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  1. TravellingKatherine

    Adelaide Meet Up

    I only arrive 3 weeks before you on the 3rd. Don't think there has been an date set for the meet up yet, so you may not miss it. But would be up for saying hi to another newbie when you arrive
  2. TravellingKatherine

    Reassurance about renting

    Thank you so much for this. I'm pretty certain I'm worry about nothing. Think the whole move is stressing me out.
  3. TravellingKatherine

    Reassurance about renting

    I move to Adelaide in 6 weeks time and am now trying to get my head around renting somewhere. I'm coming on my own and the enormity of what I am doing it beginning to hit me and make me worry (probably unnecessarily). Reading about open inspections and the competition is stressing me out. Sounds silly but just reassure me that it's not going to be impossible to secure somewhere? I've been looking at domain and realestate for ideas of what is available, and I assume I just need to trawl round all the estate agents when I arrive and book into inspections? I will write a short covering letter, I'll have a letter of employment for agency nursing work, and proof of funds. Does anyone think I'll need anything else? I have had terrible experiences of shared houses here in the UK so renting somewhere of my own sounds much better to me, as I'm sure people will suggest I look into shared houses.
  4. TravellingKatherine

    What's your countdown?

    My shipping boxes are leaving me today. Under 10 weeks until my arrival!
  5. TravellingKatherine

    What's your countdown?

    84 days (12 weeks tomorrow)
  6. TravellingKatherine

    Breaking News - 457 Visas Stopped

    No one has mentioned this. This suggests they are going to shrink the SOL for all skilled visas. 19th April is tomorrow!
  7. TravellingKatherine

    Adelaide Meet Up

    Thank you
  8. TravellingKatherine

    Adelaide Meet Up

    Thank you so much
  9. TravellingKatherine

    Adelaide Meet Up

    That would be brilliant. As I'm moving on my own, I'm really worried about meeting people so this would really help, just to have some people who understand and to say hi to
  10. TravellingKatherine

    Adelaide Meet Up

    I arrive in Adelaide on 3rd August so depending on when it is likely to be I might be interested. Katherine
  11. TravellingKatherine

    Shipping companies

    I did look at reviews online. I every single company I have looked at has far more terrible reviews than positive ones. Probably because people like to complaint more than say positive stuff. They can't all be terrible?! So I think I'll just pick one of the ones I've found and go with it.
  12. TravellingKatherine

    Shipping companies

    Does anyone have any advice or recommendations for shipping companies? I have got quotes from a few and they all come in at much of a muchness so struggling to work out how to decide. Any advice welcome?
  13. TravellingKatherine

    Nursing job applications

    Finding jobs in SA is proving more difficult than I imagined despite being issued a 190 visa (Not qualified to do theatres/recovery which is where most of the positions are advertised). Any advice on where to look nurses out there?? But wanted to ask whether anyone can advise whether there is much difference in Australian job applications to UK ones? Asking because when jobs do come up I don't want to be pushed out because I didn't have the right things on my application rather than because I am not qualified.
  14. TravellingKatherine

    Submitted visa application 18th February. Anyone else?

    Woohoo!! See you in Adelaide in September then?? I know the sorting out thing. My brain feels completely overloaded right now. Soooo many questions!
  15. TravellingKatherine

    Migration for Rgn

    I can kind of see why they have reduced the time to present (I got in just before they changed the rules.) But there will be people who will get the skills assessment and their visa and not get their registration. Somehow seems a bit unfortunate for those people.