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  1. Congrats. How did you make payment same day? Online bank transfer?
  2. Is there a rule about number of years you have to live in Australia within first 5 years to be able to maintain your residency status? My parents enjoy living overseas and would come and live here only if their health deteriorates. Thanks
  3. Thank you very much @David Leask . I think Form 80 is for each person included in the application? With the police clearance, do we need one for each country you visited? My parents reside in India but have been to USA (more than 10 years ago), UAE (recent 1 week trip) and Australia.
  4. Hi Greece I think David Leask and LindaH27 have already answered your question before. 1. "It will be at least 3.5 years from your lodgement date, if not longer, before you hear anything." 2. "As far as PCC is concerned again I suspect immi will want something for the 12 months prior to actual processing. "
  5. Hi @Ray and Geri As per your signature, alot happened just in span of few days (Between 24th Apr 18 and 2nd May 18). Can you please shed some light how it was possible. Did you had your Form 80 ready already? Did you send completed From 80 by email? Again how was medical already booked for 25th Apr? How long Police certificate take? Was it sent to you to be emailed/posted to Immigration dept or sent directly to immigration? Was AoS submitted online?
  6. @Anks My parents are on 'Top Visitor Cover with Excess' plan since 2012. They have increased premium drastically every year to come to $2K each month from April. The only benefit is that I am able to suspend policy for 9 months when parents are not here. 'Standard Plus Visitor' cover has Restricted cardiac related services which is not suitable for my father as he has got stents. Apart from missing this, I still think this cover will involve significant out of pocket expenses if used for other services. Hence I am interested in knowing what policy are others choosing which cover all major issues like cardiac. I have just applied for CPV 143 little over a month before you. Let's keep checking with each other on progress.
  7. @Alan Collett Do you think the Government can increase visa fees for an applicant already in the queue for 143 or the new fees can only apply to new applicants? Also my parents have 600 visa granted in Feb 2017. Do you think it will be a good idea to reapply for another 3 years considering there is a possibility this visa may not be available for parents anymore? Are we able to apply for this visa after 2 yrs of visa grant rather than wait for expiry? Thanks Does anyone know which health insurer provides medical cover for parents on this new subclass 870 Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa? Thanks I have insurance for my parents with Bupa but it is very expensive (recent increase takes it to $2000 per month). Interested in knowing which insurance others are are choosing.
  8. Are you able to prepare anything for AoS in advance? While I have to wait another 2 years before they even allocate a case officer, I want to know if I can prepare anything asit gets nearer. Thanks
  9. Hi Linda I have submitted my parents application aroind the same time (30 May 17). Lets hope it gets done in 5 years but I doubt.
  10. amsaini15

    Aged parents but cannot apply for Aged CPV?

    Thanks DVW. Parents are from India and hence they are not list of eligible countries to apply for evisitor visa.
  11. Thanks Kath. I hope that doesn't mean Joint assurer as it will not make sense if we have to add each other as partners in calculation. So what should be income requirement if me and my wife are assurer (with 1 child) for 2 parents? Thanks Income requirement for joint individual assurers (1) This section applies to an individual who gives an assurance of support jointly with another individual or other individuals. Note: Individual means a natural person – see section 2B of the Acts Interpretation Act 1901. (2) The individual assurer meets the income requirement for a financial year if the combined amount of assessable income of the assurers for the year is at least the total of the following amounts: (a) the newstart income cut-off amount multiplied by the total of: (i) the total number of individuals giving assurance under the assurance of support; and (ii) the total number of adults receiving assurance under an assurance of support given by the individual; and (iii) the total number of partners of the individuals that are jointly giving assurance under the assurance of support; and (b) 10% of the newstart income cut-off amount multiplied by:
  12. Hi Kath Thats been sorted very well. I have 2 questions on AOS if someone can help. Thanks 1. I fall under the category of me with partner and 1 child under 18 applying for 2 parents - $120,665. Is this combined income of myself and my wife (she works too)? Is it group certificates from last 3 years to show income from previous years? 2. Does this AOS income level increase every year? Thanks for your help
  13. Hi All First of all, a big thanks to all of you here for helping people with your experience. I have applied for 143 for my parents on 30/05/2017. I know I have another 12-18 months before dept will pickup my file. From other people signatures, I gather first thing is to prepare for Medicals/AOS/Police Checks. Is there anything I can do to prepare myself to send these things back asap. Can someone please provide more details or refer to a link giving step by step process for Medical/AOS/Police checks? or I just have to wait for request with all details? Thanks Secondly, once Permanent residency is granted, do parents have to live continuously here to ensure it does not expire. Are there any requirements? My parents may still prefer to continue to live in India even after the grant of 143 visa. I have applied for this visa to cover for the risk if they want to come here when they are too old. Thanks in advance for your help.
  14. Shaki Most likely you will not be able to apply for contributory parent visa while they are here on tourist visa due to restriction in visa - Condition 8503 'No Further Stay'. You should be able to apply for tourist Visa but they would have to go back and reapply for tourist visa to come back here again. If they have come on subclass 600 visa before, they may get 3 year tourist visa. Contributory parent visa can be applied offshore only if visa has above mentioned restriction.