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  1. Hi poms. We have moved over from uk and staying in eight mile plains at the moment, I am working in Springwood and looking for a decent rental property in surrounding areas with good school for my 7yo girl. we have put in applications with all the neccacery docs passport driver licence bank docs rental reference etc and have been to many open houses and have not had one reply. Does anyone have a property to rent and any suggestions around Springwood ? We need help getting us down a bit we can offer more weeks rent upfront we have the money it's just no one seems to want to give us a shot maybe because we are from overseas ?? Thanks
  2. I'd love to just get on a plane now and start what your doing but I also have to get my family sorted too so thinking maybe secure a job first or is this impossible?? You seem to be going the right way about it, is it much work to get your drivers licence Medicare and tfn sorted?? Thanks Bakerz
  3. Hi just wondered if you sorted your situation finding a job. I have just received my or visa and am off to Queensland depending if I can find a job. Currently working in Mercedes commercials uk truck and van.
  4. Hi this is my first thread just to say that our long process of pr skilled visa has been accepted and we are now looking for a job in Queensland. I am a qualified technician at Mercedes / Mitsubishi Fuso commercial dealer in the uk working on heavy truck and also van. Looking for heavy technician role preferably in a dealership but am open to other prospects as I did my first 10 years working on cars van and truck on many different makes and models eg Land Rover ford iveco Mazda Peugeot vw etc. We would like to be near the coast sunshine or gold but will consider other areas. Also wondered if anyone else has got to this stage and do we apply for a job first or sell up everything(no house to sell just cars bike boat etc) and best way to get tools shipped as I would need them asap if a job was accepted. The pr took so long and now it is all go and we are very happy. I am moving with my wife and two kids 6year and 8month old. so much to do, hope to hear any other situations similar and what happens after also if there are any jobs in Queensland to suit.
  5. Hi, my name is Paul Baker I am currently working with Mercedes Benz in UK working on hgv and light commercial I have NVQ level3 light vehicle, Mercedes van systems qualified and Mercedes truck maintenance qualified, we are also a Mitsubishi fuso dealer with experience on canter. Before Mercedes I had 10 years experience in a van car truck hire company Northgate vehicle hire with ford Mazda Vauxhall Peugeot Iveco etc.I have had my vettasess skills assessment positive back I have also passed my ielts and am sending off for my pr visa on Monday. I am 30 years old been in the trade from 2002-date. If I'm someone you will consider I can message you my email and number thanks , Paul.
  6. Hi did you get anyone for this job yet, think I spoke to you by email about another sponsored visa posted recently. This would be something I would be also very interested in if still available. Thanks, Paul.
  7. Hi I have emailed my details through to you. Very interested in the job. Thanks, Paul.
  8. Bakerz

    mechanic wanted in brisbane

    Hi I'm looking for a job opportunity in Brisbane. Was looking to stay with Mercedes originally but am flexible as long as it's a long term contract. Currently working in Mercedes euro commercials In uk, but am half way through my pr visa. I am 30 years old and have been vehicle tech since 2003. Good diagnostic skills on everything from cars to hgv. Very able technician and works well with others. If I'd be someone you'd maybe consider I can send all relevant information required. Thanks, Paul Baker.