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  1. Ben P


    @Chris 2020 oz @bicek well done, pleased for you both. Another hurdle over for you all. Excellent news
  2. Ben P


    @Chris 2020 oz I got an email today with some September dates, three to be precise (1 Hobart and 2 Darwin). Was around 10am UK time. I never booked any as I’m travelling later in the year.
  3. Ben P

    Flights booked - quick Qus

    Thanks @BeauVinyl , it’s no use worrying but it can’t be helped I guess! I had flights cancelled in June 2020 and July 2021 so I hope it’s 3rd time lucky for us. I’m hoping our late December flight means Australia’s road to vaccination and subsequent border openings will be well and truly in the latter stages by then!
  4. Ben P

    Flights booked - quick Qus

    @Craig Colas I feel your worry! There are obviously people flying but it’s the horror stories of the bumps and cancellations that stick in your mind. I think the DEFRA flights might be the best solution sometimes but they again can’t be easy to book not to mention budget for as you’ve already paid for the commercial flights
  5. Ben P

    Flights booked - quick Qus

    Congratulations @BeauVinyl bet your over the moon! I hear Singapore are the ones to go with! We are not with them unfortunately but I hope to arrive all the same! Thanks for the update @Jon the Hat
  6. Ben P

    Flights booked - quick Qus

    Oh sorry mate. Well good luck, fingers crossed and all that. Mind are not until December but already anxious. Looking at the DFAT possibilities to go before that now.
  7. Ben P

    Flights booked - quick Qus

    @BeauVinyl @Jon the Hat did you both make it onto your scheduled flights?
  8. Ben P

    Child Visa 101

    *noting Better?
  9. Ben P

    Child Visa 101

    It took about 80-90 days which was the guided processing time on the immi website. Also worth nothing I got a RRV that is valid for 1 year as I my travel facility was expiring in May this year. This also took a while to process.
  10. Ben P

    Child Visa 101

    In the end I applied for a subclass 600 and I made it clear in the application my intention was to apply for a subclass 802 onshore. They subsequently granted my youngest a 12 month subclass600. in reiterated the fact myself and wife and eldest son all hold PR’ visas. Hope this helps
  11. Ben P

    How to prioritize a tourist visa application

    We received the visa grant (subclass600) today for my son, it only took 2 days to process. He already had exemption and I used this to form part of my evidence/attachments to bolster my application (screenshot of exemption email). Backstory: My son had previously received exemption last year in April I THEN applied for a visa of subclass600 which ran from August to August. However we didn’t travel as planned. We re-applied for a subclass600 to replace his current one to suit our updated travel plans. He was granted a 12 month visa which runs from March to March. It’s worth noting his parents (myself and wife) and his older brother all recently received RRV’s for 12 months (entry by March ‘22, offshore application which processed in 3 months). Hope this helps someone
  12. Ben P

    Returning Resident Visa during COVID

    Hi all. Just to here to provide an update on my RRV process which may be of interest to some people. P Resident in Australia 2016-2017 (12months give or take) Travel Facility on current PR visa (189) Expires in May 2021 Applied for own RRV on 21st December 2020 Applied for wife and son (also PR holders) on 28th Feb as part of same ‘family stream’ 12 month RRV’s granted 25th March for all of us. My evidence for sufficient ties were: - Job Offer for Jan 2020 which I couldn’t take up due to travel complications owing to COVID (Job offer was dated October 2020) - Letter of support from previous Aussie employer stating my suitability for future roles in said industry - Proof of Australian bank accounts I hope this is of help to someone
  13. Can you shed some light on how your story turned out?
  14. Thanks Basil. Do you mean you applied for the 101 visa offshore and it got processed in 6 months?