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  1. Pominusa

    Questions - Settlement visa for Hubby

    I was hoping to submit application first and worry about flights and accommodation later when we got his passport back. They even say don't book anything until you have your passport back. Oh well! Back to the drawing board.
  2. Pominusa

    Questions - Settlement visa for Hubby

    Thanks for the response. Oh no! On Appendix 2 they want to know whose property it is, how many bedrooms, full details of all occupants and passport details!!
  3. Hi Everyone Tried to get my questions answered by UKUI but they only provide general info. Online visa application form states - "Settlement visa Husband". Is this the same as "spouse visa"? We are doing the cash savings - £62500 1. "Provide UK address and contact details" - filled in "unknown at present". When I checked the eligibility requirement on Gov.uk it states "You and your family will have an adequate place to live in the UK. We won't be able to give them an address until we arrive in the UK and find a rental. Could this result in a rejection? Appendix 2 - we have to fill in this form. It states "spouse of someone settled in the UK" - but we're not in the UK so I find a lot of this form not relevant. Did you also find this? Also requires UK contact details. And UK employment details of sponsor. Can I sponsor if I'm a stay at home mum? 2. Knowledge of English - Nationals of USA and Australia don't need IELTS. Hubby has a South African passport (left SA January 2015 and won't be returning) and doesn't want to redo IELTS. We also have permanent residency for Australia (stayed 6 months -no jobs). We have a work visa for USA (been here 11 months -lots of jobs but not my cup of tea). We do have an IELTS from 2011 when we did our Oz visa but it looks like this test has now changed for UK visa purposes. Do I just submit 2011 IELTS and hope for the best? Could we say we are nationals of Oz or USA? 3. Did you all pay the NHS surcharge? Thanks Pominusa
  4. Pominusa

    Norfolk or East Yorkshire?

    Unfortunately we can't visit. It's also not really up to us where we will ultimately settle. It all depends on where the company has a vacancy. We will then be in a better position to finalise village/towns. We mentioned East Anglia to the company because they have a few offices in that region. And Thetford was central to these offices - just by looking at the map - no other reason why I picked that town. But Thetford has now been struck off the list based on your responses - although I now know where to go if I'm looking for a mass orgy on a Saturday night! :wink:
  5. Pominusa

    Norfolk or East Yorkshire?

    Thanks everyone for your comments. Seems like it's 50/50. Will have to think carefully about final decision. I'm originally from Yorkshire and love the countryside. Hubby on the other hand has never been to England. Will look at other villages in areas mentioned.
  6. Pominusa

    Norfolk or East Yorkshire?

    Hi Everyone After 23 years we are relocating back to England. Hubby's company have offered to assist with a transfer. They have offices in Hull and around Norfolk/Suffolk. Here's my question if you had to pick an area which would you choose and why - Thetford, Norfolk or Beverley, Yorkshire? And is there a big difference in weather between the 2? I'm unfamiliar with England and any other surrounding towns that you would like to recommend would be appreciated. We have kids aged 11 and under. So are looking for a family friendly area. Many thanks Pominusa