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  1. Gills1987

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi all, I received my visa grant on Saturday. Immigration requested medicals and police certs on 12 March. I only received my UK police cert on 05 April (uploaded to IMMI on same day), visa was then granted on 06 April! company I work for is an accredited sponsor - not sure how much difference that made, if any. Think my signature is done right. Thnaks for all the info that is posted to this forum - it’s such a great source for people. Cheers, Tom
  2. Gills1987

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi all, just wondered if someone could explain to me what is involved in the medical exam? My wife and I are having the exam, chest X-ray and HIV test, which is fine. The kids are having just the medical exam and are a little anxious about it. Could anyone who has had kids go through the medical just let me know what is involved please? Thanks in advance.
  3. Gills1987

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    I agree completely, just wondered if anyone else had been given similar advice. I’ve raised the queries with our HR department who coordinate the applications also and am waiting to hear back from them. I’ll update when I hear back.
  4. Gills1987

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi everyone, First up, sorry for the long message! I’ve been following this thread for some time. im currently on a 457 and my nomination and application for PR via TRT was submitted in September 2018. My employer is a global company and has just received accredited sponsorship status. The migration agent that they use for all of our visa applications contacted me this morning to advise that as a result of the company gaining the accreditation we would not be required to obtain police checks nor would we need to undertake the medicals and that my application was presently being reviewed by immi. This seems very strange to me, as I was under the impression medicals and police checks were non-negotiable when it comes to PR - we have nothing to hide in either case, but just wondered if anybody else had heard about this or come across this before? I can’t find anything online to support this but also have no reason to question what I’m being told as the agent handles a lot of applications for my employer. Thanks, Tom
  5. Gills1987

    Breaking News - 457 Visas Stopped

    Hi all, Not posted on here in over a year, but been following this thread all this week. Im currently on 457 with my family, this was granted July 2016. We love it here and were on course to apply for transition next July. I've been speaking with my company's migration lawyer today and have been advised that in order for us to secure PR we need to apply through the direct entry stream by March 2018. Reason being that the transition stream will not be open to us after March 2018, when the changes are brought in and obviously we will not have completed our 2 years by then. so it's all hands on deck to get my vetassess completed and application in as soon as possible. hope everyone finds a solution to their predicament! cheers, tom
  6. Gills1987

    457 - Current processing times

    No idea which office it is with. Assume Melbourne as I'll be based in Victoria.
  7. Gills1987

    457 - Current processing times

    Brilliant! Thought I might be getting towards the end of the wait. I'm in Australia working at the moment but wife and kids still in uk!
  8. Gills1987

    457 - Current processing times

    Lqriggs, are you low or high risk? My application went in on April 1st. So could be looking at a similar time frame to you. I'm low risk (uk).
  9. Gills1987

    457 - Current processing times

    I'm on shore but family still in UK. Nomination and application submitted on same day - 1st April. Not heard anything yet, will be 5 weeks on Friday.
  10. Gills1987

    457 - Current processing times

    I'm from low risk and I'm on shore.
  11. Gills1987

    457 - Current processing times

    Not heard of a grant from anyone for a while! Makes me so nervous about how long mine will take, only submitted on April 1st!
  12. Gills1987

    457 - Current processing times

    Hi strayadreams, i must say I have been reading each page and comment of yours expecting the next to be confirmation you had been approved. Your application sounds similar to mine only difference being I'm working in Oz at the moment, but application is for me my wife and 2 kids, same as you. So your story has me worried about how long mine may take! Please keep us informed. Thanks, Tom
  13. Gills1987

    457 - Current processing times

    Hi all, been following the thread for a while, and wanted to post my status etc. I'm currently in Oz waiting for my 457 to be processed, my wife and children are in the UK waiting patiently to join me! Application on and nomination lodged on same day day - 1st April 2016. Obviously still waiting to hear. Hopefully won't take too long! Good luck to all those still waiting. Cheers, Tom