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  1. Emma Hadley

    Visas During Covid-19

    Hi, Just wondering if the visa process is likely to be delayed with the covid-19 crisis going on? Waiting for 801 to be granted and just wondering if it's likely to extend or decrease the wait time? Cheers, Emma
  2. Emma Hadley

    801 Check List

    Hi, I've just submitted my 801 application (second part of the partner visa) and have come to the uploading of documents section. When I applied for the first part there was a list there of the documents you needed, plus I think there was a check list on the immi website. However, now it's just blank under the documents and there is a link to the check list but I can't seem to find it. The link takes me to the info about the partner visa section on the immi website, but not an actual check list. Does anyone have access to this check list/have a comprehensive list of the docs they require? Thanks so much in advance, Emma
  3. Emma Hadley

    Feeling isolated and lonely in Perth

    Thanks Ali, 'people sick' is such a good way of describing the feeling! You're so right about feeling like you have two lives when your partner is a FIFO worker. The counsellor said the same thing yesterday actually. When he does come back, I do feel like it disrupts my routine and he solely wants to see me, which is fair enough but we have friends who would love to see him when he's home too! And you're right again when you say that our best friends are the history we share. I guess I should just allow over time for those friendships to develop into stronger bonds. One rule I am trying to live by lately is to be kind to myself and I think it applies here in that I'm doing all I can and it may just take a little time. It's not all going to fall into place overnight. You and the counsellor have helped me to hopefully see things from a different perspective. Thank you!
  4. I moved to Perth just over two years ago and just wondered how people go with being away from friends and family etc. I have a good life here, I have a job, amazing work colleagues who I see outside of work and consider friends, other friends, a good network and a lovely life style. I've joined various Meetups and have become a yes person to try and make new friends. However, I find myself struggling because although I have a good network of lovely friends, they're just not my BEST friends from back home. I know these kinds of friendships do take time but sometimes I just feel so lonely and feel as though something is missing from my life. My fiancé works FIFO and I struggle with this a lot. I have made my own life here in Perth but still find it hard with him being away and feeling isolated. Sometimes I feel so homesick I feel as though I want to move home but I know deep down that I don't really want that. I even went to see a counsellor yesterday to try and chat through my feelings as I feel I am starting to resent my fiancé for bringing me to Perth and then 'leaving me to go and work away'. I just wondered how people overcome these feelings of isolation and loneliness? I keep busy, I have hobbies as well as doing things for myself, like going for walks alone, but also with friends sometimes as well. I feel like I've run at opportunities with my arms open to meet people and make friends but still feel this overwhelming sense of loneliness. I feel like I do belong in Perth and feel like it is my home now. That was clear when the counsellor asked what I saw myself doing in twelve months time. When I finished describing what I hoped my life would look like, he asked where it was I saw all that happening.. The UK or Australia? I of course had envisioned the whole thing in Perth so that was a good sign for me. I don't want to move home but find it so incredibly hard being away. I imagine people do feel the same, just wondering how you deal with it? Side note: we have a cat and he really is my companion, so nice not to feel so lonely in the house, it's amazing how pets can do wonders for your mental health. Thanks so much for any advice.
  5. Emma Hadley

    Partner Visa 820 Approved

    I lodged my onshore partner visa in November 2017 and was advised of the 20-24 month processing timeframe. I've just received notification to say my visa has been approved after only a few months! Very happy, did not expect it to be processed so quickly! Makes all the forms and evidence and everything all worthwhile, wahoo
  6. Emma Hadley

    National VS State Police Check

    I should say as well that the certificate does say 'national police certificate' on it.
  7. Hello, I've recently obtained my police check for Australia and when I googled it, the link that came up was for police checks for my state (WA) so that's what I clicked on and ordered. Now I'm starting to think I should have ordered a national federal one... This is probably a stupid question but will the WA one just check police records in the state or is just conducted by them for the whole country? So what I'm asking is, will I need to get a national one as well? It might seem like an obvious question but I just want to be sure before I shell out more money to get it done again. Thanks, Emma
  8. Thank you! I'm going to take it as legitimate then. I've booked my medical and will sort out police checks later. Thank you for your help!
  9. Sorry, I should have said that we lodged our application onshore and I'm from the UK, so I wondered what the Embassy in Beirut had to do with my application - it just seemed a little odd.
  10. Sorry, completely forgot to mention that bit - we applied onshore and I'm from the UK, so I'm not sure what the Embassy in Beirut has to do with my application.
  11. Sorry, completely forgot to mention that bit - we applied onshore and I'm from the UK, so I'm not sure what the Embassy in Beirut has to do with my application.
  12. Hello, I submitted my de facto visa in October and wasn't expecting to hear anything for a LONG time. I had an email the other day requesting me to get my police and medical checks done, but the letter was from the Australian Embassy of Beirut and I'm trying to work out of it's legitimate or not. It appears on my Immi account as an email in my correspondence inbox, but I'm just confused as to why someone in Beirut would be contacting me about my visa? It looks pretty legitimate to me, but I want to double check. Also would they be contacting me for my medical which will expire in a year, but they won't process my visa for 20 - 25 months? I've tried calling Immigation but their line is so busy, I was the 100th person in the queue and I had to get to work. Has anyone else had experience of this and could maybe set my mind at rest? Also, if I do need to do my medical and police checks, do I have a time limit to get them done? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated as I am very worried!
  13. Emma Hadley

    Engaged after submitting de facto visa

    Good idea thank you!
  14. Emma Hadley

    Engaged after submitting de facto visa

    Fair enough, thank you! I'm glad I asked as there's no point going to the trouble to submit anything if people think there's no need! We would love to get married out here in Australia but there's just sooooo many people that we'd love to come to our wedding so we've decided to get married in the UK in 2019. Not sure when yet though! ?
  15. Emma Hadley

    Engaged after submitting de facto visa

    Fair enough thank you!