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  1. Londonpom

    Flying out tomorrow!

    Wishing you the best of luck. We moved to Mels 3 months ago and have no regrets at all. With change comes nervousness/anxiety at times but I would have had that if I moved 50 miles from London too! Poms In Oz site has been a goldmine of advice, reassurance and experiences.
  2. Londonpom

    14 weeks and still not left the uk!

    Not sure re that last question Jimbob but would be understandable if its all for a valid reason although i'd be starting to get rather concerned on 14 weeks too. I had 3 quotes and not one of them said stuff would be held in the UK that long. Looking at my paperwork: Collected from London home: 31.8.16 Left UK: 12.09.16 Arrived Melbourne: 4/11/16 I had 5 bikes with 2 of them worth over £1500. Every bike box got opened by customs apart from the one in a wooden box..I brought a new Karcher pressure washer just for this job with the reasoning that 2 dirty bikes treatment (or disposal which also costs $$) would cost the same as the new washer!. We got pulled on 2 items: a pair of shoes that needed gamma radiation (even though they looked super clean!)... $50 for treatment and a xmas wreath that the removal man tried to snuck in a cupboard ($50). I think I did well, especially as I took gardening tools, camping gear etc. I've heard some horror stories. I didn't bother with the trampoline and remember dont bother with car child seats as not to AUS standard.
  3. Londonpom

    UK company and Australian company and home loans

    Much appreciated A, that sounds logical and understandable. I need to see if CGT is applicable to share transfer too. I don't think it is from what I understand.
  4. Londonpom

    UK company and Australian company and home loans

    Do you mean more than just the shares? (sorry, my work is not within this field so I get easily confused) I'm not sure the banks will look at historical trading of the UK company at all, only from the date the AUS company started trading/got registered etc. Anyone moving to Oz with UK income needs to follow this really carefully if they want a home loan. Every door has been shut on me. Disappointing as I've spent a small fortune on residency, I only require a 50% LTV home loan so fairly low risk (I would say!) and have 4 years full HMRC account etc. Maybe I should go to the Court of Human Rights with the Australian banking industry...,my right to a home and all!
  5. Londonpom

    Peninsula Pics

    Various Pics of Mels
  6. Londonpom


    Thats correct. Pretty nice on a good day! A storm was looming , the people following us must have frozen! Take a jumper and rain jacket, the front and back are open.
  7. Londonpom

    UK company and Australian company and home loans

    Thank you Ken for your reply. I note Bendigo require: "The most recent business & personal tax returns (for sole trader, company directors and/or Trust beneficiaries) for a full financial years trading together with the notice of assessment and supporting trading financials, together with a copy of the current 12 months integrated client account statement that shows all taxation requirements are up to date and in order." Not sure if that means one year or two....I know its going to take some time to show the income which is fine and I have Oz operations under way already so by the end of the year there should be some trade, as long as I can secure a loan at some point all correctly. It does not look like this foreign income policy is going to change for a while....:arghh:
  8. Londonpom

    14 weeks and still not left the uk!

    Hi Dean I find it strange they are waiting to fill a container over such a long period but I can only go on my personal experience, how long is it? 200ft! I shared a 40ft container and from leaving my house to arrival in Melbourne including customs it was 12 weeks I recall. Thats with plenty of bikes and garden gear etc. Maybe one of the partners here will have the knowledge of why its sitting there. I was extremely happy with the company I used, maybe I got lucky....
  9. Has anyone had any experiences of owning a company both in the UK and Oz? in relation to share ownership. I am a Director of both and its near as damn impossible to get a home loan at the moment for a construction build rural without showing Oz income (my Oz company is new so no turnover for several months). I understand the Oz company could own the shares of the UK company thereby showing Oz income. Its a tad complex and not my area...I am PR in Oz and likely to be non resident UK for 2017/18. Thanking you!
  10. My understanding is that a UK resident (as in born here) has an increase to their personal allowance (PA) if they are classed as non resident to 11k from the usual 8k. If you are a director then dividends are taxed at 0% for the first 5k then 7.5% kicks in, making a healthy tax saving. However they give on one hand and take on the other....For a resident born in a Commonwealth country and returning back the UK personal allowance drops to zero! The PA was dropped several years ago. Thats my understanding from my accountant but dont take this as a given! Its a learning curve for both of us as I have just moved to Oz and there are plenty of challenges ahead if you still have UK income (which I do).
  11. Londonpom

    457 - Current processing times

    Visa application submitted May 23rd 2016, health checks September 10th, visa sub class 100 granted 25th Oct. As I was in Oz for 10 days on a tourist visa I now need to go to NZ for 5 working days!!:arghh:
  12. Londonpom

    Shipping a nervous dog to Australia

    My dog has just arrived in Oz and I picked him up 2 days ago...he is eating for a horse and snuggling up (thats because Melbourne has been cold at night lately!). A little edgy and I don't think he has slept much but all in all he arrived clean, healthy and his Petair box was spotless. One couple picking up their dog from Donnybrook Rd had driven 9 hours from Sydney!
  13. A few things that can catch you out while I remember (I am presently waiting on my sub class 100 visa). 1. Note down every time you are out of UK last 10 years. They request dates. 2. Put both your names on all utilities (gas, elec, water), council tax etc and print out before closing any accounts. 3. Have a joint back account asap! if you dont have already. 4. Take pics etc together 5. Keep all the above in a folder! I used an agent. It pushed me along... 309/100 visa submitted: 6 Jun 2016, Police and medicals submitted: 10 Sept 2016, Visa granted: waiting!
  14. Ditto that. Just sign it yourselves and date it. Provide pictures seperately as these get uploaded/attached from what I understand. I wrote 1 and 1/4 A4 page and thats all. My BT phone bill just has my name as did 2 x mobile numbers but I have council tax going back 5 years and joint mortgage since 2011. Good luck!
  15. Londonpom

    Shipping children's car seats

    It looks like it... I have Maxi Cosi to European Standards but definitely no AUS tick... http://www.maxi-cosi.com/au-en/car-seats/car-seat-safety/car-seat-laws-and-regulations/australia-laws-standards.aspx As Quoll stated above. Thats 2 seats not travelling with me! Approval labels around the world Australia | Australian Standard AS 1754 | New Zealand | New Zealand Standard NZS 1754 The Australian and New Zealand Standard label, also known as the 'five ticks' approval, indicates reliability, quality assurance and safety as the product’s most valuable attributes. This older thread explains more.......... http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/transport-shipping/123214-car-seats-australia-what-you-need-know.html