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  1. There's nothing wrong with Scotland, and I'd always be the first to defend the life over here. I didn't mean to offend. Yeah for myself. I'm 22, I'm not a university graduate. The weather, more of a upbeat attitude, finances and opportunity were a lot better in Aus. Keep in mind I'm from highlands. It's a shame, because most Scottish people I talk to about my move back to Scotland, think I'm crazy.
  2. Thank you all for your advise. I think I was nervous that if we made some sort of mistake with e.g. Forms, we would feel worst knowing we could of got it right with a migrant agent. I think we can do it ourselves, it does look pretty common sense stuff.
  3. My boyfriend is 25. We would do it from the UK too. Did you hire a migrant agent?
  4. Right! Very new to this lol. I have so many questions though ha. Did you guys stay in the Uk and apply or Aus?
  5. Hey Daffodil, my name is Amy. I moved to Australia (Perth) when I was 15, and lived there for 6 years. It was mentally a difficult experience for me, I always felt like I didn't belong and that I was missing out living in Australia. I moved back to Scotland in 2014, have been back here for a 1 and half. I never went back for a holiday, which was really bad, because i could of possibly seen the reality of the UK. I don't regret moving back because I experienced the working environment, weather, etc. I also met my boyfriend, who I am really happy with. I love Scotland, but it has downfalls. I only saw good times. Me and my partner are going forward with a partner visa. I really want him to experience life in Australia. I was against life in Australia, and wouldn't allow myself to see the great things about it. I had opportunities to make my life happier/better in Aus and I ignored them mainly. I hope some of the things I say, make you feel a little better xx
  6. Hi there, myself and partner are currently living in Scotland. Both born there. I moved back to Scotland in 2014, however starting to realise Australia would hold a more successful and enjoyable future for myself and parter Craig. While I was in Australia, I became an Australia citizen and now hold an Australian passport as well as a UK passport. I met Craig in Scotland, and we would like to begin the partner visa process. ANY ADVISE is welcomed. Would be grateful to talk to others who are going through/be successful with their partner visa. I (Amy) have read up on requirements, forms etc. But have many questions. Hope to hear! ​
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    Weather in Melbourne - This Week

    Thanks Gbye grey sky!
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    Weather in Melbourne - This Week

    Can anyone advise how to create a thread on this website?
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