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  1. Jemvin

    Moved back and confused!

    I’m in EXACTLY the same boat! Moved back in June as wanted to come home and be near family. Hubby hates it complains about everything the uk is. Financially he is stressed as we are much less off over here. I’m now starting to feel the stress and wonder if aus is better for our child. But my heart doesn’t want to leave. I don’t know what is going to happen and it’s extrem stressful so I totally know what you are going through
  2. I felt a real need to reply when I saw this post as it’s veey similar to what was my situation. I was 23 when I moved to Aus for my partner. I always told him I’d want to go home one day, and he said he would. We had a lovely house. He had a good job in new housing like yours and earned good money. We had a son years later and I had very bad post natal depression I was so home sick I didn’t have any help or family. A few years I stuck it out and this year we moved back. My partner didn’t really want too. Although he always said he would. H wasn’t happy about it and He hasn’t stopped complaining about the county the lack of income the rent the old houses. How he can’t achive his goals etc. He can’t get a job anhthing like what he had there or that pays like that in sales. I am your age now and we are really struggling. I know it’s harsh to say but one of you either way will always be unhappy or homesick. If there’s any issues or warning sighs on your relationship run now. Because you’ll end up in a very bad situation. Especially when kids are involved. And if you have any there you may get stuck there. I really hope for your sake it works out. It took me Untill the 7 year mark untill aus felt like another home to me. And it took having kids to make my own friends. Also to get a partner visa for the uk was hard and we had to have a lot of money. So make sure you look into that aswell. I’m here if you have any other questions. Make sure you have a good honest chat to your partner about the options and the reality of living in the uk and his real job options and income/ expense of living. Also if you really feel this way maybe come back for a trial for a few months. Holiday vs living here are also different.
  3. Jemvin

    Moved back but feeling torn relation ship

    Tbh he was bad there too and I really thought a change from work stress and having family support here would be a good thing. I guess I was naive. I think he has ocd but he doesn’t wanna hear it. He things he is “ perfect” He will check and comment on how the is car is parked, how things are put and done etc. The seasonal thing wouldn’t surprise me either.
  4. Moved back to uk 6 months ago now with partner and young son. After 9 years in Aus I wanted to be closer to my family. Which I really like. Although we had some family issues and my parents health isn’t the best and they barley leave the house part of me feel content and at home. But... partner hates it here he left a good house and job for a huge downgrade and pay cut and I do understand that. Part of me misses it too. My main issue is his behaviour he isn’t just miserable he is horrible his mood his behaviour is wearing thin on me I’d say he can be quite mentally abusive and mean. and I don’t know what to do. Financially I feel stuck but how can I leave when he came here for me. How could I let me sons Dad go back to Aus leaving us here? But if I go back I feel ill be stuck there forver or I’ll end up there alone. I don’t know what I’m posting this as I know it’s my own problwm I just don’t feel I can be honest about this with my family and friends. I just feel completely stuck and stressed!
  5. Jemvin

    3 months in the uk

    Thanks, we didn’t sell our house just incase and I got my citizenship so going back wouldn’t be trouble but then I would feel guilty to leave my mum and brother again Suppose we can’t win. Everyones responses have definitely helped. We will see through the winter and take each day for now
  6. Jemvin

    Moved Back to the UK...6 Months on

    What did you end up doing? I’did Things get better?
  7. Jemvin

    Moved back to the UK and now depressed

    How are you getting on Emma? I feel a little in the same boat as you but more so my hubby but I know it’s normal to feel this way. Have things improved?
  8. Jemvin

    3 months in the uk

    Thanks maybe I should have a look into this
  9. Jemvin

    3 months in the uk

    Ah in Australia I could look after my son because my hubby was eating a high wage
  10. Jemvin

    3 months in the uk

    Appreciate the advice of moving but I don’t think with my family circumstances it would really work out for us moving somewhere else here.esiaxilat as my Mum helps with childcare, Another thing really pushing hubby atm is how much everything is costing us vs such a low income compared to what he has before. Argh
  11. Jemvin

    3 months in the uk

    Thank you both! My only worry about relocating is more isolation. Closer to city’s for jobs is also more expensive housing. Everywhere with in an hour seems same rent prices and I don’t like the idea of going up north or somewhere as defeats the purpose of retuning to uk
  12. Jemvin

    3 months in the uk

    feeling confused.... which I’m sure is totally normal. Myself (British) and my Aussie partner and 3 yr old son moved back in June. Mostly because I have struggled missing family etc didn’t want to have another child far away after having terrible post natal problems. and felt like it was best to do it before staring school etc, my partner was never keen but always said he would. Also my dads health hasn’t been great so I never wanted to have regrets. But he is also an alcoholic, we stayed with my parents to start before we could find somewhere to live. But my meant to be sober father was drinking and turns nasty on us and gave us no choice to leave, after 6 weeks of living with friends we are now in a rental. Quite small, old £1000 a month in rent. My partner selling cars and with no experience but couldn’t find s job in home sales which is what he done in Aus earning a high income. We are feeling stressed and missing our home in Aus. I know it’s early days but it hasn’t gone how Imagined at all. I don’t want to give up so easily and the thought of possible being stuck in Aus does scare me too. I know my partner would fly home tomorrow if he could and he is constantly complaining about everything daily which is also taking its toll on me. Sorry for the rant I guess I’m seeking some kind of reassurance or stories from others
  13. Jemvin

    Some advice and perspective from you wise poms in oz please

    I totoally understand I was the same and me my partner and 3yo came back to the uk in June, after a month of feeling like being on holidays then a month of family drama and having to move in with a friend, now in a rental with boxes everywhere. I feel confused. I love seeing my friends and family but I do miss our home in Syd. My partner is not happy here and is constantly sighing and in a bad mood, esp on about how much less he is earning. I know we have to give it a good go here, my son has started an amazing pre school and I don’t want to give up easily and then be stuck in oz forever?? but I am very confused!
  14. Help... just seen this post and I’ve just sent my cube or uk and flynon Wednesday.... did I need to do this form, what happenes if you don’t? Seven seas didn’t ask or tell me about it??? Thanks
  15. Jemvin

    Driving licence?

    Wow thanks for the info