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  1. CiderDrinkingCoder

    New to all of this

    Guys, we better all report ourselves. We've posted on Ask An Agent. That's a big 'no no', remember.
  2. CiderDrinkingCoder

    Can I buy an established property when not yet resident?

    No worries, mate. As long as you're holding your PR, you've no concerns (or extra stamp duty) to worry yourself with. Have fun hunting
  3. CiderDrinkingCoder

    Can I buy an established property when not yet resident?

    Barny, It is correct; however, I would recommend you go see any property before purchasing. There have been separate threads on whether to use a buyers' agent, that you might like to leaf through.
  4. CiderDrinkingCoder

    Introducing myself.

    I'd also suggest taking whatever period you think you might be looking for work and double it. Always better to be pessimistic and pleasantly surprised, than optimistic and finding a big ten foot pole coming towards your rear end at 80MPH.
  5. CiderDrinkingCoder

    Will my masters degree definately count with AITSL?

    Removed: this is what happens when you brew coffee and come back to finish a post only to find others have responded in the meantime.
  6. CiderDrinkingCoder

    Visa 189 - agent or self application

    It's not that it wouldn't count. Various assessing bodies can and do deduct a number of years' experience as 'qualifying' time. This is independent of whether or not someone 'qualifies' to perform a role, in the sense we might use the word in day to day parlance. I have seen a few cases where people have put down x number of years' relevant experience on a visa application and it has been rejected because they should have noted certain periods as irrelevant (because they were still qualifying for the skills met date from the assessing body). What you initially believe to be 10 years' relevant experience could be whittled down, for example, to 4, depending on qualifications, role, and rules of the assessing body.
  7. CiderDrinkingCoder

    need education points clarification

    Pleasure, mate. Gave me a great chuckle to start the day off with. Always nice to meet folk who are willing to have a giggle at their own slip ups. Cheers
  8. CiderDrinkingCoder

    187 visa

    Apologies - have edited my post. Coffee hasn't quite kicked in. I meant to write before the visa application is lodged. On the nomination front, no idea. Might be worth checking the specifics of that - sure there must be a link to them on the DIBP site.
  9. CiderDrinkingCoder

    187 visa

    https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/187- English language requirements are the same as for 489 or 189. ETA: The requirements must be met before the visa application is lodged, as you can see clearly via the link above.
  10. CiderDrinkingCoder

    need education points clarification

    Raul... We're not *THAT* kind of forum, are we?
  11. CiderDrinkingCoder

    Visa 189 - agent or self application

    I would also just add that, having done PTE, IELTS, and TOEFL, I would recommend doing PTE-A for the English test requirements if you want the points. Certainly, in my experience, it was the most rounded of the examinations.
  12. CiderDrinkingCoder

    My 3 week epic backpacking trip for a taster before I emmigrate

    Who is this sad, lonesome, miserable soul!? Have they received medical attention and/or terminal correction for their problem?
  13. CiderDrinkingCoder

    Visa 189 - agent or self application

    It's 0, 10, or 20 for English.
  14. CiderDrinkingCoder

    Visa 189 - agent or self application

    Not sure how you figure it's 60 if the 10 isn't scored for English. On the points front overall, priority is given to those with higher points. Sure, you can go into the pool with 60, but if it's overwhelmed with 65+, you could be in there a while.
  15. CiderDrinkingCoder

    Skilled Migrant Occupation Selection

    If you have had a good look through the ANZSCO roles, and the notes of what would ordinarily be regarded as a requirement of the role, it might be worth considering engaging with a MARA registered agent if you're still confused whether your experience would reasonably fit into one of the specified roles. Extremely odd that nothing substantial came up during your hunt. Took just over 90 seconds to grab these: http://www.liveinvictoria.vic.gov.au/visas-and-immigrating/skilled-visas/skilled-nominated-visa-subclass-190#.V07zQpErKUk http://www.migration.sa.gov.au/skilled-migrants http://www.migration.wa.gov.au/services/skilled-migration-wa/how-to-apply-for-state-nomination http://www.australiasnorthernterritory.com.au/Working/bsm/nt-nominated-general/Pages/skilled-nominated.aspx http://migration.qld.gov.au/skilled-migration-queensland/ http://www.industry.nsw.gov.au/live-and-work-in-nsw/visas-and-immigration/skilled-nominated-migration-190 http://www.migration.tas.gov.au/skilled_migrants/skilled_nominated_visa You'll find us all willing to help on PomsInOz. Helping is not the same as spoon feeding, though.