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  1. gud evening Brett.

    congrats for the visa grant once again.i know its quite a time since your approval.but i am struck in same boat as yours.i have received a natural justice letter from MOC form 884 AS WELL .MOC has assessed me again PIC4005 clause 1c (ii)(a) , significant cost . but my medicines costs total come up to 20,000 $ for next 5 years including all the blood tests ,which is way less then the per capita 40,000$ for 5 years for permanent visa applicants. my agent has already replied the Natural Justice Letter with the quotes of medicine price from online and also included the Specialist Report from my Specialist doctor in India. Also Agent have given 3 CASE references from the Federal Court of Australia , that had success in same situation as me.

    happy to share my MOC letter and Case officer Request.

    any comments on my  situation. As you might have more knowledge then me .thanks 

    Awaiting your response.

  2. brets

    MOC migration medical reffral

    Hi Lellor your immigration officer only need an opinion of the MOC. once its positive, visa approved unless there are any other issues. The immigration officer will follow the clause under migration act. You can check online migration health requirement. Go through the clauses n you will have an idea what you need to do. Yes, you can challenge the MOC decision if it’s against you. There are some case studies online where people manage to get the visa approval under serious medical conditions. Even you can check the threads and post on this site regarding HUmira and how it effects visa processing. Check this out too https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa/Heal/overview-of-the-health-requirement/significant-costs-and-services-in-short-supply I did a lot of research because Australian immigration health requirements are very strict. I guess you know the rule if you have a family "one fail, all fail". The Australian immigration system has very strict health requirements for all people applying for permanent residence, designed to minimise costs to Australia’s health care and welfare system. More visa refused on medical grounds than any other scenario. So what I recommend is as you are on humira , don’t be scared n take migration advice from any reputed lawyer expert in these cases. Let me know if you need any information. cheers
  3. brets

    MOC migration medical reffral

    hi there, yes we received the information from MOC to get the form 884 filled out through our specialist. we had an appointment straight away after that. Our specialist provide the report that my partner's health was in stable condition n she had no problem to do daily tasks. we got our PR on 20 may 2016. if MOC asked you to do the form 884, you simply have to make an appointment with your specialist. your specialist should already have form 884 and he knows what to do. he need to provide the information of your RA to immigration like, recent blood test report result your joints condition your RA stage able to perform daily task like driving, cooking, taking shower, tie pony tail your current medication with cost/year you specialist appointment cost per year possibility if you need to have a joint surgery or to put your treatment to next stage in the next 5 to 10 year than the MOC will use this information to estimate the total cost of your treatment for the next 5 to 10 year and compare against the average Australian medical threshold. if its below that cost, you all good. unless you are on an expensive treatment like Humira, you will be fine. Immgration only want to check if your treatment cost will put the burden on the free medicare services in future. my partner is still on the same medication n only need i apointment per year.let me know if you need anymore help. cheers
  4. brets

    187 Visa Processing Time

    thanks QLD1872015. spreadsheet updated. cheers
  5. brets

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Hello there, I am very delighted to share with you all out there that I am finally permanent resident of Australia from today onwards.. it was quite the ride for me as I have overcome so many hurdles , so here is my timeline. Nomination and visa 186 TRT :- 3 march 2015 186 TRT nomination cancelled :- 4 June 2015 nomination and visa 187 Direct Entry :- 18 September 2015 medical and police check :- 1 march 2016 medical referral to MOC :- 2 march 2016 medical submitted to DIBP :- 25 March 2016 additional document request :- 11 April 2016 document submitted :- 17 May 2016 reason of taking to long to submit the requested document :- the account/ payroll manager quit from the company's head office Nomination and Visa 187 Granted :- 20 may 2016. I sincerely appreciate for all your advice and support on this forum. Best of luck
  6. brets

