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  1. Don't forget BJ is an idiot too.

    Maybe his burden on the NHS could have been prevented if he had exercised ‘a little caution’.

    Based on yesterdays press briefing - the above is now called ‘Good old British common sense’.

    Evidently BJ didn’t have it, but was lucky enough to survive his lack of it, to tell the tale. How many with ‘’Good old British common sense’, won’t be so lucky? I guess we will find out in time, sadly.
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  2. It’s attention-seeking.  All about ratings.  If someone was dumb enough to inject bleach that would give even more publicity.

    No such thing as bad publicity in the world of reality TV.

    Once you view it in that light there is a logic to it all.



    There is indeed logic to it, for those who subscribe to watching or participating in the genre. Demented, but it is logical.


    He now seems to be taking a leaf from maybe, Boris’ book (or some Republicans close to him have had a word, that his latest madness may not play too well on Reality TV world) and he is trying to be more leader like, I even detected a bit of empathy and remembrance for those in strife! Doubt it’d last though.

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  3. So what's the point in doing one when they are worthless anyway. Unless you do an Engineering degree or want to become a doctor and seriously want to work in that field youngsters would be better off with an apprenticeship. They are probably as hard to get as degree places now.
    I'm pretty glad my eldest never wanted to go to uni. He got himself a choice of apprenticeships when he left school and it's served him well being a sparkie, now Inlec with the additional courses he's done.
    The youngest has autism, always struggled with learning, so didn't have the choice. Luckily he's worked in a local coffee shop for years and is happy. All that we could hope for, for him. Has more savings than his elder brother and probably be the first to get his own place.

    You’re question and BTDs comments are both misrepresenting reality.

    My degrees were nothing to do with IT, yet I learned aspects if IT as they were required to complete it. I also learned life lessons and opened my mind to more than a limited/ one way of thinking and interaction with diverse people which helped build networks that continue to be a source of friendship and advice to this day.

    Similarly other people who i know work in IT in management are not all from the IT ‘shop floor’ some had English and Arts degrees.

    Its known that if you want to get what you (and shockingly most Asians) consider a ‘nothing, airy fairy degree’, then you may struggle in that chosen field where there is lots of supply, limited demand and copious talent, Yet if they put the broader aspects of their education and networks at University to use, they can get into more ‘financially secure’ traditional employment - climb the management scale usually.

    All it needs is for them to get over themselves, and the initial disappointment of not being the next big star/artist, get positive, get stuck in and make things happen for themselves.

    There is no need for a silver spoon or to be a ‘priviledged’ white person either - I know enough who are neither, and are doing rather well.

  4. I saw a great interview with Nigel Farage a couple of weeks ago on Outsiders.
    He is in lockdown like everyone else in the UK.

    or he needs to make money.

    Boris is having none of the ‘open up the economy -right now’ bollox, so it doesn’t surprise me that, he is quiet in the UK. However in Aus, Murdoch would invite him along to its inane Sky news programmes to bang his drum/s - (Im sure Barrage, is giving everyone who would listen his two pence worth on just about anything that would be of interest to Murdoch’s commercial interests, in Aus).

  5. Yes, I was chatting to an Indian here yesterday who is evidently a huge fan of Modi.  Provided a completely different perspective on him than the one that is so frequently portrayed.  He made that same point though about some state and city leaders working hard to undermine Modi’s position.
    I know almost nothing about Indian politics so would not wish to comment either way.

    When Modi came into power he was by and large a man of science and mass development/uplift. Then he came up against the vast/entrenched state, national and city bureaucracy and the ultra nationalists. To get ahead to make reforms (national ID system, voting system etc.) he had to play the game (which is clearly not a black and white western one), sadly - so here we are. That’s the broad brush view of Indian politics, my sources being the liberal press and also Indians I know.

    As for the Hindu ultra nationalists that is ingrained at an early age. My Mum who teaches young kids English had the seven year old son of a minor staffer/diplomat in for classes, and a lesson on Kashmir sparked such vitriol and foul abuse against Muslims, it was shocking. She set him straight of course but he will grow up hearing and imbibing the prejudice.
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  6. Modi is a Hindu nationalist who has used every trick in the populists handbook to pursue power regardless of anyone,  about the only thing he has done which is moving the country forward is his campaign to build toilets and lay some basic drainage and he has only done that to increase the international standing of India and to improve its tourism trade, sexual violence is amongst the very worst in the world and Modi has only acted when the worst excesses get into the international papers, otherwise its business as usual.

    You do realise that country has a state system similar to Aus and the US, don’t you? So similar to the idiot in the US, Modi has a lot to bc answer for, but its still up to the state and the levers they have/or choose to use or promote their positions?

