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  1. @LBee I believe in UK you have "repatriation flight" as well right? It is very hard to book as seat is very limited but may be another channel to try with DFAT code. But the flight is going to Darwin first so may need to quarantine there and domestic flight to Sydney or so after quarantine. (I see a lot of people talking about this flight on the forum) Hope flight come up for you as well. Flights from London to Australia (qantas.com) COVID-19: Registering with DFAT | Smartraveller
  2. Hi LBee, I have heard about that as well, I have got the flight from Singapore with Singapore Airline (Purchased 2 months ago). Yesterday the airline did send the confirmation that the flight will happen (I try to arrive before the first entry date 15 Oct), but it is still nearly 4 weeks to go.... so like you said...nothing is guarantee until I'm really on the flight. Do they let you know well in advance about the flight? or just 2-3 days in advance? Thanks.
  3. Hi All, Has anyone recently arrived in Australia with Visa Subclass 143? Would like to know if any other document is required other than the declararion online plus all Covid related test (such as PCR) Do I need any other documents? I am planning to go to Australia in September.
  4. Thanks Paulhand and JetBlast - I will be going to Sydney, NSW - so I think I will need to inform them of my flight details, so they can arrange the quarantine hotel (quite pricey)
  5. Hi Tulip1 I have got 143 visa So in this case I do not need to request the exempt travel right? just need to provide the info for the "quarantine" procedure So they can arrange the facility accordingly. Thanks
  6. Hi All, I have been granted Parent visa Oct 2020 - (so my initial entry date is Ocr 2021) - I'm planning to go to Australia by September 2021. I go through the "travel exemption" page and click on PR (not sure if my visa is equal to PR yet?) Other than this catalog I do not see anything that can be related to Parent Visa (provision) at all. Can I book and travel to Australia at the moment? Any procedure I have to follow?if I can
  7. Hi All, I try to find an information from the immigration and search google but i dont get a clear picture about this. If someone can help me clarify please. Background - Offshore type - Mum and Dad to be applied for 1. When fill in Application for my Dad and Mum - Do I need 2 forms of 47PA? Or on the form 47PA I just put 2 Adults and One main applicant + Partner of the main applicant? 2. Once I fill in all application - where do I need to send the document to? Is it to the Pert Immigration Office as per instruction? 3. The payment - I can see that I can include the credits card detail - do we have any other method for the offshore people to pay in AUD? Can I put my credit card detail in there? or can I pay upfront? because these day it seems Australian immigration office no longer accept payment at their office. A lot of questions but I am really looking forward to some help from the forum. Thanks