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  1. aussiepr

    AAT appeal for 187 nomination refusal

    wow man u must been gone through some real tough time. hope everything works out for u mate okay guys speak up who elses waiting from August 2017 AAT??? keep posted keep updated us
  2. aussiepr

    187 Visa Processing Time

    VEVO only says visa that is in effect now. for example u have 485 visa in effect now u lodged 187. vevo will only show u currently hold 485. on the other hand immi account will ONLY show ur current application status which is Received, initial assessment or whatever.
  3. aussiepr

    AAT appeal for 187 nomination refusal

    u are absolutely right. it varies state to state. well happy for u that u have already passed these stressful time.
  4. aussiepr

    AAT appeal for 187 nomination refusal

    I applied from NSW. 6 months ago one of my friend told me his file was opened exactly at 18 months from Melbourne. i guess processing time is increasing.
  5. aussiepr

    AAT appeal for 187 nomination refusal

    congratulations mate. good on ya. im waiting since august 2017. nothing yet.
  6. aussiepr

    187 Visa Processing Time

    i know mate... they all lyers.. they tell media something and in reality its all different. Australian politics full of racist lyers.
  7. aussiepr

    AAT appeal for 187 nomination refusal

    can everyone please share their timeline. That we have some ideas how long its taking these days. i lodged Nomination review in August2017. still waiting
  8. aussiepr

    nomination refusal

    Im guessing your business was on loss in their financial statement. Thats probably why immi believes they wont be able to pay u for next 2 years.
  9. aussiepr

    AAT for visa refusal

    I heard there are some forum users whos nomination got refused later AAT asked to provide latest BAS FY statement. They got approved without hearing. But they never explained exactly why their nomination was refused. All they said is "financial problem".
  10. aussiepr

    AAT appeal for 187 nomination refusal

    I know someone who got reply after 18 months. Whats ur timeline?
  11. aussiepr

    187 Visa Processing Time

    After your employer apply AAT for the nomination then u will need to wait to get ur visa refused sometimes immi takes up to 40 days to refuse visa. Its not always exact 28 days. Once ur visa refused u will get 28 days to leave the country. U have to apply AAT after ur visa refused and within given 28 days.
  12. aussiepr

    AAT appeal for 187 nomination refusal

    August 2017 still waiting
  13. aussiepr

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Massive congratulation mate. I remember the time in 2015 we applied PR. When processing time was not more than 6 months. We could literally tell whos gonna get approval next day. It was so predictable. Everyone from our forum got pr. U and I kept waiting....[emoji20][emoji20][emoji20][emoji20] no results. Finally after long 17 months u got nom refused few days later my nom was refused to. My heart broke into pieces. We both went through terrible time. I would say hardest time ever in my entire life. Today im so glad hearing that finally u got ur nomination approved. What a relief[emoji3][emoji3][emoji3][emoji3][emoji3][emoji3] best of luck mate. Hope u get visa soon[emoji122][emoji122][emoji122][emoji106][emoji106][emoji108][emoji108]
  14. aussiepr

    AAT appeal for 187 nomination refusal

    We all are wasting our time.. we have given so much to the country. And we yet to get anything back. End of the day we all will get frustrated we will give up.. some of us will leave australia.. and thats their game. They want us to spend money here then force us to leave. One of my friend told me his AAT application was allocated to a member after 18 months. Some lawyers saying it might take 24 months. If u go to the AAT publications and read cases u will have some idea what types of applications getting approved and what rejected and the timeframe as well. Hope that helps
  15. aussiepr

    187 business showing loss

    Looks like very low turnover. On top of that if they running at loss it could be a problem..