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  1. Maria18

    Nursing in Australia

    Hi Do you know what the job opportunities in VIC for Mental Health Nursing? Originally, our first choice was NSW or QLD to move to and work, but I have since found out that with NSW you need a minimum of 12 month work ex in Australia. Thank you for any info in advance
  2. Maria18


    Thank you Raul. I am a registered Mental Health Nurse. I have been informed by my agent that I will need to do the English test to increase my points as I don't have enough without it. (In total after English test, I will have 70 points), and hoping for either 190 or 491 regional visa in VIC.
  3. Maria18


    Thank you, Pooja. I think I will be going for the OET. Do you know if this is still as recognised and accepted as the IELTS? Congrats on getting your visa by the way. Are you in Aus now?
  4. Maria18

    Suburbs/schools/hopsitals/activities etc in VIC

    Thank you Amber. I will note these down also. This is why I came on here, to get some ideas of areas etc
  5. Maria18

    Suburbs/schools/hopsitals/activities etc in VIC

    *I think that's plenty of time to look for jobs etc (Spelling error!)
  6. Maria18

    Suburbs/schools/hopsitals/activities etc in VIC

    It turns out that the most sought after place for RMN is VIC. (Been informed through a few agents/agencies etc) We wouldn’t be moving unless I was invited to apply and granted a visa. Then by then (looking at around 18 months by then), I think that she plenty of time to look for jobs etc. We’d like a pool though so was just wondering.
  7. Maria18

    Suburbs/schools/hopsitals/activities etc in VIC

    Thank you so much, great help starlight. I will note these down and look into them. Do you know what the rental business is like in the Eastern suburbs? Are there always some available or is renting a house pretty hard over there?
  8. Maria18

    Suburbs/schools/hopsitals/activities etc in VIC

    I said it once in a question, and what I meant was I am looking for some info on good suburbs - in certain parts of VIC as we were not sure where to begin to look at as it is such a huge place.... Bigger than the whole of the UK. This is why I am mainly asking this question. We have no idea where to look/cities/suburbs/parts.... all we have to go on right now is VICTORIA. As we have just decided that we will only be submitting or EOI to VIC, we are now in the process of finding out more about the state. I never thought that VICTORIA was a city. I am going off the state that we are putting our EOI to. I know all of this, hence why I am asking for more info on places in the whole of vic, maybe I should have stated suburbs in cities in VIC. I presumed people would know what I meant. I am aware that it is different, and that is a good thing for us as we enjoy to venture to new places. We aren't going to Aus for the climate as such, we are going for many other reasons. Thank you for your advice.
  9. Maria18


    We have began the application and are spending the money as we go along, so APHRA/ANMAC/IELTS have all been paid for, as has our agent fees etc, so finances now aren't a problem for us as we both work full time and have been saving for this since 2015. We haven't spent anywhere near £30,000 and don't intend to. We rent here so don't have a house to sell. We will stay in an air b&b for the first month or so when we get to Aus and then rent. We are very flexible with where we go in VIC. We are selling all our furniture here and storing only what we need or want at families homes, so we save on storage and won't be transferring furniture etc to Aus. We will buy basics for our accommodation there. We don't plan to stay in Aus, as we want to buy a house in the UK in the future. We just want to try it out as it has been my dream for almost 10 years and if it doesn't work, at least we tried and have no regrets.
  10. Maria18

    Suburbs/schools/hopsitals/activities etc in VIC

    I'm not sure where you get the idea I have 'little to no idea what the country is like?'.... This forum is for people to ask questions, find out more info etc yet each time I post you are the first person to appear and make these kind of comments. We visited Australia last year for over a month. We travelled Sydney/Brisbane/Gold coast/sunshine coast. I have family in Sydney, family in Adelaide and friends in Cairns. I am asking here about VICTORIA as I have decided that is where we will be submitting our EOI. The questions I have asked are normal questions for someone moving to a new place. Nothing out of the ordinary for a family with a child to be moving to another country. Like I said, it seems like you jump on every detail on people's posts and I am unsure why... My question was a normal one asking for some info on a part of the country we have never been but would like to.
  11. Hello After a lot of research, we have come to the conclusion that VICTORIA is where we will be putting in our EOI (Around march/april next year hopefully) I am just looking for some info on anyone that lives or has lived there as we really want to begin looking at areas/regions and are at a bit of a loss where to begin! My son will be 13/14 when we move over, myself and my partner are 34. We enjoy time outdoors, will be renting for first couple of years at least, I am a Mental Health Nurse and my partner is a Health Care assistant, so would ideally like to be local - ish if possible to good secondary schools, hospital etc. I have tried to look at rental prices for a 2 bed (hopefully with a pool) in a suburb in VIC, but i'm not sure what suburbs to look at! Just for an idea really of prices and to get a bit of a plan going regarding savings/outgoings etc. What are the beaches like in VIC? Is there a lot to do on days off etc? (parks/beaches/water parks/theme parks/water activities?) Sorry for all the questions, haha. Just thought i'd try and put it all down here and hope I get at least a little more idea. Thank you in advance
  12. Maria18

    Is my agent right?

    Thanks for your responses everyone.
  13. Hi Does anyone know what states/territories are in need of Mental Health Nurses the most? I have been trying to research this and cannot seem to find anything on it. I currently work in a low secure rehabilitation ward for adults age 18-65. I have 2 years experience plus 3 years training, including a selection of 12 placements in a variety of settings, and a degree in mental health nursing. I am just interested to know what locations I would be looking at at this time.
  14. Maria18

    AHPRA certificate?

    I am interested to know if having AHPRA makes you more likely to get invited? Does anyone know this? Could I ask Lee, how long did you have to wait to get your registration from AHPRA? and did you have to go to aus to present in person?
  15. Maria18

    Is my agent right?

    Hi This is a little off topic as I am a nurse (mental health), quailified for 2 years almost. I have 70 points in total as I have no points for experience as yet (that comes after 3 years), but by then my son will be older and its getting harder to move the older he gets so we wanted to get it started asap... My agent tells me I have a strong case with 70 points for a 190 or a 491... (I'm aware not in WE or QLD) so we would be hoping for VIC. Does anyone know if she is right here, does being a nurse make a difference when it comes to having 70 points or is that still too low for a 190? There is no way of upping my points at the moment, Its 70 with the English test.