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  1. MrsSmithy81

    Meet up in Shellharbour?

    Hi! We love the Shellharbour area and there's lots to do! We'd definitely love to meet up but it would have to be morning as we've got a party in the afternoon. Let me know if this is any good for you. We've not met lots of ex-pats yet but the people here are lovely ☺
  2. MrsSmithy81

    Where in Illawarra?

    Thanks guys! We've rented in Flinders for now
  3. MrsSmithy81

    Queensland - NSW advice please!

    We moved to Shellharbour area a few weeks ago and love it. Not humid and plenty for the kids. There are lots of expensive areas but also some really lovely cheaper areas. Good luck x
  4. Hello! We moved to the Shellharbour area 3 weeks ago with our 2 kids (9&7). Does anyone fancy meeting up at one of the parks or beaches? Would be great to meet up with other ex-pats and their families.
  5. MrsSmithy81

    Pet friendly rentals?! Help please

    Unfortunately we sold our property to fund our move. I can ask our short term rentals to provide a reference. Thanks for the idea. She's a lab/collie cross but might try the medium sized dog idea too. Definitely won't include a picture of her and might lend someone else's dog if they ask to see her!
  6. Hi we moved to Illawarra, NSW at the end of March into a short term let. We're now on our second short term let as we can't secure a rental due to having our dog with us. Most properties are 'pet friendly/considered/on application' yet because she's a bigger dog we keep getting refused. We're now stating she's an outdoor dog but still getting refused. Any advice? We've provided proof of employment for my hubby and also enough money to cover at least 2 years of rent in the bank. I'm finding the whole process quite stressful as I've got 2 children that I can't enrol in school without a permanent address. Thanks in advance.
  7. MrsSmithy81

    Where in Illawarra?

    Thanks! We've not sorted jobs yet so we're flexible at the moment. Does anyone know what Albion Rail is like?
  8. MrsSmithy81

    Where in Illawarra?

    Hi! I move to Oz with my family next Monday and can't decide on where to live. I love Kiama and Shellharbour. Any suggestions on where is good for kids (7&9)? Thanks x
  9. MrsSmithy81

    189 Visa Lodged July 2015

    Thanks CaptainC! It's been such a stressful time but we got there. 1 more Christmas in the uk. it was touch & go as they wanted more evidence of my husbands income from 2005-2007. A letter from his employer wasn't sufficient and we no longer had p60s (neither did HMRC). Letter from national insurance saved the day! Thanks for all your support
  10. MrsSmithy81

    189 Visa Lodged July 2015

    FinallyFinally received our visa this morning after months of worry. We had originally planned to fly out 2 days ago but had to postpone our plans. Very happy now with a new March date set to fly out
  11. MrsSmithy81

    189 Visa Lodged July 2015

    Fab news! X
  12. MrsSmithy81

    189 Visa Lodged July 2015

    Thanks. I'm sure we've got everything but I now feel panicked and have convinced myself it will be refused at its taking so long.
  13. MrsSmithy81

    189 Visa Lodged July 2015

    Thanks both of you! All ours docs are front loaded but I'm going to upload more to make doubly sure they've got everything. The waiting is horrible. the lady I spoke to was really rude to me at first and didn't seem willing to listen. She only became helpful/nice when I told her I'd sent an email for clarification on 20th September & not had a response. good luck black mamba. I hope we both hear soon x
  14. MrsSmithy81

    189 Visa Lodged July 2015

    I've managed to speak to someone who can't give us more info except that the 3 month period starts on the day the CO contacted us which is 17th sept rather than 21st July when we lodged. I thought our 3 months was up today. I'm going crazy as this new date takes me to 17th Dec and we planned on flying on the 13th Dec. I have emailed our CO 3 times with no replies to clarify the info we were required to add. any suggestions/advice?
  15. MrsSmithy81

    189 Visa Lodged July 2015

    Does anyone have a different number for GSM Adelaide? We're still waiting I've tried calling 61 1300 364613 but no answer regardless of the time I call