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  1. Thanks @RIWATY, so you answered according to same logic above? Also, interested if someone used same logic who got a visa recently.. Thanks
  2. Today, immi asked for 40 SP again, although i submitted one aleady, is it due to my lack of understanding of above question??
  3. Anyone please help On sponsorship for 40 SP, Q 22 Are your related to visa application by blood, marriage or adoption. What would be answer for your wife (Yes /No) ?
  4. This timeline sheet tells the pervailing trends... just a guess work though
  5. Any update @Misbah / @zee124 (zee147) please...
  6. Yes it means rejection, better consults a lawyer
  7. Hi @Zain When your medical expires? Why it is taking extra time in your case, is it due to delay in providing additional documents, some mis-matched answers in interview or any other complexity. I think best strategy is to be calm and waiting for good. Do not think negative, if you are right, you will get it.. Is it male applicant?
  8. Thanks @Shaizi How much time it took for little one's passport (/Citizenship by Descent) Also, did you informed AHC that your wife is expecting baby?
  9. Thanks @Shaizi. So, this rule applies whether baby is born before or after partner visa granted? What was your scenarion, i mean your baby was born before visa grant i guess?
  10. Thanks @Shaizi for reply I am australian citizen as well. Does this mean , i do not need to apply for his child visa ? Your baby was born before visa grant?
  11. You are next one @Momy