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  1. This was written by my daughters mum, It’s so well written that I cant bare to edit it in anyway. I have exhausted all my legal routes and have NO money to go through the appeals process, I've reached out to news teams and current affairs. Does anyone have any other advice or avenues I can take? or know someone fighting the same battle? please any help would be great as I have to leave by 22/11. PLEASE READ BELOW Thanks Sean Hello I have an interesting story that I feel needs to be heard because what my daughter is about to experience is something no child should have to go through. Back story; I am no longer with my daughters father (sean) we separated almost 2 years ago due to personal reasons it was the best decision we could have made. We are both from the UK he has been in the country for 6/7 years. He arrived on a 1 year working tourist visa extended for the second d year through farm work then went onto a student visa whilst he was working during that time his employer offered him a 457 business class visa which he stayed on for the duration of his stay until it came to applying for his PR which his employer Fit n Fast (gym chain) messed him around with his skill then got taken off the list and he was left in a predicament. $1000s of dollars spent on immigration lawyers he found a course that he wanted to study to aid him in securing a job with sponsorship. He was given 30 days to leave the country if he wasn't able to secure a visa. This was back in June he landed a student visa. No working rights and with shared care of or daughter that incredibly hard having no income. 10 weeks later his visa has been cancelled and now he is leaving the country on the 20th of November and saying goodbye to his 3 year old daughter. The government is tearing a father away from his daughter with no sympathy emotion or care for the emotional well being of this little girl. She has an excellent relationship with her father and now this has somehow got to be maintained whilst he is half way across the world. What is happening is beyond unfair and completely disgusting. This isn't the first time that immigration has torn a family apart and I'm sure it won't be the last. This needs to be known and something has got to be done about it there has to be more options for a parent to stay in the country for their child an Australian citizen alas there is none and unless you have thousands of dollars in the bank to invest but a law abiding citizen who has contributed to the ATO for the last 7 years has no option/no say and no choice in their involvement of their child. I'm know left to explain to a 3 year old innocent little girl why daddy isn't here anymore. In the refusal letter it actually says "ties to Australia (daughter) are higher of those to the UK and we do not believe that you will lawfully remain in Australia after your student visa has been completed" If you would like to contact me to discuss this further please feel free to. Alisha Hill
  2. lenhill666

    457 ending have daughter relationship broke down

    Wow thanks so much for your help and taking the time I'll read this for sure ???
  3. lenhill666

    457 ending have daughter relationship broke down

    That's something I haven't looked into and I've emailed a good migration solicitor and I'll add this into the questions thanks for your reply. My prays are with you in your situation. I hope you do get 50/50 it's only fair for the kids. I love having my little girl and although the split with my ex was messy we've kept everything amicable for our daughter, which I can only thank her for good luck ?
  4. lenhill666

    457 ending have daughter relationship broke down

    I live in VIC I've heard the registration can bring the period down to 6months
  5. lenhill666

    457 ending have daughter relationship broke down

  6. lenhill666

    457 ending have daughter relationship broke down

    Thanks for your speedy replies my daughters 3 years old so I don't think she can sponsor me, I think that's how the subclass 103 works? Unless anyone's heard different
  7. Need advice please Ok where do I start LOL i was sponsored on a 457 as a gym manager in 2013. Met a girl had a baby girl, unfortunately the relationship ended as my daughters Mum fell in love with another man. The problem is that we were just about to launch my spouse visa. I have 50/50 custody of my daughter and pay child support. Now the problem I have is my 457 is being soon and until recently I was under the impression that my company would continue the visa for another 2 years but now have decided against it. I asked them a while back about sponsoring me PR but it turns out they couldn't because they'd not fulfilled the training requirements tied into the process. I'm now in another relationship but it's only 3 months in and my partner is very supportive of my situation but I think we are way off spouse sponsorship. Does anyone know of anyone who might of been in a similar situation?? i can't leave my daughter she is my world and she needs her dad. Any help would be helpful or I pray that someone has experienced something similar and can shed some light or point me in a direction of assistance sean
  8. lenhill666

    457 business visa to spouse visa

    Need some assistance guys. I've been sponsored 2 years now on a 457 temp visa, before that I spent 2 years on a WHV and 6 months on a study visa. Me and my partner, who is permanent resident, have been together for over 2 years; we have everything in place to apply for spouse visa, we've live together for 2 years now and have a baby girl, ozzy born. My predicament is that I am having difficulties with my current employer; i really want to leave but as I've heard if I leave my current employment and apply for the spouse visa does this mean I would have no working rights until my visa was accepted? which can take over a year I've read. My circumstances mean I can't not work, as I have a family to provide for, has anyone been in a similar situation as this or can offer any advice? thanks in advance