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  1. Going home

    Are you joking- unless it's Michelin star quality forget it. All we got in the UK was re-heated or packet bought microwaved crap served up by some spoddy teenager or uni student who looked like they would die if they had to be hospitable or crack a smile. This in pubs and in allegedly 'above average' restaurants in the capital and Home Counties. A sloth would have had more enthusiasm. Can't complain about Aussie restaurants, great food and service and it's round every street corner. The spoddy gormless teenagers confine themselves to maccas here....
  2. Emirates Skywards loyalty scheme- is it worth it?

    It depends. I got a business class upgrade last year - I'd flown and accrued points the year before - admittedly. It depends on your next journey and how far you plan to go. You may be able to get a partial upgrade or a full one depending on distance you plan to travel. I don't think there is a formula, customers are privy too, but it's also based on your ticket type. Saver, plus etc
  3. Thanks for the information provided, and the source if the information. It is publicly available (having checked on google), so thanks for the honest and valid update .
  4. What is the source of this, and is there a link?
  5. Emirates Skywards loyalty scheme- is it worth it?

    I've been flying with them since 1993. Recommend it. They are far better quality than others I've flown. It depends when you fly out every other year - 18 months or two years? I used to fly every two years, and I think the points lasted - you accrue two types - ones that allow you to upgrade, ones that move you to the next level of skywards membership. One lot does expire after a while (can't remember which ATM- sorry. But the others accrue for a period. It comes in handy when you start to fly 18 months to a year (which I now do, since 2015). Loving the upgrades and extras .
  6. .......yes...!

    Absolutely. Spineless and other parts missing, come to mind. But here we are now. I hope their spines and other missing parts of anatomy get found, as the Dean Smith bill goes through the Houses.
  7. .......yes...!

    No neither of those. It was called same sex vote or same sex marriage or similar.
  8. .......yes...!

    For sure, but they are now properly a minority, and any politician now has a 'legitimate' public mandate to do the right thing (in their political eyes). As we know with Brexit, even with only 52% of the vote, crossing the public (who have spoken), is not a good idea, come Election Day. Even Abbots constituency resoundingly voted yes- the irony.
  9. .......yes...!

    Curiously the same sex vote thread on CTF as far as I can tell, seems to have disappeared. Wonder why.[emoji848]
  10. .......yes...!

    Not before time. I had every faith in the Australian people and how they represent their fair-go and equality values. Now the real work (getting elected representatives to do their job). The people have spoken (resoundingly). [emoji304]🏳️‍[emoji304]
  11. Australia Swamped with Muslims and Asians

    Britain will never lose its heritage - which is centuries old. As the centuries continue to rack up, what went before just gets assimilated and included in its heritage and culture. Colonialism and the influences from the colonies were part of that heritage long before the first major wave of immigrants came on the boat to Britain - we are talking around abolition of slavery times here. For example if I go into a church, I don't have to burst into a Bollywood song and dance number, or Jewish, Polish, Somali, Caribbean or Muslim (insert immigrant or religious background here) song and dance routine just as if I go into a pub or club or hotel anywhere in the land. Unless it's a specific Bollywood other ethnic/ religious event of course. Similarly I don't feel the need to burst into the chorus of Jerusalem, or onward Christian soldiers (and don't see anyone else feeling the need to either) at a non-Christian event. My point is, British heritage and culture hasn't changed by the assimilation and aggregation of others it's only grown and been enhanced. Heck a Ruby Murray is just as British as Fish and Chips now - anywhere I go in Britain. And we (mostly) all love it. I lived in the Home Counties, before moving to Oz. It's very conservative (Tory) , affluent all the way to working class backgrounds. The people I mixed with (in one whole group, not individual groups I might add) were white, black, Asian (Far East and Sub continent), Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Hindu, working, and middle class to affluent. Straight and Gay. All these families and 'cultural' groups of people mixing in the one group- sense of community and helping each other out was still there - no segregation or barriers. They were all British and we all really got on. There were some Europeans and Africans who'd visit also. Non of this ethnicity based segregation I see here in the suburbs or country here in Sydney/NSW, did I experience in England, where I lived. This was in one of what could be called the whitest party's of the Country - Buckinghamshire - in a part of the country where 13.6% of the population were non white (compared to 14.6% across England). A very bastion of English countryside, market towns and rolling hillside (The Chilterns). No Chelsea London lefty, liberals/luvies here in Bucks - and it's not inherited wealth either. So I don't see this tragic dilution and subjugation of heritage and culture you talk about - in what is one of the most British parts of the country....instead almost everyone assimilating and getting on.
  12. Have we made a mistake of returning to the uk?!

    In the University/tertiary education sector - undoubtably. I'm not so convinced when it comes to UK primary and secondary schooling. The discus in the U.K. is now assessments, and narrow focus on some subjects (some of which are questionable as to why they even figure on the curriculum). The quality of GCSEs and A Levels aren't what they used to be - in terms of academic/critical thinking and the number of students who pass them with flying colours is evidence of that. Most Brits question their quality in comparison to the standards upheld, pre 1995 or so. I can't comment on the Oz system at all however.
  13. Partner 309/100 Visa

    Note that the second stage processing subclass 100 is due two years after you lodged your 309 (not date of grant). You can apply for stage 2 from outside Oz, but there are some requirements for Aus police checks, stat decs etc which are better obtained once you are settled in Oz. Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  14. Possible move to Sydney

    If you are looking to get an idea of house prices or to rent check out realestate.com.au. to see what you might be able to get and where. If commuting checkout transport NSW and Sydney trains. Groceries can be costly here, but check out Woolworths online or Coles online and that should give you an idea of what a food shop might cost. They also have Aldi here. Utilities costs may defer, for us it cost $100 per month for electric. Still waiting on the gas bill and water is included on our rent of $560 per week There is no CTAX for renters but there is for house ownership Salary taxation is phased here - there is no 21/40 type split in the U.K. There is a non taxed amount like in the U.K., but then it changes in brackets up to a high marginal rate ($130K maybe the threshold). Checkout the ATO (Australian Tax Office) website for details. Hope that helps Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  15. Possible move to Sydney

    I live in Sydney and the NSW Government has information available about paternity and maternity leave in the state. Go to www.industrialrelations.nsw.gov.au and type maternity leave in the search option. Sydney is expensive, but it depends on your lifestyle, salaries and where you live. So it may or may not be an issue depending on your circumstances. If it's a really good job offer, you will probably be ok. Ours were. We moved in December. I commute 25 minutes into the CBD and we live comfortably. If you want further info, PM me, happy to help. Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz