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    Shipping feedback

    Hi Missyell, can you offer any information about PSS, I have just had them at my property to quote us for our big move to Brisbane. We have had 4 other companies to quote too and other than price they all seem to be very good. Hope you're move is going well. thank you
  2. Wow sounds fantastic. We can't wait to be there. Where about in QLD are you? We are moving in with relatives in Caboolture, north of Brisbane, aiming to be there at the beginning of March.:wink:
  3. Things are moving pretty quick now. Our house sold yesterday after only being on the market for one week. I have spent today on the phone making appointments for removal companies, can't believe it is all happening. Aiming to be in Oz by March, so excited. Hope everyone gets some news in the new year.
  4. Nifa77

    Partner visa funds

    @Sunshinebear your background is very similar to mine. I was born in Adelaide, Australia and was brought to England when I was 4. Earlier this year we applied for both our daughters Australian citizenship by decent and went to London to get their passport and to get myself an Australian passport too. In June we applied for my husbands partner visa, this was granted 2weeks ago. We have been together for 22 years and married for 13 years. Our daughters are 12 and 7. We had no problems with the partner visa and he's also been granted the 100 straight away. The time given for the visa is 10-14 months so if you're looking to go in 2018 I would start your application soon, some do come through quicker than stated, like ours. Good luck with it all.
  5. Nifa77

    Rabies blood test passed, what is next?

    Thank you for all your replies. I have just returned from my vets, where she had in fact issued a pet passport . We sat down together and went through the websites above and she is a lot clearer about what needs to be done. She is going to fill in the necessary paperwork and let me know when we need to return for the next treatments etc. It is all so mind boggling
  6. Hi all, Im just after some direction if anyone can help? We started the process for our labradoodle to emigrate to Australia. He has passed the blood test for rabies and our vet has completed his pet passport which I am collecting tomorrow. The earliest he can fly is 28th March 2017. Can anyone advise what else needs to be done and when or where I can look for this information? Unfortunately our vet has never done a pet passport for Australia and she doesn't know what else needs to be done, she has asked us to find out. Thank you in advance
  7. @carahunter4 I have been with my husband for 22 years and married for 14. I am Australian by birth. We applied for our 2 daughters citizenships back in April and they both now have Australian passports, so it was just my husband to sort out. We're all very happy he has been granted his visa, especially to be given the subclass 100 straight away. Our case officer was really lovely and helpful and answered all of my questions. It is definitely possible to get the visa granted quicker than the time stated but like you said it depends on each case.
  8. Today is a great day, 309 and 100 visa granted today. 20 weeks and 2 days of waiting over. Our new adventure can finally begin
  9. @carahunter4 we found out this week our dog has passed his rabies blood test, so he is eligible to fly from March 2017. We are going ahead of him to settle in. Our house is going on the market next month, so hopefully we will have everything wrapped up by end of Jan. I need to start getting shipping quotes, so that's next on my list!
  10. Im originally from Adelaide, but job prospects look better in Queensland. It's a huge relief that we can stay with family, we're hoping to do a bit of exploring first and have some adventures, although we will have to get our girls into school. Where about are you looking to go in Oz?
  11. @carahunter4 @NikkiLondon we are hoping to go in February, if our visa is granted. We are going to stay with my cousin in Caboolture which is north of Brisbane but eventually we want to be living in the Sunshine Coast. We have already started some organing in the hope that our visa will come through soon, the waiting game is an excited but anxious one.
  12. Hi @Pingpoma we have a lovely case officer and she has replied to every email I have sent (about 5 in total). I send it to the generic email address that you have stated above, I get the automatic email back, then after about 24 hours I have had the reply from her. Like others have said on here if anything was uploaded incorrectly or if anything is missing I'm pretty sure you would've heard from your CO. We had a witness statement missing and she advised us when she asked us for the police check and medical.
  13. @QPRMARK sounds amazing, I can't wait for this day for me and my family.
  14. Hi @Pingpoma We applied on the 6th June 2016 for my husbands partner visa. We were assigned a case officer on the 13th July, I was very excited as I didn't expect to hear from anyone for a while. Medical and police check were uploaded at the end of July and beginning of August. I emailed my case officer after the medical was submitted to ask what happens next, she said the visa is nearly granted we are just waiting for authorisation from Australia. I know it's early days but we are still waiting, I thought with everything happening so quickly the visa might also be granted quick too, I suppose I need to learn to be patient! I have been with my husband for 22years, married for 13years with 2 children, I was born in Australia and my children are now Australian citizens. Everything is on hold until the visa is granted, although we have started the process for our dog to get his pet passport. Fingers crossed you and I do not have to wait too long, good luck with your adventures. 
  15. We have applied for my husbands partner visa he was the only one that was required to do a police check and medical. I am Australian and my daughters are now Australian citizens by decent and have passports, they are not included in the visa. Have you made sure you have got a witness statemen and uploaded it? That was one of the documents i forgot and it delayed us a little.