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  1. Are there any special needs teachers out there?

    I’m about the send off my AITSL! Been waiting ages for my Masters certificates to come through, now I can finally start. Are you in the application process?
  2. Teacher Visa for Sydney

    You can't register until you are there because you need an Australian address and to apply in person for the working with children check
  3. No it's not useless if you do a Masters after it. You don't do a PGCE after a 3 year teaching degree because you will already be a teacher. A PGCE is for people who have done a degree in a non-teaching related area.
  4. Any Teachers Applying Now?

    Yes I was in Sydney for 2 years, only on a working holiday visa. So maybe that might have restricted my prospects a bit. I'm almost finished my Masters now and then I'll be applying to return on a 189 as an SEN teacher. If you're willing to work in SEN then you probably have more chance of getting something long term, I did 2 full terms in one SEN school out west and was a regular at another in Bondi after that. I know lots of the feedback on here is a bit negative but I think if you're lucky then something can definitely work out!
  5. Any Teachers Applying Now?

    I can only speak for Sydney, but there is a definite over supply of primary teachers there. You have to work your way into a school through doing casual (supply), you don't really apply for a job like here, schools have their regular supply teachers who they call on when more temporary/permanent roles come up. I did a lot of supply in western Sydney as those were the only areas I'd get work from. There's lots of work for SEN teachers though.
  6. Skills Assessment for Teachers - unusual scenario

    Yeah, I was in Sydney on a WHV and did casual teaching, but because my degree was only 3 years I was unable to fully register because Australian degrees are 4 years so you have to have done 4 years to be recognised as having an equivalent qualification. It's annoying but I don't think there's any way around it.
  7. Skills Assessment for Teachers - unusual scenario

    Yes, 1 year full time study. I think if some states have primary teacher on their list he could do a Masters in Education, and apply that way as a primary teacher. But I want to go to Sydney so having to go the special ed route.
  8. Skills Assessment for Teachers - unusual scenario

    Yep this is my situation, so I have almost completed my Masters in Special Education, to apply through the route of Special Needs teacher.
  9. Wee bit of advice needed

    You can get a maximum of 20 points for the IELTS which would make a big difference?
  10. Any Teachers Applying Now?

    Teachers, what's your opinion on the best time of year to move?
  11. Years of Work Experince

    Thanks.. so essentially I will have to have another three years work after I qualify as a special needs teacher? Or apply to another state as a primary teacher?
  12. Years of Work Experince

    Hi guys, I'm planning ahead here and thinking through what I need to do... I have a 3 year BA degree in Primary Education, and am currently doing my MA in Special Education, to qualify as a special needs teacher. I finish my Masters in September, and wanted to get applying for my 189/190 visa as soon as once I've got my qualification. When it comes to work exp, do my years of teaching in a mainstream school (not special needs) count towards my years of work experience? I've done three full time years and almost two supply, but will that experience count as it was before I got my special needs qualification? Or does that not matter? And if it doesn't, would it be better to work a year in a special school and then start applying? Thanks!
  13. Teachers - NQT year

    Ok thank you! I will let her know.
  14. Teachers - NQT year

    Ok thank you.. she will have four years total and the course is done through a university and a school...
  15. Teachers - NQT year

    Hi guys, I have a friend who is applying to do a schools direct course in Early Childhood Education which will qualify her as an early childhood teacher. Would she need to stay in England another year after her course, to complete her NQT year, and then apply for assessment? Or is that only necessary if you want to stay in England and teach? Just wondering if the actual qualification on its own would count as an early childhood teacher.