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  1. ssiri

    How is Boris Doing So Far?

    Ah yes Priti. who doesn’t know the difference between terrorism and counter terrorism. Yet has revealed measures to get rid of those counter terror ‘offenders’. The Priti who would undoubtedly put members of her family back on the boat, to where they came from just so that she can ‘get ahead’. The ideal, pliable yes woman - complete with a heady combination of ambition and stupidity. Just the thing for PM Cummings and his side-kick Johnson.
  2. ssiri

    How is Boris Doing So Far?

    How would she know? She’s a doctor from Oxford. You know what I mean? Not like she’s qualified in (anti) immigration policy or anything. She’d be too credible for words.
  3. ssiri

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    some of you may be interested on this: Associate EU Membership. https://www.stayeuropean.org http://.https://www.stayeuropean.org
  4. ssiri

    What Have You Learned Today?

    That turning off the autocorrect and predictive text settings on my phone is so liberating!
  5. ssiri

    Australia and Climate Change

    There is nothing remarkable about what you’ve said, from a image change perspective, where frank one - of events (the storms in Sydney, last happened 30 years ago, happening more frequently. Climate scientists have said all along that freak weather patterns will become more frequent (heat, cold, rain- either when not expected, or in the wrong season, more frequently) Large scale, devastating floods almost every year or two years in the UK has become a staple in the last four - six years ( as opposed to the rivers just breaking their banks every now and again. People have aleTs lived in the flood plus I think UK and there is a housing shortage - builders aren’t keeping up with demand, so no - it’s not like there is a ‘stampede’ of houses being built all over the place to unmanageable proportions (which is commonly what the climate denial cult zealots trot out)
  6. ssiri

    The UK and Climate Change

    Slowly though. Needs to be quicker - and politicians are the ones who need to set the pace, via signalling changes. Most developing countries (and I’m not including China or India in this, as that change process has started there already, as slowly), will change - luckily they do t tend to be massive net polluters, so I years of impact the pace whilst important is not a show stopper, for their transition. So yes, they will follow
  7. ssiri

    Another bushfire problem

    I’m sure someone will be along shortly to tell you that there’s nothing to see here, people are getting in to a tizzy about nothing etc. etc. etc.....
  8. ssiri

    How is Boris Doing So Far?

    By that I presume you mean don’t own a tv or iPad type device? Last I was there you have those devices you get a letter from be tv license guys. So is there some opt out option now, even if you have a telly/devices?
  9. ssiri

    The UK and Climate Change

    I’d expect not. However, if there was a transition plan to other forms of energy (which are already under way in places like China and India etc.), then people will see a future for their countries economies and then themselves. Those particular lobbies have done a good job of making the personal economic choices for ordinary people stark. Effectively, lose oil, lose your future. An effective transition plan to sustain the economy to cleaner firms of energy would reassure people that they aren’t going to just be left without a decent livelihood and that there is a way forward. That’s the job of the politicians- but they are too busy playing into the hands of the big energy lobbyists Having said that, some big energy giants the - likes of Shell, BP etc. do scenario planing because they see the writing on the wall and are looking at alternatives. There is nothing in it for them if there are no customers in the future, because pollution is so bad, customers are one existent, when fossil fuels can no longer be consumed).
  10. ssiri

    So excited

    Sydney hot and sticky is bad enough!
  11. ssiri

    The UK and Climate Change

    Three things; Getting used to it - this being optimistic, denial or pretence otherwise is the pessimistic view. I am not convinced - please see the first point. There are several approaches to not bring convinced but as sure as eggs are eggs, we (the world, that is us humans) will transition into implementing mitigation’s smoothly or will find ourselves dragged along kicking and screaming into knee jerk mitigation in the future. Finally - this is not a religion- no one needs to be convinced or converted - Mother Nature is, and she will adapt (as has been the case through our time), the question is will we be able to keep up or will we be left behind. The final point is what climate change mitigation and efforts/innovations in the space are seeking to achieve. It’s two pronged mitigation and innovation , not one or the other.
  12. ssiri

    How is Megan doing so far?

    And so they should. She thought she could ‘brand’ and copyright Royalty? The silly silly woman - Megan, that is. The Queen, understands, brands Royalty, breaches of policy, breaches of privacy and defamation and the law. Good for her - she has suffered many fools in the form of all manner of staffer and politician, they come and go, yet she has been there, through it all.
  13. ssiri

    How is Megan doing so far?

    On both counts unlikely. I still think she is trouble, (Megan) - but Piers protests a bit too much in a manner which is not lending his version much credibility. If anything, it’ll play in Megan’s favour (and she is not one to let a gift horse pass her by, IMHO, and rightly so), especially considering the tragedy that befell Flack, last weekend.
  14. ssiri

    Stop the boats!

    Look into it a lot more broadly and deeply. What you’ve advised about is not it, that’s more the gig economy
  15. ssiri

    So excited

    Good luck and best wishes for the move. In Aus it depends where about you go, maybe. I found that joining various groups, social/gym etc. helps with reference to being less isolated. However I understand, about feeling isolated and what that can do to a person. The important thing is that you are coming to this with a well rounded assessment of what to expect and that’s great. It helps.