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  1. Isabelj28

    Changes to pathway to Citizenship

    I don't think they're 'stopping' them as such... it's just a hiatus while they get themselves sorted. They've made these announcements without all the background processes. There is no test at the moment and they can't bring in the new one until the legislation passes
  2. Isabelj28

    Changes to pathway to Citizenship

    And that's the point... the 'rules' can change... whereas if you have citizenship the 'rules' are fixed. That's why it's important to some people, not so they can sod off back to the Uk, but just so they have a sense of certainty in living here. My situation is this: my husband and I and my stepson have been here since 2011 on 457, then PR, now husband and I are citizens. Stepson has taken longer to apply for citizenship due to moving around in Oz and obtaining all the required evidence. He submitted on 20 April. Now he's on hold, because the Govt have announced this policy without doing the required planning, which means that by the time they get round to assessing the application, all the documentation will be out of date. Also, he completed his VCE here, (privately, so as to reduce the burden on taxpayers) what sense is there in making him do an English test!?!? There needs to be some consideration given to people who have done everything right based on the old 'rules' d
  3. Isabelj28

    Changes to pathway to Citizenship

    http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/british-man-faces-deportation-over-go-card-fare-evasion-conviction-on-brisbane-citytrain/news-story/9802aa36bb6a2398cb4065254fa008ac?sv=f9aa0e1c17f1eb343043ead6f1f44c94 Regardless of whether it is a PR visa or not, s501 (good character section) applies to permanent and temporary visas alike
  4. Isabelj28

    Frustrations, excitement and a barmy idea!!

    What does your husb do? As you have a lump of cash, could your husb take some of this, get a rental property established for you as a family then start looking for work more seriously? That way as soon as he secures a job, you and the kids could come on out and find that the home is set for you. This is kind of what my partner, now husb, and I did. Except I came first, then he came after with his son. It settled him straight away.
  5. absolutely agree with this. If your ex has made these allegations it's cafcass role to fully investigate this. Can you imagine the outrage if the ex alleged all this but then cafcass just immediately accepted what you said at face value. Then something (God forbid) happened to your child.... The cafcass worker would be torn to shreds (we see this all the time with social workers and children who are abused). As you say, it's about the best interest of the children, and if there is an allegation of abuse, it would be remiss if the cafcass worker not to robustly interrogate that to satisfy themselves as far as they possibly can that the children are safe. You were able to rebut all those allegations and it sounds like there is no evidence to substantiate them, so try not to worry, as G'bye says, you don't know what happened on the other side. Very best of luck
  6. Isabelj28

    On 457 employer will not nominate for PR what to do!?

    What is your occupation?
  7. Isabelj28

    Employer obligations when terminating employees on 457 visa

    No because you would have to show the costs are reasonable and necessary... It's not necessary to fly out of Brisbane to London when there are probably 20 flights a day out of Melbourne which will get you to London
  8. Isabelj28

    Employer obligations when terminating employees on 457 visa

    It it would definitely include the costs of travel to the airport, as it says 'includes cost of travel from persons usual place of residence to point of departure.' However it wouldn't include costs from the airport as it only covers travel costs of returning you to the country for which you hold w passport. So once you're back in the uk, you're on your own, I'm afraid
  9. Isabelj28


    This isn't a kind of visa. It's the skilled occupation list. You need to research the type of visa you would like to apply for and start a new thread for advice. Visas usually have a 3 digits code eg. 457 or 100.
  10. Isabelj28


    It's here... There's a sticky at the top https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2016L00800/Html/Text
  11. Isabelj28

    visa 189 Applicant from IRAN

    It probably is because you are from Iran. Security checks from Iran can take a long time as there is no information sharing agreement with Australia. You may find a fellow Iranian on here, but it is predominantly for British ex-pats. Best of luck!
  12. Isabelj28

    Do I need to do Vetassess again??

    Unfortunately not. The OP left Oz in Aug 2011. The requirement for an RRV is that you have to have spent 2 of the past 5 years in Oz. not just any 2 years. The past 5 years would be 25 May 2011 to 24 May 2016. In that period the OP has only spent less than three months. However, OP, all is not lost. You may still be able to obtain a RRV if you can demonstrate compelling and compassionate reasons why you left Australia when you did. The illness of your brother and then the birth of your child may fulfill this. I would suggest you contact an agent for a consultation about your circumstances and see if they think you can demonstrate compelling and compassionate reasons. The cost of the consultation and the time taken to explore of surely better than going straight to the skilled migration process again. Best of luck!
  13. Isabelj28

    Do I need to do Vetassess again??

    You may be better seeing if you can get a resident return visa first, before you go through the rigmarole of applying for a new one altogether
  14. Isabelj28

    573 student visa

    Can I make a suggestion to you Tarlay? Why don't you consider going for a PR visa under your husbands occupation? Joiner is on the SOL. That way, you would pay home student fees, be able to get a mortgage, not faff about with FIRB, save on kids school fees and be entitled to Medicare. It is more cost upfront but the amount you would save would be so worth it. If you still want to come home after your course you can but if you don't then you've got the option to stay.
  15. I guess now that people know you do intend to be together as a family eventually, they can offer better advice. I don't have much knowledge in either the 190 or partner visa, so I'll leave it for an expert!