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  1. ssiri

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    No different to now then, but probably even more of a rollercoaster ride than we currently have.
  2. ssiri

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Watford Gap is probably a cheeky southern perspective. [emoji846]
  3. ssiri

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    “I,Daniel Blake” is Ken Loach’s latest, came out in 2016
  4. ssiri

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Watford Gap [emoji6]
  5. ssiri

    Trump pushing for 4% of GDP on military.

    Don’t know, may be he ‘would’ or ‘wouldnt’, either way, whatever you or I think the response is it’s bound to be ‘fake’ news.
  6. ssiri

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    If it comes from a reputable news source on twitter, like the ones previously referenced, then it is a legitimate news source. Whether it’s fake news or not, when sourced from a legitimate provider, is now-a-days up to interpretation of the reader to decide whether a lie is a lie or now it’s ok to call it a truth - a bit like Trump telling the editor of the Sun one thing about TM then at a press conference the next day telling the same editor that this was not the case.
  7. ssiri

    Pay TV

    Did they not have the TV license when you were last in the UK? Every house hold, pays around about £130 a year (price varies each year).
  8. ssiri

    Pay TV

    That’s the same approach in the UK (Customer Service is bad). Virgin was better, bit after initial lock-in offers were over, they couldn’t compete on price and breadth of service.
  9. Would that not mean the Premier League then?
  10. ssiri

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    As I’ve said previously, I’m not enabling you on this matter over another 1000 posts. I’ve said what I need to. Go carry out your favourite pastime and argue with someone else. I’ll comment on your posts when there is something worth expending energy on. This specific post isn’t it.
  11. ssiri

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Depends on what you are looking for and if the news feed you are receiving is reputable (like all major, respected news outlets, they report news on twitter simultaneously alongside tv and print media - it’s very important part of their business). I’d agree with your sentiment for Trump’s account and his account followers though!
  12. ssiri

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Not if it comes from the BBC, Sky, SBS, The Economist, ABC or other reputable news sources own twitter feeds. Did you read my message or are you not aware that all reputable news firms, including the papers (even the tabloid junk) do have their own twitter feeds. It is as important to them as tv or newspaper coverage.
  13. ssiri

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    It’s not an offence, it’s just that you have no solution other than to counter rabble rouse. If I have little patience for one lot of rabble rousers you think I’ll have patience for others? To me they are two sides of the same extreme coin. I’ve also said I don’t share your pessimism, despite the same concerns. We will not go to the brink, the world is far to connected, and people are switched on. How many times do I have to say it’s important to be vigilant but not pessimistic? A few 1000 posts or a few 1000 more? The teenage angst, anger and nihilism you exude turns people off your message. The real concerns get drowned in all the noise. Those who rage but make no significant personal difference are no better than the far right bitters. It’s just my opinion. Speak to your politician, lobby or joint a special interest charity. Vote. Mount a legal case. Whistleblow. Join medicin sans frontieres or amnesty international if you feel the need to be more directly involved. Become a politician. Just do it. It’s not just the Muslims, it’s also the UK tabloid press, post 911. Campaign for more responsible journalism or mount a legal case. A few previous posts ago, you said you are not a fan of revolution because it spills blood so what in your view is a counter movement? In the US it’s the democrats, in the UK those who don’t agree with the Tories or UKIP ( and this is not just labour). We have remainers too, but that issue was lost and we are now looking to get the best possible compromise for the country sadly and have MPs vote on it. We are where we are with Brexit, and must move forward however stupid a decision, it was. If another vote was available, I’d vote, but in the absence of that a compromise it will be, unless you are advocating some sort of blood letting revolution (which you claimed previously, you are against. As for Marxism, pull the other one. Any anthropologist will tell you social structures and hierarchies are part of the human condition. Even in the USSR, hierarchies existed, to stifle the aspirations or ambitions of those who wanted to dream. Marxism cannot work as the moment one in the leaderless commune decides they want more they will bring about anarchy or have to be stopped - for the ‘greater good’ as happened in the Eastern bloc and USSR etc. So great in theory unworkable in practice. I don’t have a problem with supporting the underdog or calling out injustice, just that there are myriad ways to do it other than rage against the machine (all the time), IMHO - in that we differ and will do so for as long as we live.
  14. ssiri

    Pay TV

    Had Sky and Virgin in the UK, and FOXTEL here. We tend to record everything, then watch it, skipping through the ads. Free view and on demand is ok, but not as good as in the UK. For a start all the ads that can’t be fast forwarded with on Demand service do my head in, don’t get that in the UK with Freeview OnDemand.
  15. ssiri

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    If that’s the case,is that anything to do with secukatism? Ie, All religions there treated similar. If not, what has set this off and what do the majority of Muslims living there think?