    This is one where the finger being pointed at any one person isn’t accurate, it’s rife up and down the country and at all levels - from peasant (yes they still do exist there), to business mogul, via every local public service.
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  7. If you are stuck in a New York tenement and you are dying of covid and have no health insurance or you are a migrant with very little english or education you might risk it having seen your hero president recommend it

    The facetiousness in my comment at the instigator of bleach gate, seems to have passed you by. This might help remind you what I think about the fool who leads that country and his comments:

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  8. I think they say you start developing symptoms about 5 days after becoming infected.
    If you start developing symptoms today, you could potentially have spread the virus yesterday to others. So those people should be wary.

    The theory being if your mates or others you were near had downloaded the app to, they would be able to contact traced you r potential infection ‘cluster’

  9. You would have to be mentally defficient, not just desperate. There's been warnings on bleach bottles for years. Every grown up should have more sense than that.

    Mind you when they have to put warnings on micowaveable things that say caution, might be hot after being in the microwave I suppose it makes you wonder.


    mentally deficient to think it, let alone address the nation suggesting ingesting bleach is a solution - absolutely.


    Every grown up should have more sense than to suggest ingesting bleach as a solution to the Covid virus, absolutely - one would think so. One was wrong.

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  10. Apparently, its been a bit like checking in at Pontings.....up until now (new proposal in the UK to quarantine travellers for two weeks). Personally if it were possible test them for infection as well, swab test, that is.

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  11. Now if someone, even with the virus, injects themselves with bleach well yes, that would be really stupid.

    Desperate people do desperate and stupid things, like recommend the ingestion of bleach as an option for stemming Covid-19.

  12. Listen to what trump actually says - he doesn't say that people should be injected - as has been implied .
    He was asking the question , not suggesting that it should be so .

    The point being it a STUPID question for anyone to ask let alone the POTUS.

    Some who rely on his every word and may be desperate, if they had the virus may just do the unthinkable. That would be a problem.

  13. You can laugh at this all you like, but I assure you if trump supporters start spraying bleach into their lungs, they won't catch Corona virus. That I can guarantee 100%!



    Well one has to then wonder, is he asking them to kill themselves? They are sheeple after all. It is most strange to recommend it, if some do take the advice seriously, that is basically state sanctioned murder/suicide - quite literally. I definitely think they are on LSD now, and that’s no joke.

  14. This is a genuine question to BTD. and others, I don’t contribute to any of these threads as I admit I really know nothing apart from what I read, so in no way qualified, as I might be biased according to my preferred reading.
    So apart from quoting or reading various reports, newspapers etc. what is the background of the posters to be able to claim to have the answers and to solve almost everything. Is your knowledge related to the sort of work you did, or have you just decided you know better and would have solved everything had you been consulted, it’s so easy to know better in hindsight.
    i am in no way denying that many mistakes appear to have been made

    In my role I have to take competing interests, conflicting requirements, diverse stakeholder sets (which means organisation politics) facilitate, plan and deliver change (projects) .

    I’ve also got to scenario and risk plan, and propose solutions and outcomes, also during times of uncertainty and rapid change, as part of standard business projects and even now when standard business projects need to cut their coat to the current cloth.

    Its in equal measure challenging and stressful, at times frustrating, but when the outcome is delivered, rewarding and well worth it - as people, organisations, customers and the public usually benefit from the result.

  15. Andrew Bolt last night thinks Australia has made a massive over reaction in our response to COVID-19.
    We have had about 7000 cases and only 76 deaths (mostly elderly non working people)
    For this we have virtually ruined our entire economy.
    Our leaders were so worried about our  stock of ventilators they ordered thousands more.
    We now have 5000 ventilators moving soon to 7000.
    Guess how many actually being used - only 30 through the whole country.
    Time to open up our country asap.

    Andrew Bolt is a paid mouth piece of Murdoch and Newscorp. I wouldnt be surprised if he has Anerican/Business backers as well, so is a copy cat of the current LSD induced protestors. Newscorp Is losing money as regional newspapers have shut in Aus so it comes as no surprise that he (Murdoch), will use useful idiots on his payroll like Bolt.

    In the UK, he tried the same tactic, the shit hit the fan, and he wasn’t listened to, so now he is after the Government, by using the media to criticise them, into defensiveness and submission. There he is using the public ad useful idiots, as he is in the UK, with the mass hysteria and protests going on there. Got to hand it to him, he is a ‘genius’.

    Hopefully Morrison and Aussie people aren’t taken in. This is far from over.
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  16. On present showing UK will want to hit rewind and settle back to brexit which they know they can simply spin their way out of and hopefully plaster over the cracks by doing a trade deal with the US  and hope that cheap food will get them through the next 4 years and then get them re elected. It doesn't seem like there is much option for them, they won't want to go for wealth taxes as that will simply lose their rich backers so they will borrow more and raise taxes and excuse the increase in taxes on revitalising the NHS, Labour will try to chip away at the Tories but won't make much of a mark as no one will support an all out attack on poor Boris, he's been so ill and now he's got a new baby, isn't it so sweet and that bully Starmer how can he be so nasty. 
    And so the circus will carry us on thro another cycle of Hades that the gods have lined up specially for post imperial Britain as it struggles to adjust to a post truth, post global and post Brexit world and decides its simpler just to sell the whole country as a going concern to Disneyworld inc with a special licence to use the Royal crest on promotional literature. 

