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  1. clarkesville1

    651 subclass

    Yes I think this will probably be the case, but I will try for another year . Has anyone heard anything about this new visa that lets parents stay for 3 or 5 years, at a cost of course. I was told we should have news in the next 6-8 week So?
  2. clarkesville1

    651 subclass

    We are out here on a 651 subclass, it expires on 25/8/19. We have been going in and out of Oz every 3 months. Has anyone else done this on a year by year basis?
  3. Hi, feel I need to explain my post the other day!! My daughters friend, who lives in Oz, told me her parents had come out on an investment visa and paid 60k?? It transpires that it was a Parent Visa, over six years ago. I was getting excited about that, so hopes are now dashed. Had a telephone conversation with my agent yesterday, so no fast fix, which, I know is what you guys had already said. Anyhow more positive is that I'm out visiting them in September for a month, they are home for Xmas in UK. Next year I will start doing the 6 mth there, 6 mth here. I have just read about the new Qantas Dreamliner direct to Australia in 17 hours and it all looks good, so counting my days till I can hug my daughter and grandsons.
  4. Has anyone gone out on an investment visa. I was told by someone that her parents did and paid about 60k?
  5. Hi just to jump in, asked my daughter how much her Hyundai Santa Fe was and she said $17,500
  6. Just a thought on this, when my family went over recently they were going to take their Evoke with them, but the cleaning of the car and the Sat Nav were an issue. So they sold it here and bought a new Hyundai!!
  7. Hi Not sure what area you want, but FYI my daughter went to Mount Eliza just outside Melbourne. She had a lady called Anna Maree, who was brilliant as she is local and has lots of contacts.
  8. This is depressing and I cannot even apply for mine for 18 mths......what will it be like then?? I think my best option will be 6 months there 6 months back in UK or travelling. Can you do that or is there restrictions on how may times you can apply for a normal visiting visa?
  9. Hi yes it was Elite Executive Services (Relocation)
  10. Thank you. It looks like we will be doing the 600 for 12 months at a time. How long do you have to leave the country for before applying for another 600? We were thinking that if we had no one to really come home for we could visit another country and get a visa from that location back again. I need to speak to an agent and find out. I get very confused with all the jargen on the websites. The £ is a disaster today but hopefully it will recover, my daughter used torfx for their money transfer who were good and got good rates for them. We don't have to work, thank goodness, but I want to buy a property out there and have my grandsons with me, one is 5 and the other 1 year this week. We are going out in September for a month and they are here for Xmas. They have only just gone to Oz in May so its early days yet for us, but heart renching.
  11. I was just reading on the website about this new temporary Visa that you can stay in Oz for upto 3 or 5 years. Its not available I think till the end of the year. If I'm reading this correctly, my daughter would have to sponsor me and apply for it but they have to be resident for 4 years unlike the 143 where they have to be resident for 2 years and then I will have to wait years to get that. Its making me a little depressed to think I will miss out on their lives for all those years. There is no quick fix. I will just have to do months at a time and travel back to the empty UK, as my family are in Oz!!
  12. My daughter and family are renting in Mount Eliza Victoria. They found it hard from the UK to find something, so they got their relocation agent to do it for them. They looked online and sent her details, she viewed them, then she found one for them, did the paperwork, references spoke to the agents on their behalf and then secured the property for them to move right into. They were brilliant actually. They only moved over at the end of May and are really settled in a lovely house near the school.
  13. Good luck to you all, I haven't started this process yet, but am reading all these posts its a minefield. Our daughter and gran kids only moved out on the 15th May. They have moved to Mount Eliza, Victoria and are loving every minute so far. We will be traveling back and forth to visit until they have been there for the 2 years and we can apply to retire there. I was interested in your posts saying you would bring your cars.....my husband has a weakness for a nice car and wondered what sort of costs would we be looking at to ship a car?? Never even crossed my mind to do this. I will be watching this site carefully over years. One other thing, does anyone recommend that I speak to an agent now or leave till the two years are up?
  14. My daughter and family moved out to Oz on Monday. They used Pickfords who came and took everything, packed it and put it in secure container. Friends who are already there recommended them. They were brilliant, so efficient and nice. They will delivery it and unpack and position it at the other end as well. We were very impressed with their service.
  15. What are the interest rates on savings in Oz......good?