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    Partner visa thread continuation........

    Hi everyone!! Hope your all ok? So next week is the move to Australia!! House gone, removals sent, and now living with my family (which makes me want to more than ever!!) i feel pretty calm and relaxed about it all if I'm honest, which is very unlike me!! Probably one more trip to shopping to do some shopping, transfer the money to bank account, even booked ourselves into the No1 lounge before our flights!! its a really happening!! We are initially going to be in pinkenba just out side the city of Brisbane (with mother in law ?) until we find somewhere around the mooloolaba/noosa/Sunshine Coast way!! My best friend not long relocated to Australia to Bli Bli so I would even consider that area! If if anybody has any hints or tips for the move I would appreciate them and be more than welcome!! p.s travelling with an active 21 month old and hyper 28 year old fiancé xx
  2. Hello again!! If you are willing to pay, there are some professional CV writers out there, google ones in Australia and send them off previous CV and they will update it, format it etc xx
  3. This is frustrating to hear!! I really think it depends on who picks up the phone when calling!! Would you consider going down the tourist visa route then having a little holiday once been granted? Xx
  4. Hi!! If you are interested in government jobs within Queensland Corrective Servuces (similar to our prison service) $250 million dollars has just been invested into an employment drive, creating hundreds of new jobs! And it's the first time ever that you don't need a degree to apply (not sure if you have one) the information I have been sent by them states that will recruiting at the beginning of April! My contact there is very keen to get me working ASAP, but I have decided to extend my maternity leave with my two year old so I can ensure her first year there is nice and settled (plus I want another baby before I'm 30, I'm so broody!) not sure if you were looking at Queensland or jobs in that area, but it's always nice to have help and ideas when we're all in this together xx
  5. Hi beffers!! same situation as I was in! I remember filling out the form for DV clearance before I got deployed... it took me three months!! They wanted to know how much family earned, my family tree for 5 generations and had to be interviewed!! I was contacted very soon once we had submitted but I still thought it would take a long time!! When are you hoping to move Hun? part of me thinks that the lady on the phone shouldn't of shared so much information with me, but she was so lovely! Good luck lovely xx
  6. when I joined the Royal Navy I automatically got SC clearance which was clearance to see secret material, but when I got deployed to the gulf in 2007 I had to be DV cleared (developed vetting) which I was then allowed to see up to top secret and black marked material. Like I say I was so surpirised they took this into account as I left after only doing 7 years! I would certainly ring up and ask, hopefully you get the lovely lady that I had on the phone that I had! No harm in asking questions! At least his notice is nice and reasonable I had to do a year! Do you have any idea on time frames when you would like to move? Has hubby looked into transferring to Australian force? Xx
  7. Hi Hun!! Yes I provided police checks when they asked for them, I thought the process would of been slower as I had to get them from Cyprus and Australia as I have previously lived in each place for longer than 12 months! I would of thought your husband would also be in this bracket of been DV cleared for his job! Does he have a notice to serve before you move? Really hope you have some news soon, hooefully once you get a notification to do medical and police checks it will be granted soon for you! Good luck with everything!! Xx
  8. Hi cannonhillchris!! I pop onto this forum sporadically from time to time! Same as you I was so anxious waiting for my visa to come through once I had submitted it! Fortunately I'm with my boyfriend in the uk so I don't feel your pain of missing anyone! Unfortunately I am one of those annoying applicants that got granted within 3 and half months last year, and we are moving in 12 days time to start our new life in oz! once my granted application came through I didn't believe it so I phoned the commission to see if it was legitimate I was actually granted a visa! On the phone I got through to a lovely lady who explained to me that it was all processed so quickly as i had served with the British armed forces and therefore already had extensive checks had me done on me to actually serve so they took that into account. Her conclusion to me was because I had been DV cleared it sped up the process quite rapidly!! Even though I left three years previous it still counted! So I am presuming this would be the same for police and government workers etc! I have all my hopes for you that your visa will be granted soon and wishing you a smooth transition to oz!! Anna x
  9. Hi cara! You are asking some brilliant questions, would it be ok if follow this thread? I am in the same situation as you, but we move in 7 weeks to pinkenba Brisbane with family before we get ourselves sorted!! hooe all goes well and get some answers to your questions ?? xx
  10. Hi all! I am usually a stalker on this board but thought if share my journey with the visa process! *march 5th applied* *may 2nd case officer assigned and medical and police checks requested* *june 15th medical complete* *july 10th police checks returned (I had to get one from when I lived in Cyprus which took forever!) *visa granted today, 21st July!! all in all just short of 5 months!! I'm so happy and looking forward to beginning our new life! good luck to you all and hope for a speedy visa return like mine! i also didn't use an agent, I did it all myself!! X
  11. Wizz4bizz

    About to press submit?!?

    Hello! So I'm new on here and I have just filled out my application for partner visa so me and my fiancé can migrate back over to Australia to be with his family! Anyway! I'm about to press submit on my immi account, at what point do I get a chance to upload all my supporting evidence? I have lots of photos, tickets, bank statements and tenancy agreements I want to include, but it hasn't have me the option yet?! Can I do it once it's submitted?! Many thanks in advance for any information xx