    So as i said, batten down the hatches and strap in. This will be a long hard slog.
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  17. My conclusion is its a conspiracy theory posted by a nutjob osteopath
    Rashid Buttar (Image from Next News Network video)
    While some right-wing activists have called on President Donald Trump to fire Dr. Anthony Fauci, a prominent voice during the COVID-19 pandemic, one far-right conspiracy theory site is telling millions of viewers that being fired is “the nicest thing that could be done to Fauci” and is calling him a traitorous criminal who is “directly responsible” for the development of the coronavirus.
    Fauci heads the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and has sometimes angered Trump supporters by correcting misinformation dispensed by the president. On April 12, Trumpretweeted a call by failed congressional candidate and conspiracy theorist DeAnna Lorraine to “#FireFauci.”
    Conspiracy site Next News Network went a step further on April 16, publishing a long interview with Dr. Rashid Buttar who, as Media Matters noted in its report on the video, “proceeded to push multiple falsehoods and conspiracy theories,” including the claim that not a single death had actually been demonstrated to be caused by the COVID-19 virus. Buttar claimed that social distancing guidelines defy “every logical aspect of science and medicine.”

    This sounds like a snake oil merchant and quack. It should go on the off-topic page of comedy we already have.

    Alternatively, just don’t give this quack from Next News and his debutantes, airtime.

  18. None of that I would disagree with but my premise stays the same, if we are all in this together, then the govt have to get money from EVERYONE, not just poor old Joe Soap,  the big money got out of it last time nicely, it shouldn't be the same again.

    I don’t think anyone would disagree with that, (bar those who don’t want to dip into their fat cat pockets) but that requires Governments to cooperate internationally and change rules and laws with foresight, and cooperate. It requires leadership.

    The example coming out of the US, shows that leadership is lacking. Also it requires states who prefer secrecy to come out from the cold. So US/China politics will dictate of cooperation is possible or if isolationism will hold sway. The latter doesn’t bode well. Morrison seems to be impressing/doing ok, he has asked for open cooperation and this includes China, given the US defensiveness right now, you can imagine how that played with China.

    The UK is generally good at diplomacy and soft power, but currently, it’s leadership is focused on stemming the carnage (Aus, is beyond that stage, planning for controlled activities and prep for a second wave). Furthermore, when the UK leadership emerges, will they follow the US, or will British pragmatism and diplomacy prevail?

  19. Why?
    Many Muslim and Hindu communities had lived side by side for generations until the ultra nationalists fomented unrest, who and why was Gandhi assassinated?
    Why was Pakistan formed?

    Yes, there would have been more blood shed, and the ultra nationalism is a product of rivalries and prejudices born out of Colonial rule.

    However, in the present day corrupt politicians use it as propaganda to curry favour and stay in power. Eventually that has to change, and only India can change it.

  20. I worked in the building industry in the 1960's with blokes who used to fold grain sacks into themselves and then wear them as a hood and coat and just work thro the rain, snow and frost because they were of a generation who didn't get paid if they were rained off, is that what we are going to go back to, is that what is expected, because our govt didn't get its act together the poor old working man has to go back 75 years whilst Richard Branson want his airline and companies baled out by the taxpayer. 
    How about all the British  billionaires running companies from tax havens tip in a few billion rather than the working man losing all his hard one rights just because a few politicians couldn't see what was coming down the railway tracks hooting its hooter, pandemic, pandemic.

    We are where we are. This is unprecedented in our lifetimes, but it is not uncommon in human history. This is not just a UK issue it is a Global pandemic and economic issue. Once this settles, the world isn’t just snapping back to economic prosperity.

    There will be economic hardship and we will be back where we were in 2008 several times over, Globally. Things are going to get a lot lot harder before they get better, lives and livelihoods, currently are and will continue to get ruined.

    Politicians may take the opportunity to rework their economies to a more sustainable model, or they may not. Either way, it will lead to some form of hardship in the short term. Equally, the swing to isolationism, will grow, which is a real concern - not to far from the issues at the start of the last century.

    Evidently we have all been indulged to the point of throwing our toys out of the pram at the sign of any hardship. To me, this is just as useful as those politicians who point fingers at China, the Governors, the scientists and medical experts. That is, as as useful as a chocolate tea pot.

    There will be a need and time to review and reset, to learn lessons, so the hardship to come can be as fleeting as possible, but now is not it. Its just a distraction from whats to come.

    As i’ve said in Feb - batten down the hatches and strap yourself in - this is just the beginning.
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  21. would you fancy a 90 minute commute in the rain each way for a minimum wage job.

    In a parallel universe, that is not this one, where opportunities are available and and I have the luxury to fight for rights, and independent means, no I wouldn’t fancy it .

    However in the present day where unemployment is hitting 15-20 percent and its the only paying work available yes, I would fancy it - if thats all there is to pit food on the table.
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