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  1. Maussie

    Info on points system and selection

    Thanks. Went for the 189. Medical job so should be OK travel now but don't intend to migrate immediately. Seems a waste of seats for those in a genuine need to get back. I also need to read around to clarify whether if we came over to meet the date of first entry condition, would we then need special permission to fly back to the UK to resume life until we're ready to move properly. Don't fancy get stuck there atm tbh and neither could we afford to now with work and educational commitments here, plus the financial costs of tickets for 6 and potential two-way quarantine. Will likely just leave it a few months and see what happens with the vaccination programmes and travel restrictions later this year. Have until April 2022 for first entry so no real rush, then 2026 for must not arrive after.
  2. Maussie

    491,190,189 offshore

    Offshore medical practitioner 70 points for 189, 6 applicants 4/9/20 EOI submitted 2/10/20 EOI amended 21/10/20 Invitation received 25/10/20 Application submitted 23/12/20 Medicals and police checks submitted 5/3/21 s56 more info request to be provided within 28 days 31/3/21 Info submitted 6/4/21 Granted Well aware we got lucky to some extent due to occupation and present pandemic. Good luck to everyone
  3. Maussie

    Info on points system and selection

    Success....now the hard part begins I guess. 4/9/20 EOI submitted 2/10/20 EOI amended 21/10/20 Invitation received 25/10/20 Application submitted 23/12/20 Medicals and police checks submitted 5/3/21 s56 more info request to be provided within 28 days 31/3/21 Info submitted 6/4/21 Granted
  4. Maussie

    Info on points system and selection

    Thanks both @Marisawright and @ali Wasn't as painful as imagined, just loads of scanning. Have more than one evidence of each job and uploaded everything, hoping it's satisfactory. Only waiting on the AFP check to come in the post. Part of me can't wait for a (hopefully) positive response but I'd also like it delayed due to current travel limitations. Reading it back it may come across ungrateful but it's not meant that way. Just thinking of the costs and quarantine hassle for validating visas currently is eye-watering!
  5. Maussie

    Info on points system and selection

    *Not literally hundreds, but well over a hundred!
  6. Maussie

    Info on points system and selection

    Just an update. Received an s56 request for more info today. Bit of a pain but very glad to have some acknowledgement of movement. Asked to provide: ● employment references ● contracts ● pay slips ● tax returns ● group certificates/payment summaries ● superannuation information. For a load of NHS jobs going back 10 years. Going to be a real pain as that's probably a dozen different NHS Trusts. Fortunately I keep most of my contracts and payslips. Question if anyone has been through similar: Do they really want me to upload literally hundreds of payslips, last 10 years of tax returns, contracts and pensions statements, and seek employment references that far back or is there a simpler way of providing a satisfactory answer. I suppose the tax returns would list the employments so hopefully two birds... I've been asked to do an Aussie police check even though I haven't had 12 months there in total. Will see what the website says and send the screenshots back. I've also got to provide a translation of the wedding certificate but I was half expected that. Was hoping having the same details on birth certificates going back 20 years would suffice as proof of relationship but that's easily sorted anyway. Application submitted 25/10/2020 Medicals and UK Police check took us to before Christmas.
  7. Maussie

    work/travel visa

    We applied for visas recently and one of us had a similar scenario, having had accessed mental health services and been prescribed medication. It didn't affect the visa medicals as they were approved promptly. Waiting on the visa outcome is a separate issue but I don't see it affecting the outcome. If she needs to see a psychiatrist she really should do so without delay. She also needs to mention it to the dermatology team in case it is a known adverse effect of medication and there may be alternatives or modifications to be made. Hope it works out for the best.
  8. Maussie

    Brisbane Lockdown - Anal or Prudent ?

    It's difficult all round but living under lockdown part III and working in the NHS, I know I'd happily trade a strict limited lockdown and next to no Covid cases for what we currently have in the UK. I don't think you can be over the top of you're currently getting away with it. You should carry on doing all you can to avoid the situation we have in Europe. Especially being so close to vaccine roll out, however useful they out to be. It's no conspiracy but certainly lots of continuous cock-ups which fuel speculation.
  9. Maussie

    189 Visa on 85 point

    As above - go for it, nothing to lose. There's far too much off-putting heresay to pay too much attention to. Proportionally you might be in luck. https://gettingdownunder.com/australian-skillselect-invitation-rounds-october-2020/ Best of luck
  10. Maussie

    Medical Examinations

    There are 8 Panel physicians / Visa Medical Centres listed for the UK here https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/help-support/contact-us/offices-and-locations/list
  11. Maussie

    Queensland 190s

    Great news. Congratulations DrDougster! I'm hoping to finalise our paperwork this week (waiting on ACROs, applied for last week) and then play the waiting game.
  12. Maussie

    189 Visa with delayed move

    It was about £170 for the PTE Academic 3h PC based exam. Can book about a week ahead. There's a good sticky about IELTS Vs PTE on PIO. Decent YouTube resources and an app on the phone for PTE examples. Could do the English language test and see where it takes you points-wise.
  13. Maussie

    189 Visa with delayed move

    @Daffyduck are you including a potential 20 points from the language test? If not then definitely worth looking into.
  14. Maussie

    Info on points system and selection

    That's very useful indeed, thank you Marisawright. Going over to activate the visas is not an issue and the 5 year or so cushion would be ideal.
  15. Maussie

    Info on points system and selection

    Thanks. Am also thinking to just go for the 189 and forget about it until something lands in the inbox. Family dynamics are a bit tricky in that a couple of older kids have just started uni (from home due to covid) and the wife is having cold feet. Have two younger ones and one is well settled in a good school a couple of years before GCSEs are due. The youngest would be sitting her 11+ in a couple of years too. My intention would be to aim for citizenship but not necessarily emigrate for good as I envisage living in both the UK and Australia during my crumbly years. There's a fair chance I end up working in Oz on my own for a few years with family regularly coming over from the UK, but I don't know how that would affect their status. Lucky enough to have the fellowship - did mean having to go from the UK for exams...more than once but got there in the end, and have AHPRA specialist registration used for telerad (isn't technology wonderful!). Interestingly I did visit Darwin for an AoN position in 2017 but that fell through. I thought it was nice enough and didn't mind the humidity. Question for floor...let's say I am successful with a 189 for the six of us but not all of us come over. Is there a time limit for the non-main applicants to enter for PR? I understand there are residency requirements when transitioning from PR to citizenship, but would they forgo their privileges if they didn't take them up within a set time period?