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    Just sharing my timeline. Date applied: 1 Nov 2017 City/Council area: Canning WA Online / Paper: Online Date received the acknowledgement email: 1 Nov 2017 Test invite email: 19 July 2018 Date of the Citizenship Test: 6 August 2018 Date of approval: tba Ceremony invitation: tba Date of ceremony: tba Type of ceremony: tba
  2. Joseph23


    Hi, During my citizenship application, I submitted my Australian Drivers License as my proof of residential address. However It is expiring in a month's time, what should i do? My application is still "Received". I don't want them to think I uploaded an expired license. Thanks.
  3. Joseph23


    Hi, I applied for my Citizenship on 03 Nov 2017. Heard nothing back since. Now I am afraid that some emails actually went to my junk mail.Is there a number that I can call to make sure my application is all good? Thanks.
  4. Joseph23

    October 2015 EOI's

    Got my invitation, 65 Points Engineer.
  5. Joseph23

    October 2015 EOI's

    Have submitted my EOI on the 10/10/2015 for Visa 189 with 65 Points - Engineer. What are the chances of me getting an invitation in this coming round?
  6. Joseph23

    189 Visa Lodged October 2015

    Hi hjd, I visited immi website and it says the following. Should I just wait? You should not use My Health Declarations if you: have already lodged a visa application as this will slow down the processing of your visa application
  7. Joseph23

    October 2015 EOI's

    Unfortunately I do not, is this something that my agent should/can provide me with?
  8. Joseph23

    October 2015 EOI's

    I submitted my EOI through an agent, is there a way to track the application without checking through my agent always?
  9. Hi kirstyj, Did your agent provide you any log in details to trace the visa application? I don't feel like bugging my agent everyday to check the status. :twitcy:
  10. Hi all, I am applying Visa 189 and have taken this PTE Test. My question is, who do I send this result to? I have searched for "department" and in Western Australia, it came out with this which is closest to what i think I should be sending: [TABLE=width: 100%] [TR] [TD]The Department of Training and Workforce Development WA - Skilled Migration WA - All Programs[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] or [TABLE=width: 100%] [TR] [TD]Department of Immigration and Border Protection - DIBP - Visa Applications[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] I am applying in Western Australia. I think the second one is the correct one? THanks.
  11. Joseph23

    October 2015 EOI's

    When is the next invitation after 9 October? I have 65 Points and plan to submit mine maybe early next week.
  12. Joseph23

    189 Visa Lodged August 2015

    Hi All, As I have studied in a regional area (Curtin University in Perth) and I know I am eligible for the 5 points. My question is, what document should i provide to prove this? I have a Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement which I got from the uni at my graduation ceremony, is this enough? Thanks.
  13. Joseph23

    Actual time taken for Skills assesssment

    I have the same question in mind. I am an electrical engineer and have studied in an Australian university for 4 years. So my degree should be recognized. How long is the skill assessment for engineers australia?
  14. Hi All, I am a recent graduate engineer from a recognized Australian University, have studied in Australia for the whole 4 year period for this course. I have submitted my skill assessment to Engineers Australia and paid approx 500$ for Australian Accredited Engineering Qualification check and Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment. I wonder how long does it take for them to finish checking this kind of application? Thanks.