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  1. Just wondering if anyone out there over 50 has had to return to the UK due to not being able to find work and severe dwindling of savings? Didn't imagine it would be so difficult and after 11 months of little or no income we have no choice but to return. Really don't want to leave and wondered if anyone got through and came out the other side being able to stay in Australia?
  2. Hamsterwheel

    Honest opinions of nursing in Oz

    Hi Jen3130 Very limited but this is what I know: The Acute Care Nurse to patient ratio in Victoria is fantastic with 1 RGN to 4-5 patients and this reflects in the excellent healthcare people receive. You have sole responsibility for the patients allocated to you and no HCA's so you do everything but with that many patients it is absolutely no problem at all and its rather nice to give that sort of holistic individualised care. Hospitals are very clean and bright with latest equipment and technology that is plentiful and easy to use, especially the beds and wheelchairs which are amazing after NHS. Most of the staff are really friendly and helpful with the exception of the few which you will get everywhere. I have not had ANY experience of patients being verbally aggressive or rude here which I have to admit was becoming everyday occurrence in the UK NHS. This is due to the hospital zero tolerance of people who behave this way which I found so refreshing! Aged care is a different story but that is only in my limited experience which consisted of 2 shifts then I never went back. Could be totally different in another facility. BIG difference is, I received virtually no supernumerary time and they expected me to be up and running despite the differences in drug names, protocols etc. This is where the friendly staff come into play as being crucial to their response to your constant questions. If your working with a good team you will get through - if not, your pretty much on your own. There are no HCA's in Acute Care at all. The Enrolled Nurse is equivalent with the difference they are Medication Endorsed. Nurses over here are perceived very differently with a lot of respect given to them and a recognition of their professionalism and skills which I think can often be lacking in the UK. That's it really. Mostly good. Good luck.
  3. Hamsterwheel

    Leaving adult kids

    Thanks Amber Snowball. Hope things work out really well for you and maybe when your son has finished uni he may decide to follow you back.
  4. Hamsterwheel

    Leaving adult kids

    Thanks both Quoll and Ramot for replies. I prefer England too in so many ways too which isn't to say Australia isn't a fantastic place, but it all comes down to personal individual preference. I feel I shall probably head back to UK I think and work hard at finding some middle ground to maintain contact and find ways, like yourselves, to keep them knowing granny loves them and thinks of them. Its a difficult decision but I'm getting too old to waste any more time thinking I might think differently or grow to love it here. Been there! Done that! Have no wish to go through that again!!!! Just feel somewhat foolish thinking it would work this time! Oh well, here we go...get up, dust yourself off and start all over.... again. Thanks again and have a great Christmas.
  5. Hamsterwheel

    Leaving adult kids

    Thanks Quoll and its reassuring to I'm not the only one in this predicament. I agree about the Skype time and not able to cuddle them and as they get bigger it makes it harder to keep their attention. Sometimes find it too hard to face but brave it through for the sake of the contact. Find the holiday thing hard to juggle as not enough room to stay with them in their homes and accommodation is so expensive in Oz. Couldn't afford to take a month off work either. Do you think you would ever head back over to be closer to them? I just don't' know whether I should just grit my teeth and stay so I have more contact with them or just admit defeat and accept I won't ever be able to resolve this dreadful situation and at least be living somewhere I actually want to be.
  6. Hamsterwheel

    Leaving adult kids

    Anyone else out there with adult kids and grandchildren living in Australia but you are desperate to live in the UK? Both sons are here and grew up here from youngsters with myself and their dad. Once they were living independently and our marriage had collapsed I moved back to UK as I never settled despite living here for many years. They had no desire to join me in UK although both have visited a couple of times. Just recently moved back thinking I could live here now in my desperation to be nearer to them and the grandkids and I can't believe I'm back in the same situation, hating it here and desperate to go home but feeling so guilty leaving them plus hating being so far away from them and the grandkids when I'm in UK. Anyone in a similar situation? I'd value some advice about how to manage the long distance relationship to stay connected with them as feel a bit estranged sometimes.
  7. Hamsterwheel

    Spouse Visa success

    Applied for spouse visa in August 2016 and just had the letter to say it has been approved and.granted!! Main reason for post is to recommend our sensational migration agent, Steve Hall, who was professional and extremely knowledgeable regarding the whole process and requirements. I know how difficult it can be choosing an agent who you know is trustworthy and not just intent on taking the fees for very little in return so if you are struggling to find an agent you feel safe with I can highly recommend this one. Steve Hall Concept Australia, Manchester Office.
  8. Hamsterwheel

    No-man's land

    Thanks for quick response Marisawright. Yes I have citizenship which is huge advantage and will be looking to settle in Victoria on return. Good news about the pension and very encouraged by that. No property assets so will have to rent accommodation for remainder of time and know city rentals can be expensive so will most likely not be too near the city. Are you heading back to Oz in the future? Sounds like that it where your heart is. It is a great country to live and have been back a few times to visit my sons, though not as often as I would have liked. On reflection (isn't that always the way of it!) I am so very pleased they have grown up there and been given so many different opportunities.
  9. Hamsterwheel

    No-man's land

    I have been reading post's from a diverse range of people, from all walks of life, for many years now on other forums as well as this one and finally decided to register and post for myself. Maybe it may help someone in the same position to not make the same mistakes. I emigrated to Australia in 1997 with my young children and then husband and returned to UK thirteen years later with nothing to my name except a suitcase and 4K and even left behind my independent adult children (though just 19 and 21) who wished to stay in Oz and my husband (now ex) who adored Australia and would never have moved back to the UK. I was homesick for the UK from the first month onwards after moving to Oz and wasted so many opportunities and years spent 'pining' and 'depressed' for my homeland and the people I left behind. I look back on this now with deep regret and sadness and know I can't turn the clock back or undo my situation but I can encourage others in similar situations to ride it through and move forward. I am now considering moving back to Australia in true pingpong fashion, to do what I know may be a 'wrong reason' but one I feel is also a very valid reason, which is to be near to my two children who I know now will never leave Oz. My dilemma is I still have nothing to my name, but have managed to give myself a roof over my head and a reasonable lifestyle and managed to get myself on my feet since moving to the UK. Most of the posts I read seem to be from people who have a very good lifestyle and a lot of capital accumulated in their later life (50+) but I have not and I am not likely to have in the future, so is there anyone out there who is in a similar situation? How have you managed and is it worth the emotional cost?