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  1. David Martyn Waite

    Canberra High Schools

    Doubt we will afford private. Any advise on public schools? Is the contribution based on salary?
  2. David Martyn Waite

    Canberra High Schools

    Thanks for the reply. Not sure where we will be living yet. Are the free schools poor then? One of our replies said presumably you know whether you need to donate, is this based on salary?
  3. David Martyn Waite

    Canberra High Schools

    Not sure yet. Just waiting on the 190 visa after submitting our ITA in July. Will wait to job hunt when we arrive so we could potentially live anywhere. Is there a particular suburb we should head to?
  4. David Martyn Waite

    Canberra High Schools

    Hi there, Moving to Canberra in January 2017 and need advise on good high schools, any advice? Thanks David
  5. David Martyn Waite

    Real estate Jobs in ACT

    Hi there we are looking to move to ACT as a Real Estate representative, is there anyone who works in this sector? what's the job market like?? Cheers David