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  1. andana

    HR roles

    That’s great! Congrats on getting a job! Yeah I’ve registered with few agencies and actually have been reading bout fair work and NES and doing the online tests Good to hear you got even 2 Job offers
  2. andana

    HR roles

    Hi how are you getting on with your job search? Any luck? I’m in a similar situation, i’m An HRBP and just moved from the Uk to Perth. I’ve registered with quite a few agencies and feedback that I am getting so far is that for HRBP/advisor role I don’t have Australian experience and for liver level jobs I get rejection too as overqualified. So it’s a bit of a tricky one. I’ve been here only for 3 weeks so I’m still hopeful. A
  3. Hi guys, just wandering if anyone can share their experience. We have lodged visa 189 in Aug and front loaded medicals and police checks. On 27 Oct got asked to provide police checks from Canada (where we lived only for 7 m). Police checks submitted on 27 Nov. Just wandering how long did it take to get a visa grant after submitting that last piece of info? Visa status is still as further assessment. We are getting soooo inpatient now that it is so close. We are hoping to get an early xmas present lol looking forward to hearing from you! many thanks!:) A
  4. andana

    70 points is not enough!!

    Hi , we got an invite on 11 July with 70 p. ( EOI lodged in Feb 18, occupation - joiner, visa 189). There is hope! ? Hopefully they will increase the numbers of monthly applications soon! Good luck! A ?
  5. andana

    Invite for 189 received / joiner (331213)

    Thank you ! yes we celebrated! Went out to watch the football... unfortunetly it was not a lucky day for England ?
  6. Hi guys, just wanted to share some happy news - got an invite today for 189. Was loosing hope after many months of waiting so very happy. Now onto submitting all the docs. Details below if anyone inetrested ? good luck to everyone else! I ELTS (overall 8.5) - July 2017 || Skills Assessment - Joiner (331213) - Positive - Sep 2017 || EOI submitted with 70 points 20.02.2018 || Invitation to apply 11.07.2018
  7. Thank you for your reply ? we thought it may be the case but just were not sure 100 %. We wanted to update EOI as were told that it needs to be accurate at all times so if my pertner is finishing this job we should update the EOI to reflect it. A
  8. Hi, what category have you selected under the qualifications bit ? A
  9. Hi guys, Quick question - my partner will be finishing his current job at the end of this month. We want to update the EOI to reflect this as this job counts towards his work experience years. (this will not change the total points) We submitted our EOI in Feb 2018 and currently waiting for an invite, so I was wondering if we update the EOI and get new effective date, will this put us at the end of the queue to be selected ? Does anyone know how it works ? We have 70 points and waiting times are so long now so we want to be sure if this is the case or not. Thanks a lot! Andana
  10. andana

    EOI - help with updating work experience

    Hi thanks for taking time to get back to us! We got skills assessment but the letter only says that its positive. It does not say how many years of experience my partner has. ( for a joiner we had to submit proof for at least 3 years to get a positive skills assessment). We did not submit evidence for his work in aus as we could not get the references and thought that 65 points will be enough. (we have now managed to get hold of someone after numerous attempts bbut we finally got it). We also did the skills assessment in july and now we live in Canada so wanted to count this work experience too (from Sep to present). Weare about 12 m short so wanted to add aus exoerience and from canada to get to 5 y. Just wondering if this is an issue if payslips do not have 'joiner' on them, And re references - thanks, yes we have then stating exactly what kind of work he was doing, with examples of joinery work etc. Thanks again! Aldona
  11. Hi all, Looking for some help with updating our EOI. my partner submitted EOI last month - he has 65 points. Looks like it will be a wait to be selected with 65 points so we wanted to update it to get 70 points. we want to try and get more points for work experience. My partner is applying under the joiner category but we only claimed 4 y of work experience but now we want to claim additional year to get to 5 years. He worked for 6 months as a joiner in australia and 6 m in canada but on the payslips it says carpenter (aus) and cabinetmaker ( canada) although he was doing all taksks related to joinery but those roles are called differently in different countries . My question is, would this be a problem that payslips do not say joiner ? We have bank statements to prove weekly wages and also will get referencess from the employers stating exactly what tasks/jobs he did - to show this was joinery. Will this be enough? Also, do referencess need to be in a specific format/is there a template? Or headed paper from the employer should be enough? Any halp kuch appreciated ! Thanks very much !
  12. andana

    EOI Work Experience Points

    I think this is a s he does not have NVQ3 and only NVQ2, so they kind of tread first 3 years as training and only after that count the employment for points. We were told this by down under center and Richard said so as well A
  13. andana

    EOI Work Experience Points

    my partner submitted NVQ2 documents and skilled employment evidence for 7 y , so he got a positive skills assessment and Cert 3 in joinery. That's why we thought we need to select in the education bit - An award or qualification recognised by the relevant assessing authority for your nominated skilled occupation - which will give us 10 points. Or are we to add this under AQF in the drop down menu? Thanks
  14. andana

    EOI Work Experience Points

    thanks for this! so we have added NVQs L2 in the education bit under -Other qualification or award recognized by the assessing authority - as he got a Certificate III in Joinery - so this will get us 10 p, this is correct isn't it? Thanks A
  15. andana

    EOI Work Experience Points

    Thank you for this! Can I just check one more thing please ? To make sure we filled in the EOI correctly ? Just want to make sure we listed all things in the right way before we submit! My partner already did IELTS (got superior so 20 points), 30 points for age, skills assessment was done by down under and got AQF Certificate III in Joinery so 10 p for the assessed qualifications, and for work experience we are planning claim 5 points (4 y of experience) He did full time apprenticeship: NVQ L1 – Sep 2004 – June 2005 NVQ L2 - Sep 2005 – June 2006 And worked full time as a part of the apprenticeship Company 1 – Oct 2004 – May 2005 (7m) – ( Not relevant, not claiming points to account for training) Company 2 – Oct 2005 – Dec 2008 ( 39 m) - ( Not relevant, not claiming points to account for training) All together leaving out 4 y for training (just to be on a safe side) Company 2 (same company as above but going to split it)– Jan 2009 –June 2011 (30 m) – claiming points for experience Company 3 – Jan 2016 – June 2017 (18 m) - claiming points for experience All together claiming 4 y for experience so 5 points. All together this gives us 65 points. I think we could go for 70 but a bit worried not to over claim due to those first few years being taken off for training. does that seem tight then ? Thanks or your help!! A