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  1. Ainell29

    Living in Australia - What you need to know

    Yes in the UK roads are not that wide compared here in Oz. But good thing there is they don’t blow horns unnecessarily- only to alert you if you nearly cause an accident. There they respect queue- if you’re in a traffic and you made mistake say you are supposed to be on the left lane so you signal, as it was “sort of your fault” then you wait patiently to be given the way to safely “insert” if they won’t give way then you wait. But here, when drivers signal left they move straight away to the left and if not given way they get angry it’s as if when they signal it is their right to be given way. And because roads are not wide enough there they are always mindful of other road users- alone or not. Apologies- just giving my observation.
  2. Ainell29


    Hi, do I need to inform HMRC that I am moving abroad temporarily? my friend said I have to, to avoid scrupulous people using my NI. Is this right?
  3. Ainell29

    nurses pension

    Do I need to inform HMRC that I am moving abroad? My friend suggested I should coz she said someone might use ur NI...what should I do
  4. I don't have private transport going to these beaches- are they accessible by bus from randwick?
  5. which of these beaches are good for paddling? i don't like big waves, so which beach has no big waves (if there is any?)
  6. Ainell29

    Migrating as a paramedic

    my occupation is in the CSOL- but how do I find a state that can sponsor me?
  7. Ainell29

    Sydney grocery shopping

    ah ok...still looking at places around my workplace- dunno what areas are good for family and what areas to avoid....
  8. Ainell29

    Shopping: food and others..

    thank you for this- i have looked on to that site and they even have a seafood cooking class....lovely!
  9. Ainell29

    Sydney grocery shopping

    Asian supermarkets - are they everywhere coz I like my rice.... I'm now thinking of Paella (seafoods from sydney fish market)
  10. Ainell29

    Shopping: food and others..

    Nice! I'm excited now- it says "SFM retailers are open from 7am every day, till 4pm Mondays - Thursdays and till 5pm Fridays - Sundays, except Christmas Day".
  11. Ainell29

    Shopping: food and others..

    Ah my husband would love to do fishing- where is the nearest fishing site Randwick?
  12. Ainell29

    Shopping: food and others..

    on the map i can see Sydney fish market- is that comparable to billingsgate fish market in london? is that one of many fish markets only i hope...
  13. Ainell29

    Sydney grocery shopping

    my accommodation is in kingsford area...