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    489 to 887 PR

    Hi Please help We are on a 489 visa living in Adelaide. We arrived in jan 2018 stayed for 6 months but then we went back to the UK for 1 year. After that year we decided to try Australia again and arrived back her in 2019. We have been living in Adelaide for 16 months and are now very happy. My question is When it’s time to log for our PR (887) Could we use the 6 months we lived here in 2018 Or would the 2 years living start again when we arrived back in 2019? Many thanks Richard
  2. Richy12

    489 to 190 early

    Thanks for the feedback guys! After chatting to the wife last night I think we are just going to wait and for fill our 489 visa requirements. (Just eager to get PR) this first year has flown and it’s just one more year and we can apply for PR. Just one more question if you guys don’t mind. does anyone know the processing time in converting your 489 to PR. Or is every case different? many thanks
  3. Richy12

    489 to 190 early

    Thanks guys. reading both your reply’s It sounds like that it is possible for us to apply for PR early. I just think it’s like starting a new application again. if we get denied will our 489 still stand? thanks
  4. Richy12

    489 to 190 early

    Hi we are on a 489 skilled visa and have completed nearly a years working and living. my question is, can we apply for a 190 visa early as hairdressing has come back on the skilled list for South Australia? like starting a new visa application! or will we have to wait for another year to get the 2 years living? we are happy to pay all the visa fees again if it means getting PR early any help would be appreciated.
  5. Richy12

    Bricklayer - chances of emigrating to Perth?

    Hi just found this is thread on bricklayers. Just wondering if anyone has any more input into bricklayers in Perth. i'm a 40 year old bricklayer with 20 years experience. I currently live in Wales,U.K. Me and me family a coming to the end of our visa application for permanent residency. I am heading to Perth at the end of June for a holiday and job hunting. And if all goes well we will be emigrating a few months later. I know times are tuff out there at the moment. Are there any jobs available in Perth on a full time basses for bricklayers Any help would be greatfull. Cheers
  6. Richy12

    Vetassess Technical Interview for Bricklaying AQF III

    Hi dave that would be great. Top man!
  7. Richy12

    Vetassess Technical Interview for Bricklaying AQF III

    Hi dave I'm looking for some advice on the technical bricklaying interview,I know it was a long time ago,but can you remember some of the questions they asked you. I'm taking mine next week and a little nervous. Any help would be appreciated cheers richard
  8. Richy12

    Vetassess Technical Interview for Bricklaying AQF III

    Hi ben i know your interview for the bricklaying vetasses test was a while ago now,but I can't find any info on here about the type of questions they ask,I'm taking my interview next week and I was wondering if you could shed so light on the type of questions they ask. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Richard
  9. Richy12

    Vetassess technical interview

    Cheers Dan Thanks for your speedy reply,that's put my mind at rest. Did read somewhere that they ask about laying glass bricks. So Iv had a read up on that.Hopfully now Iv covered all angles. Thanks again
  10. Richy12

    Vetassess technical interview

    Hi Dan i have my bricklaying technical interview next month, I wonder if you could shed some light on the type of questions they ask. Any help would be appreciated. Hope yours went well regards richard