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  1. sorca

    Getting Family to OZ

    Hi, Im just wondering if anyone has managed to get family over from the UK to visit recently? (unlikely - I know) I am due a baby in October and my parents wanted to fly over to help (as I have 2 other toddlers). We have no family support here and so I was gutted once I realised this covid situation wasn't going away anytime soon. I was pretty sure that there was no way of them getting over, but some people have told me I should apply for an exemption via home affairs and you never know............. ????? I am aware that even if they did make it over then they would have to go into quarantine etc. Just wondering if anyone has successfully managed to get an exemption and their family has been allowed in? I must add that I am a citizen, live in QLD and my parents are Scottish if any of that makes a difference.
  2. sorca

    What visa for Aussie Spouse?

    Hi, I’m hoping someone on here may have some knowledge. I’m Scottish and my husband in Aussie. We are considering a move back to Scotland in the next few years and are looking into visa’s. I’m wondering what visa would be the best to go on as I’m finding all the options very confusing. His grandmother was born in England and so I think he could get an ancestry visa. However with the £2000 NHS fee and the £500 visa fee it’s expensive. I thought Australia and the uk had a kind of health care agreement?!!! It doesn’t look like it though! Or would we be best going on a spousal visa? I’m finding it hard to get a lot of info on the spousal visa - does anyone know much about this? It is cheaper? Easier? We also have 2 kids born Australia but I’d probably get them uk passports before we go and I’d assume they wouldn’t need anything else. Any experience with either visa would be great! Many thanks
  3. I know - there is so many ifs and buts……………Im cracking up with all this swirling around my head. Im thinking about going to see a relationship therapist - probably initially myself and then together as I feel we are maybe not being honest with each other. I think both of us are a little terrified at the prospect our future Some friends are saying stop stressing about a problem that isn't a problem yet - but the thing is I know this is a major issue that isn't going to go away and keeping on going with my eyes shut is just stupid. We need to face it and accept that we can go forward or we have made a mistake and need to set each other free.
  4. Ive been here 6 months. My family visited over xmas and since they've been here and then left Ive just realised how important my family is to me and Im questioning everything. Im in such a state - on the brink of tears most of the time
  5. Thanks for the quick reply - are you married to an Aussie too? We have done the long distance thing before and he did say the other week to go home as Im obviously unhappy. On the one hand I think yes - I should go while I can and then the ball is in his court to maybe come come out once his degree is finished, but I just have lots of guilt and fee I should be here to support him in his qualifications. Im happy in my marriage but just want my family around me to share in the next stage. The thing is - I know I will never want to live in Australia - and so I feel like Im going to ruin his life. He is such a proud aussie - and Im a proud brit!! Feel like a bit of an idiot for not going through this thoroughly before marriage. I suppose I just thought it would work out. I just feel different now that Im here! I hate it!
  6. Hi - Im newly married to and australian guy and living on the Queensland . Ive always been reluctant to come here as my family in the UK are very close and Ive never really wanted to live here in Oz (my family are also devastated at my migration). My husband has always said he wouldn't want to live in the UK as the weather would make him unhappy. We split up over this during our engagement (he said it had to be Australia) but then we reconcilled saying that we would compromise and live internationally - somewhere in Europe maybe, maybe even the UK (I miss European culture). We are both in Australia now as he needs to finish his degree - and he also wants to stay a couple of years longer so that he can get some experience in his field before going international. Im 34 and would really like to start a family however the more I think about doing this on the other side of the world - the more scared I get and anxious to go back to my roots. The older I get and the closer I get to starting a family the more I want to go home and be surrounded with my family (I'm even reluctant to be international - feel like I want home). My husband doesn't have any family here in Oz and so in a way it makes sense, however I know deep down he doesn't want to live in the UK. Im frightened to start a family now as I know the pull to home will be even stronger than it is now - and I'm crying with homesickness every day at the minute. Im terrified that if I have a family here I will get stuck - like i read about in some of these threads - it terrifies the life out of me. My husband says we will move (internationally) after he gets some experience etc but Im terrified that he won't honour that and ill get stuck. I just don't like it here - feel like I don't belong and Im finding it really hard to fit in. I thought that we had discussed this enough before we got married but since arriving in Australia Im just desperate to get home. I know I am kind of going back on what we agreed but as I think about bringing a baby into the world I just need to be with family…….I didn't think I would feel this strongly but for some reason I do and Im panicking big style. With my age creeping up I need to start a family soon but don't want to make a huge mistake that I will later regret. Im actually thinking that maybe we should go our separate ways as either way one of us is going to be unhappy. Sorry for the long post………just in a total dilema!!! Any advice would be great!