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  1. Lorraine1954

    Visa 143 or 864

    66 and 71. Visa 864 is onshore.
  2. Lorraine1954

    Visa 143 or 864

    Hi all, currently in the UK, hope to be back over next year covid depending. Can you please advise if it would be better to apply off or onshore. Also expected timelines. Hubby and i are getting on in years now.
  3. Lorraine1954

    Do perminant resident need a UK visa to visit the UJ

  4. Lorraine1954

    Do perminant resident need a UK visa to visit the UJ

    Also what does article 10 mean
  5. Hi all after some help. Family are planning to visit us in the UK Christmas 2019. While our son has his PR he's a British citizen so he's fine. Our daughter in law only has her PR her citizen ship application is in the system. If this has not been granted in time will she need a visa to visit us at Christmas. Any help will be appreciated.
  6. Lorraine1954

    Sons police certificate is still active but he has a new passport

    Be cause he declared when he went travelling that he had a police record so of course everyone he wants to visit even tho his police record is clear he needs an active one that lasts a year. Crazy when he only wants to visit for 8 days at Christmas.
  7. Hi my son's police certificate does not run out until August. He wants to visit at Christmas. We have noticed that the certificate shows his old passport number which he no longer has. Will immergration accept his current police certificate or does he need to apply for a new one. Many thanks
  8. Lorraine1954

    143 and 864 visa

    Hi Alan thanks for that. What about the 804 what restrictions are there on bvb leaving oz to visit family or holidays whilst visa is being processed. I know the waiting time is long. Thanks Lorraine
  9. Lorraine1954

    143 and 864 visa

    Thanks Alan. We will make an appointment in a couple of weeks with the office in Southampton.
  10. Lorraine1954

    143 and 864 visa

    Hi Alan thanks for that. What about the 804 can you also leave the country?
  11. Lorraine1954

    143 and 864 visa

    Thank you. Where will I find it tho.
  12. Lorraine1954

    804 visa

    Thanks Alan. I have just started another topic regarding the 143 and 864 visa.
  13. Lorraine1954

    143 and 864 visa

    Hi if we apply for a 143 visa are we still able to visit our son and his family whilst application is being processed? If we apply for the 864 visa can we leave Australia whilst application is being processed. Thanks for you help
  14. Lorraine1954

    804 visa

    Hi can anyone tell me if we apply for the 804 visa if we can leave Australia whilst visa is processed. We would like to be able to visit our other son in the Philippines. Thanks for your help.
  15. Lorraine1954

    Parent 103 visa

    Help please if we apply for this visa can we live in Australia whilst a decision is being made. I know the waiting times are very long but trying to keep costs down. Thanks for any advice ???