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  1. scouseroo

    British pension

    Yes they are stil valid but none paid into since 2000
  2. scouseroo

    British pension

    I have dual citizenship will that make a difference?
  3. scouseroo

    British pension

    Hi I lived in Australia for 25 years ,moved back to UK in 2005.I am 66 years old and receive a uk pension with pension credit to top up the pension.Am i entitled to claim an Australian pension or a part top up to my UK pension.
  4. scouseroo

    claiming Oz pension in UK

    Hi can I claim an Oz pension or part pension in UK ,or if I claim in Oz then return to UK will it still be paid to me
  5. Hi,  My situation is different from yours as I live in Oz but have been looking into my possible British pension. I was interested in the fact that when I came to oz in 1987 there was an agreement between UK and oz that work done in either country counted towards a pension in either country, This agreement ended around 2000. I wondered if this might mean I could be credited for national insurance contributions for 1987-2000 or at least be able to buy them. I called them up and what I understood from them was that if I returned to the UK to live then they could look into the matter and there may be the possibility for these years in oz to count to a UK pension but if I remained in oz this was not a possibility. as I intend to remain in oz I didn't investigate any further. So I think it is worth you contacting the British pension department to see if the work you did in oz when the agreement existed can count towards your british pension. I was allowed to buy class 2 national insurance contributions for 2006-2017 but I think you can't buy further back than that, although I have read that a number of people were allowed to as they proved they were unaware that this was an option. So I am not 100% sure but I think it is worth you contacting the UK gov pension department. good luck, regards

  6. Can i claim an oz pension or part pension in the UK, I lived in oz from Jan 1981 till Jan 2005. I moved back to UK due to health issues and family issues.I am due a UK pension in March 2018,but due to living in oz i have not made enough National insurance contributions so I will only receive a reduced pension. So i would like to receive my oz pension to make up my pension to a level that will help me survive.Surely having worked and payed taxes for 25 years i feel i am entitled to at least a part pension from oz  

    1. Andrew from Vista Financial

      Andrew from Vista Financial


      I would suggest not unfortunately, see here: https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/services/centrelink/age-pension

      At the very minimum you have to be an Australian Resident on the day you claim.

      Kind Regards


  7. scouseroo

    Oz Pension claim from UK

    Thank you
  8. scouseroo

    Oz Pension claim from UK

    Can I claim my Ozzie pension now i live in UK thru family problems. I am dual national ,I lived in Oz for 25 years
  9. scouseroo

    Quick question re pension

    Quick question. I lived in Australian for 25 years , i have dual nationality .Due to family matters i returned to the UK 12 years ago , i am 64 and know i can't claim the age pension till i am 65.5. Can apply from the UK? Do i have to reside in Australia to qualify?