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  1. Hi guys, am moving over on my 190 visa to Sydney at the beginning of January and trying to get organised! I'm wondering if anyone has any recent experience getting accredited as a teacher with NESA in NSW? I previously had Conditional Accreditation when I was on a WHV between 2014 and 2015 and did casual teaching for a year. I've now done my Masters since then so have the full 4 years required for Provisional Accreditation. I'm wondering if I will have to reapply for new accreditation, or if I have to change the one I previously had? Also, wondering if anyone was able to use their teaching experience in their home country to prove that they are already a Proficient Teacher? I have over 5 years of full time teaching experience and am thinking if there's a way to submit evidence of this experience so I can move straight up to Proficient once I am re-registered? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. niamhmulk

    AITSL support (Final Transcript??)

    No, it just needs to say how many overall days you did and the overall ages covered on your course e.g mine say something like completed 110 says supervised teaching practice with the age range 5-11 years. I’m pretty sure AITSL give the criteria it needs to include so if you just copy that and send in your email to your university.
  3. niamhmulk

    190 Visa processing time

    Mine too 108 days. If you’ve uploaded everything at the start then any time after 3 months you might hear something.
  4. niamhmulk

    Waiting for grant 190

  5. niamhmulk

    Secondary Teacher 189/190 NSW

    You need to apply to AITSL for the skills assessment
  6. niamhmulk

    AITSL Teacher skills assessment

    No that won’t be a problem that it’s stated in weeks. My letter from my university stated something like ‘6 weeks, 7 weeks and 10 weeks of placement.’ Just calculate how many days that is and write it on the form when it asks how many days, that’s what I did.
  7. Nope I did everything myself! Thank you, I had the flights booked the same evening haha. Very excited to finally get things moving! Good luck
  8. Don’t worry, I got my grant on 108 days and I didn’t certify anything. Give it another week or so and I’m sure you’ll have your grant too!
  9. No, your documents don’t need to be certified. Just colour copies
  10. niamhmulk

    190 Waiting Time to Hear From CO

    Congratulations! That’s amazing ? I’m on 100 days now... keeping them fingers crossed!
  11. niamhmulk

    Medicals in SE England/London

    I did mine in Maidenhead at the Bridge Clinic. It was super fast.
  12. niamhmulk

    190 Waiting Time to Hear From CO

    Did they ask for more information? I just hit 3 months too!
  13. niamhmulk

    Secondary Teacher 189/190 NSW

    I had 30 for age, 20 for English and 15 for education. I didn’t claim any experience. So I had 65 plus 5 for the 190, and I lodged the visa on the 16th June.
  14. niamhmulk

    Secondary Teacher 189/190 NSW

    I’m a Special Needs teacher and got an invite from NSW for the 190 within 4 days, with 70 points. I think that secondary teachers are more in demand than special needs teachers, so I don’t think applying for the 190 will be a waste.
  15. niamhmulk

    AITSL Skills assessment

    No problem! Feel free to message me if you have any more questions ?