    187 Visa Processing Time

    hi there, I applied nomination and application last year 4 march for 186 TRT as a chef , and nomination canceled 4 June (exactly after 3 months). I had a plan B to go for 186 direct entry but like every other applicant, I choose 187 as the fastest processing visa under employer nomination. Now it seems like 186 DE could have been better option. Well, That time has gone anyway so still hope for the best this time. waiting is not a problem however its delaying the other plans.
  7. brets

    187 Visa Processing Time

    hi Sodhi and Basheer the restaurant (franchisee) opened in late 2014. I am the only one sponsored here and with the same company from 2010. I made the decision when I finished 2 year on 457 in the city and moved to this franchisee for 186 TRT. that's why my nomination canceled because of different ABN. so I applied again through 187 and hopefully this time will be all good. they did ask for the organisational chart and proof of advertisement that we provided during 186 nomination. the reason they are asking for the recent documents now is because of my MA use most of the documents from my old nomination (186 TRT). best of luck
  8. brets

    187 Visa Processing Time

    hi everyone, just to let you know that immigration requested the following additional documents last Monday. 1) visa application documents :- partners study documents as her IELTS expires last month and her countries of residence-character requirements. all submitted the same day. 2) employer nomination documents :- a) BAS from the time of commencement of operations until the time of nomination lodged. b) recent financial report. c) nominee personal record (pay slips). d) certification from accountant about that the business has the financial capacity to meet the employment obligations for the next 2 years. we submitted that last year but immigration want the recent documents. Now today, the account officer from the head office back from her annual holidays. So hopefully she will arrange these documents ASAP. nom and visa lodge 18 september 2015. at least happy to know that these are the last requirements from immigration. wish me luck guys..:yes:
  9. brets

    187 Visa Processing Time

    http://www.australiaimmigrationagents.com/blog/i-have-been-assigned-a-department-of-immigration-case-officer-for-my-australian-visa-application-what-happens-now found some information in this link regarding the individual visa processing time. may be helps you Lee Lake. best of luck
  10. brets

    187 Visa Processing Time

    congrats Zoya Khan, a great joy....
  11. brets

    187 Visa Processing Time

    hi there, yes i did that before. so you need the bridging visa B to travel overseas but you have to come back within 3 months. the best thing about this visa is no body will stop you to get back into australia. i did that in 2012, not sure if somthing changed after that. check on the DIBP site. cheers
  12. brets

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Congrats mate...cheers
  13. brets

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Thanks Gurb, how did you go with your Medical? And most important, how long it will take..? I guess through the e medical, it should be quick once we submit the report. I want to be 110% sure to clear the medical. It's DIBP condition" one fail, all fail" and at this time any negative result will be a big blow to our future plans. It's 168 days since we lodge the 187. Nothing from the immigration yet..... and one last question, can we check online about the result of our medicals ....? cheers
  14. brets

    MOC migration medical reffral

    thanks Suzukiscottie, can you suggest me how much minimum cost we need to have to clear the medical? she is only having the blood test, specialist appointment and medication. as from our previous record, we estimate the annual expenses on her treatment is around $2000. cheers
  15. brets

    187 Visa Processing Time

    hi everyone, I need an advice, suggestion or experience if anyone being through this situation before. I already created a separate thread but really appreciate for your replies. I received a referral letter from the MOC (Medical Officer of the Commonwealth ) to have the further information and report (form 884) from the specialist after my partner had her medical done on 1 march 2016. she is diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. she is under prescription medication ( sulfasalazine and Methotrexate). she need to have blood test after every 3 months and specialist appointment twice in year. she is in stable condition now after we found the symptoms 1.5 years ago. MOC asked for report addressing history, diagnosis, treatment ( including the need for immunomodulating therapy/ surgery) and prognosis for the next 5-10 year. Can someone with the similar situation or medical referral by MOC tell me what will happen next? what MOC going to check from the specialist report? how long it will take to have the medical approved from MOC? please we need an advice if anyone of you or any known to you being through this before. thanks