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  1. Hi, thanks for reply it seems the information about the 457 I have received is not good information for my situation. looks like I'll have to enquire about the skilled migrant visa. Only wish I would have made this happen years ago on a whv when I was young enough and before it got harder. Although expensive I'll probably go with a agent to make this happen.. If not oz it will be somewhere else and defiantly not England!! Thanks again for advice
  2. Hi, thanks for reply from my travels and taking advice off people I met I was advised that there are a lot more 457's handed out than pr's and that it would probably make sense to get a 457 and get working then go for pr especially since the recent downturn.. Although I don't think I've seen so much building work going on whilst on my recent travels in Perth area! i am posting here to gather advice and information so thank you for yours.. Do you think I should just go to a agent?
  3. Hi there. 37 year old Pom ,city and guilds qualified carpenter looking for sponsored job leads in Perth area WA. looking to make the move from England.. House sold and ready for the challenge. preffered work area city beach or scarbourgh but to be honest will travel anywhere in WA to make this happen. just returned from a 4 week recce of WA and fell in love with oz!! So any links or leads to make me a Pom in oz would be appreciated. thank you