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  1. Help... just seen this post and I’ve just sent my cube or uk and flynon Wednesday.... did I need to do this form, what happenes if you don’t? Seven seas didn’t ask or tell me about it??? Thanks
  2. Jemvin

    Driving licence?

    Wow thanks for the info
  3. Jemvin

    Coming home! any advice?

    No worries at all! I wish you the best of luck I know how you feel!
  4. Jemvin

    Driving licence?

    Do your Aussie partners that come over use their aus licence and how do they go when getting insurance are they charged a higher rate for not being on a uk one? Any info would be great thanks
  5. Jemvin

    Insurance for shipping??

    We’ve booked a move cube with seven seas can anyone help it that insurance is good or if we need to take out any other cover?? Thanks
  6. Jemvin

    Coming home! any advice?

    Did she have any British grandparents etc can he be eligible for a visa? Can you go over to work first to sponsor him?
  7. Jemvin

    Coming home! any advice?

    Sure, as in visa wise?? We applied for a spouse visa eligible under the savings category
  8. Jemvin

    Coming home! any advice?

    Thanks everyone that’s what we were thinking! I think we are gonna go for a move cube and just buy new furniture as most of what we have here wouldn’t be suitable anyway. I just hope we manage to sell most of it
  9. Jemvin

    Coming home! any advice?

    So we got approved which means we are coming home, me my Australia. Partner and our 3yr old son. We’ve got 3 months to sort everything out, we will be renting our house out here. First time I’ve ever moved properly let alone across the globe! I came to Aus with a backpack! Any advice would be greatly appreciated to those that have already done it!
  10. Jemvin

    Visa pick up sydney?

    From date of appointment to date of text to collect was 12 weeks. When collecting we had a letter of approval. But they stuffed up with our intended travel date and has only allocated my partner a month from now to go to the uk so we’ve had to send passport back to uk hoping they will fix it! So make sure you check you passport when collecting!
  11. Jemvin

    Visa pick up sydney?

    Thanks! Oh I hope so!!!
  12. Jemvin

    Visa pick up sydney?

    So hubby got a text to say his prosessed visa application was ready to collect in Sydney ( from uk) we know we are waiting to collect his passport but does this mean we could have an answer too? Or do they email it? Eeeeek!
  13. Jemvin

    Renting house when returning, how easy?

    Ah ok! Thanks!
  14. Jemvin

    Renting house when returning, how easy?

    Thanks everyone, I don’t think we will have a problem with the area, I’ve often looked online and there seems plenty. I don’t have a credit rating. Left the uk when I was 21 out of home. Will this be an issue? I’ve never rented before or gone through the process so I wouldn’t know what to expected. Do you have to have a job before hand etc?
  15. How easy/ quick will we be able to rent a house when we return to the uk? What do we need to do this? Don’t want to be stuck with family for months on end!