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  1. Renebo

    Do kids have their own Citizenship Application?

    hi Just checking I know this was a while back, but what proof of ID did you use for your 16 year old? In the case where he/she did not have a valid passport? thanks Rene
  2. hi All, I am very confused and need someone that has gone through the same situation's experience please. My child is 17 and her passport will expire 3 days after we are eligible to apply. So we will be applying on the day that we are eligible. So now since she is 17 she has to do her own application, but I was told that since her passport will expire she has to submit a paper application. My question is, what other Proof of Photo ID can we use for her to be able to submit an application online instead of paper based? I was thinking maybe a learner's licence.....? thanks
  3. HI Rachel We moved from Pontypridd, Wales to Melbourne. We had to move to Victoria as we got state sponsorship. We will be moving to Perth end of 2020 as well and looking at the following areas which is apparently North of the River (NOR): Duncraig Hillarys Carine Padbury Kingsley We are originally from South Africa, but have been living in Wales from 2014. We did the move with 3 kids and used Seven Seas Worldwide Cube to move only a few items. We bought new beds, washing machine, dryer and some kitchen stuff brand new, as for the rest of the furniture we got on Facebook marketplace. Good quality and good value. Let me know if you have any questions that I might help with.....I am not a MARA I am just another immigrant Thanks Rene
  4. Renebo

    Chef for 189/190?

    Hi sorry for the late response. He had a diploma then after skills assessment he was issued with a certificate iii in commercial cookery. Think we had 75 points
  5. HI all, I have been in Melbourne now for just over 10 months and working as a contract Manual Software Test Analyst. We have a 190 PR with Vic Sponsorship and our 2 year agreement with Vic will end next year May. Recently I found myself without a job and the Manual Testing job market here in Melbourne is very slow. Doing self study on selenium, however even if I get that under my name, I would still need 2 years experience as an automation tester before landing a job. Automation testing jobs are very popular here, for 10 jobs posted 1 might be a manual tester position. So, my question to other Manual tester doing contract work, where in Australia would be the best place to settle, knowing that there is a huge demand for Manual testers? I have monitored Seek and noticed Brisbane and Sydney has a lot and Adelaide and Canberra mainly want Aus citizenship of baseline clearance...... Thank you in advance. Rene
  6. Renebo

    High school options in West melbourne suburb

    Hiya we came here in May this year, kids just finished their first term in school (first term for them but 3rd for the year). We have 3 kiddies ages 6, 11 & 13/14 in Dec. They are all in Point Cook college which is from prep to year 9. They are adapting well, no issues with bullying which is brilliant. They walk home after school and the school has lots of fun dress up days etc. As well. My daughter in year 8 needed to get an ipad as that is what they use a lot in classes. U do packed lunches as well. You can buy your own stationery or get from the shool and pay something like $150 can't remember the amount. School clothes u can get at Noones a shop in Hoppers Crossing. They can wear their PE kit everyday with trainers. Umm can't think of anything else at the moment but please do ask. Rene
  7. Renebo

    The IT field Thread

    Hi Topender I am in Melbourne been here since May and applied for so many Test Analyst jobs to no avail. They seem to want to have Ausie experience and no one wants to give me the opportunity. I worked as a Lead Test Analyst for the NHS from 2015-2018 in Wales and before that 6 years in the Banking industry in South Africa.... Can you please advise? Or recommend someone here in Melbourne as we have Vic SS. Thanks Rene
  8. Renebo

    190 Victoria

    Hi Deep, we are not agents and we do not know when you will be getting a response. If a CO is assigned to you and thinks there is more evidence needed they will ask for it, if not and you have submitted everything needed you might end up getting a direct grant. Good luck!
  9. Renebo

    190 Victoria

    @Edison. S We are not agents. You should read up on the Australian home Affairs website to see if your skills are on either of the lists before you can apply. Maybe you should contact an agent to do a pre-assessment to see if you will qualify for an Australian visa
  10. Renebo

    Room to Rent Melbourne

    Good day all, I am looking for a room to rent in or near Melbourne please. We will be arriving in Brisbane on 5 May and I will then go to Melbourne to set up a house and work. I would be grateful for anything. please send me an inbox regards Rene
  11. Renebo

    190 Victoria

    Just by the way as mentioned before, I am not an immigration agent and just giving you information based on our own application. Good luck!
  12. Renebo

    190 Victoria

    yeah this is really good!! Yes payment is taken when you submit the visa application. Just remember to inform Victoria state as they mentioned under the 'Next Steps' header in the email they sent you. https://www.acro.police.uk/police_certificates.aspx The Police clearance is fairly quick, you should get it within a week or two. When they issue your visa, they will use the PCC issue date to determine your First Entry date i.e. if you get your PCC on 20 March 2018 your first entry must be before 20 March 2019. I have attached the forms. Remember with the medicals you have to use a Panel doctor https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/lega/lega/help/immigration-panel-physicians Let me know if you need more help, I will see how I can help. Rene 1221.pdf 80.pdf
  13. Renebo

    190 Victoria

    This is brilliant news!!! I was actually looking at this post yesterday to see when you should be getting an answer!!! Well done to you!! Gosh so now, 1. I think first thing is you apply for the visa, 2. then you are able to get the HAP nr to book your medicals. 3. Apply for your Police Clearance you can do that online (if you have been in another country for longer than 12 months in the last 10 years, you would need a PCC from there as well) 4. Complete forms 80 and 1221. This is what we did and got a direct grant Not long now!!! Good luck
  14. Renebo

    Chef for 189/190?

    @Vivek001 hi yes we got a direct grant on 15 Feb 2018. We lodged on 4 Dec 2017. The whole process from start to finish took us 11 months and 1 day. Good luck
  15. Renebo

    190 Victoria

    Ah brilliant!!!! We waited exactly 12 weeks to get a response. Good luck