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  1. SimonandSian

    credit cards

    Hi, Wonder if anyone can help/advise. We arrived a year ago on a 189 visa and are planning on getting citizenship when the time comes. We are looking into getting a credit card for frequent flier points but wondering if there is a waiting period before we should apply for a credit card. I don't want to apply and get rejected - it says that I should be a permanent resident which I am, but wondered if anyone had experiences they could share? Thanks S+S
  2. Hi guys, so our container arrived in Fremantle this week and we have been contacted by the WA agent to say that there is $480 owing which is a "Quarantine Examination Fee" and PSS have said that quarantine fee is something that they specifically do not cover. Just wanted to check that this sounds right to everyone who has been through the process? I wasn't expecting such a large fee to be honest and it seems it is not because an item has been identified, just a standard fee from what that are saying. The firm in WA are 'KENT removals' just for info Thanks in advance
  3. SimonandSian

    Has anyone arrived recently?

    That’s perfect! Didn’t know about VEVO but have just downloaded it and saw that it solves the problem! Many thanks
  4. SimonandSian

    Has anyone arrived recently?

    Hi everyone. We finally arrived in Perth this week, super excited to start setting everything up etc one thing that we have discussed is that we have no ‘proof’ that we have a 189 visa in our passport - not even an arrival stamp!. Nothing was mentioned at the customs desk about a permanent stay. We presumed that we would need proof of visa for things like Medicare / tax and we have our email notification from our immi account but nothing else Can anyone shed any light for us please?
  5. SimonandSian

    Sending a small box to oz

    Thank you. Will look into both!
  6. SimonandSian

    'travel' insurance for trip to Oz

    THAnk you - I ended up getting it one way with insure and go. Bit pricey and had to get it worldwide as we are stopping in Singapore but another thing ticked off the list!!
  7. SimonandSian

    'travel' insurance for trip to Oz

    I have had a quick scan of the topics and although I think I have seen this discussed before, I couldn't find an answer sorry. We are making the trip to Oz (finally) this weekend and with the last minute packing etc I have had a panic about travel insurance. We are stopping in Singapore for a few days but as it is a one way trip regular travel insurance won't do because we need to be repatriated to Oz if anyone gets ill rather than the uk. Has anyone got any advice on which companies offer insurance for a trip with the purpose of migration? Many thanks Simon and Sian
  8. SimonandSian

    Sending a small box to oz

    Does anyone have any recommendations for parcel companies that are reliable but do not charge over the odds for 1-2 boxes that we will need to send in addition to our shipment and luggage allowance. Christmas got a bit bit out of hand so would like to send a few things but no bothered about it taking quite a few weeks! Has anyone used a service from the uk to Aus (Perth) preciously? Thanks
  9. Hey all, we we are on the final countdown and fly out to Australia on the 7th Jan. all the big stuff is done (we hope)! Just wondering if if there is anything anyone forgot or wished they had done before leaving the uk. Thinking more about little stuff rather than big things! Hoping we can learn from others experiences and avoid the “why didn’t we think to do that” chat! many thanks simon and sian (plus 2 young ones!)
  10. SimonandSian

    Cleaning for shipment

    That’s really helpful and reassuring. Thank you very much!
  11. SimonandSian

    Cleaning for shipment

    Hi all, Apologies if this has been discussed a lot previously but I couldn’t find it in a search. We are packing up our stuff for shipment and starting to clean shoes / bikes / vacuum etc. Would just like some advice on how worried we should be about this... is every single box/item checked the other side? I’m not looking to cut corners and will be using a heap of jeyesfluid on the bikes and outdoor stuff, but i have just spent an hour trying to clean the dyson internally and have done the best i can, but i’m Sure there are still specs of dust etc inside. If it is inspected and expected to be spotless I’m a bit concerned it might be an issue!? If an issue is identified in customs - are we looking at a fine and confiscation of the item? Has anyone got any experience of issues the other side, or are there some good news stories of it all being ok in the end?! Many thanks Simon and Sian
  12. SimonandSian

    Deciding on a Bank Account

    Thank you all
  13. SimonandSian

    Deciding on a Bank Account

    Can you open a HSBC account from the UK ?
  14. SimonandSian

    Currency Transfers with Moneycorp

    Thanks John - all set up now. Are there any charges at all when transferring money into an Australian bank account? Do you publish your exchange rates daily?
  15. SimonandSian


    Sorry to hijack! Just wondering if there are any logistical issues / unforeseen charges when transferring money. We have set up an account with moneycorp and am in the process of sorting an account with Commonwealth at the moment. I know moneycorp say they waive any charges for forum members but wondered if there are any taxes or anything to pay to the Australian government? We will be transferring a large sum while the pound has strengthened to keep as a house deposit in perth Many thanks