to apply on 20th Oct, applied on 1st Nov and have yet to hear anything. Asking the question on here as my agent has said they have had invitations processed already that were applied after mine but as they have no other Metal Fabricators to gauge time by it could be different occupations that vary in processing. Thanks
  8. welder85

    EOI subclass 190 NSW

    Maybe unlikely but still very possible. I submitted 190 NSW 6th Oct and invited 19th Oct on 65pts-with state nomination.
  9. welder85

    60 point invitation 189

    Hi Mini Where did you see these results?
  10. welder85


    Thanks for the reply. The prob is, we've hardly used the tent so if we sell it here we will lose a fair wedge as it's 'last years'...plus we like it! Ha. It's not worth $900 so that's on the plus side.
  11. welder85


    Hi All, We are heading over to Aus on a long hol/Reecy mission in January. We plan on doing a lot of camping on the west coast- Margaret river, up to Broome etc. Obviously we do not want to spend $750+ on a new tent for a couple of months so would like to post ours to our friends so it's there when we get there, does anyone know if they have to pay gst on it? I've looked online and can't really see a proper clear answer. Thanks
  12. welder85

    Which VISA(s) do we need to apply for?

    Quite right, I would recommend them too.
  13. welder85

    Trade invites July 17 onwards

    Hey guys, Just started this thread to see if any tradesmen have been invited this year? Trade, points, and dates?
  14. welder85

    Heading to Oz before grant?

    Ah ok, thanks. That makes sense now.
  15. welder85

    Heading to Oz before grant?

    Strange...a friend of mine was on a bridging visa for partner and COULDN'T work.