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  1. ssiri

    Australia and Climate Change

    The only sheep on here are those who go on about being skeptical on climate change. Given that the science is well established (unless one prefers to believe pseudo-scientists and their science). Since the US calls the tune in this area, so the Aussie piper must play it as always, he who pays the piper, (polies) calls the tune. If all you have is then to resort to sport related name calling about a stupid cricket game, as the height of informed debate, you really have not made a good argument for your case.
  2. ssiri

    Australia and Climate Change

    It’s a warm country, so what? Is it not possible to consume clean energy to deliver cool air, or better insulated homes to respond to warmer climates? Thereby making it the norm rather than an expensive exception? Is the innovation not possible? If the UK can limit emissions through innovation where cold weather should mean the demand for energy is massive, it should be possible here too. It’s not beyond the wit of man, so what is holding Australia back in this space? One would think Aussies would grab the opportunity to innovate in this area, with both hands. In the UK, nuclear power makes up 21% of supply and about half of the 15 stations are due to be shut down by 2025. Wind energy on shore and off shore as well has been slowly but surely gathering recognition, and fracking remains controversial.
  3. ssiri

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    It would be concerning if the rules are to bow to opinion and infract, especially if the word in question has a dictionary definition that is clearly not a name or abusive. Sad times
  4. ssiri

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    That is an oxymoron. All of it. Also yet another one of your preconceptions with now a dose of flippancy, getting in the way of reality. My ‘opinion’ on Brexit is anything but ‘fleeting’, unlike yours, as an outsider. As someone who voted in the EU referendum of 2016, and voted in the last two elections by postal vote (TMs and the European), I couldn’t vote in the locals, for obvious reasons (if you have any familiarity or comprehension of the UK electoral rules, whatsoever) and will be voting at the next GE/referendum when it is called. With bells on. I have a lot of skin on the game, family and interests still in the UK to protect, let alone what I feel is safeguarding the future of my homeland.
  5. ssiri

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Presumably this means you don’t ‘get’ why you are on here talking about Brexit also, or are you one of the ‘usual suspects’? I’d say you are just by dint of posting on the Brexit thread!
  6. ssiri

    Australia and Climate Change

    Indeed, this goes back to needing big in and sponsorship from the top. This then circles back to having lobbying (or activism) to ensure it is on politicians agenda. You get it on the politicians agenda, it had to be on the people’s agenda (so politicians take notice and make it a priority for them). This means polies need to work with emerge companies and construction to get to a place where buildings are efficiently insulated and ventilated in such away that consumes less energy. On the face of it more cost, but is it? If all buildings are properly ventilated/insulated then energy consumption per capita should decrease. This may then even out to less or no cost change. Granted their may an overall increase in cost to promote take up, but if it becomes the business standard norm, rather than the exception, the cost should plateau to in between what they are now and the exorbitant expense currently to do this on a case, by case basis. Subsidies to builders to get it in initially, is an alternative option ( but it’s longer term sustainability and a transition to a standard cost would need to be factored in).
  7. ssiri

    Australia and Climate Change

    Given that the population of Australia is less than a third of the population size of the UK, that is a real concern and not something to boast about. It indicates that every Australian is consuming the equivalent amount of energy and resources and polluting the environment, that three people in the UK would. The UK is a cold weather country pretty much for three of its four seasons (and arguably in summer also) so would be expected to consume more in terms of heating etc. This demonstrates that innovation in building construction and energy production etc, to reduce wastage has worked there, but there doesn’t seem to be an equivalent solution (or mindset) here that has been actively pursued or endorsed for heating (or keeping cool), here. A case for more action, if ever there was one, in Aus.
  8. ssiri


    From memory, it’s quite close to the A Road in the vicinity, so a great refurb of a heritage building, but a bit of noise pollution. Alright, if people don’t mind it.
  9. ssiri

    This will soon be banned.

    On that basis I’m all for absailing down church or other heritage/Victorian buildings, littering the church, pissing in the holy water and etching ‘Shane and Sheila woz ‘ere, lol’ in the pulpit and sandstone or other façades. Let’s have at it.
  10. ssiri

    This will soon be banned.

    I’m not on the other side of the world, but by all means, do let your preconceptions get in the way of reality As for those on the other side of the world, (and when ít included me), we contributed tourist £s, by visiting and, no one I know on ‘the other side of the world’ presently has packed it in because they can’t climb. Maybe the Maccheap Thomas Cook holiday brigade won’t turn up, but those I know aren’t coming to Uluru for the climb anyway, they are in a different tourist bracket and keep the money coming in, and would probably not even notice the Maccheap Thomas Cook brigade anyway (who make up the number, not the costs)
  11. ssiri

    This will soon be banned.

    You best be counting yourself as one of those keyboard warriors who know best for the local aboriginal people
  12. ssiri

    Australia and Climate Change

    If we haven’t upset the balance that sustains life on this planet, past the tipping point, then yes - most certainly life will go on
  13. ssiri

    Do any men here dye their hair?

    I went red. But grey sits well on me
  14. ssiri

    Australia and Climate Change

    Not fast enough or collaboratively enough. Especially with the USA (and it’s alleged tail, Australia) not leading by example and showing solidarity with positive worldwide leadership, alongside Europe on the matter.
  15. ssiri

    Australia and Climate Change

    I doubt they will be concerned even then. NIMBY maté. Till it’s theīr child or grand child. People in the third world? Mass extinction events? ‘Nothing to see here mate or do with me, my life isn’t affected’ will be the anthem