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  1. One of the locations we are looking at is the Mornington Area of Melbourne for our 2017 move Down Under. We're researching Primary Schools and came across this school - Mount Eliza North Primary School. http://menps.vic.edu.au/ Looks very nice. Anyone have any experiences with this school? B
  2. Woke up this morning to our Visa Grant!! Wahoo! Party time in Casa Beaty! Some feeling folks, particularly when we look at our 3 young children and the options it will bring them later in their lives! Thanks to all on POMSINOZ for holding our hands through all of this. And to those still waiting, we're sending positive thoughts. B
  3. Yesterday our son finished some simple tests that were requested at our Medicals, no problems arose, so our process continues There seems to be some movement on things lately. Congratulations to all Grant-ees! B
  4. Hi all Due to a family member's serious illness (none of us) it looks like we (as a family) may have to delay our intended departure date by a couple of months. A plan is emerging where one of us would 'go over first' to put feelers out re: employment, source a rental, a car etc. Then fly back and everyone would travel back proper a few weeks later. Q: Can members of our family unit enter Australia, and activate PR Visa, without the Primary Applicant going? (We would all be 190 PR). B
  5. Beaty

    Any Teachers Applying Now?

    You have 65 points, without 'Experience Related Points'? It doesn't make a difference how those points are accumulated. B
  6. Classic case, indeed, of Computer Says No. Go n-éirí an bóthar leat, Louise. B
  7. Beaty

    Wee bit of advice needed

    Hello there, what is the 'points breakdown' for the applicant? B
  8. Beaty

    how much time for grant?

    Looks like soon the word 'years' will be making an appearance in that list! B
  9. Beaty

    On our way.....

    Good for you Big Girl. Enjoy the move. Stopping anywhere along the way? Asia etc? B
  10. Beaty

    Any Teachers Applying Now?

    Applied for 190 on July 3rd 2017, got requested for Medicals this morning (July 24th 2017), we have Medicals next week (31st July 2017). B
  11. Beaty

    Should we get a container?

    I would suggest a 20 foot container (half the larger size) or groupage. The latter can take longer. Movecube sounds interesting. Best of luck! B
  12. Beaty

    Visa payment via credit card

    Make sure it's a Credit Card with a limit, and then a daily spend limit that covers enough, and then some, of the fee. I tried paying with a Debit Card with more than enough to cover the fee on it only to be told that my bank only allow 90% of that fee due, per day, as a max spend. Would have been majorly caught out if I was close to the 60 day application deadline. Advise making any payment early to allow for any banking issues. Oh, and tell hubby currency conversion fees are the least of his migration cost worries. B
  13. You do need to 'sell yourself' and your plans to each State you are applying for Nomination to. We were asked to submit a brief outlining why we wanted to live in Victoria over other states etc. Became quiet a comprehensive submission in the end. B
  14. Beaty


    It says non-migrating family members no longer need a medical. I would expect migrating family members do. B
  15. Why was the application rejected? B
  16. Beaty

    Making the decision

    My advice is apply and if successful just go, rent the house - see what happens. B
  17. Beaty

    Any Teachers Applying Now?

    You're not required to have a job - just registration with Victorian Institute of Teaching. B
  18. Beaty

    Any Teachers Applying Now?

    Just applied for a 190 VIC Nominated Visa under Primary Teaching. B
  19. Hi all, We have 5 passports on our DIBP 190 Application being lodged towards the end of June 2017. One is 'up' on March 30th 2018. With the grants going so slooooww right now (June 2017) I'm wondering will it be an issue, if for example a CO was looking at the case around March / April 2018. So, would the Passport's relatively close expiration date be a problem for us? B
  20. There's lot of info on the assessing authority's site: https://www.aitsl.edu.au Best of luck. B
  21. Beaty

    6 months in...... best decision ever!

    Good for you! Enjoy it matey, I mean, Capt'n! B
  22. Beaty

    Why did you come to Australia? (In a sentence!)

    ...it's time for a pivot. B
  23. Will be lodging a 190 Visa Application in the next 3 weeks B
  24. Beaty

    Old Photos of Australia

    Love the Surrey Hills picture and the County Bondi study. B