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  1. Makybe Diva

    Glimmer of hope for accountants

    More good news on the job front from me. We also arrived about 6 weeks ago but just started looking for work this week. Went to 3 recruitment agencies on Monday. 2 basically told me employers wouldn't touch me until I had sat exams to transition to CAANZ. The third put me forward for a job on Monday, sat a Psychometric test on Wednesday, interview on Friday and was offered the job that afternoon. So don't get disheartened if you find anyone unwilling to accept your UK qualifications. Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk
  2. Makybe Diva

    Glimmer of hope for accountants

    I don't plan getting a job for a while until the kids are settled but if something perfect comes up I'll apply. I did the whole process myself but it took a lot of time reading up on things and only used forums for the odd query. The fact you've got this far on your own I'm sure you could finish it yourself.
  3. Makybe Diva

    Glimmer of hope for accountants

    If you are unsure how to apply and need it done quickly you might want to consult an agent to do this part for you as it took me a lot of time to read up on what had to be done. The fact you have done your skill assessment and EOI yourself the final part won't cost as much. Glad you loved Perth. We arrived in Brisbane 3 days ago and I feel totally at home - although probably still in holiday mode. Did you look into jobs while you were there ? Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk
  4. Makybe Diva

    190 visa

    I agree with you completely. I wasn't trying to have a go at you guys on here, just suggesting why someone else replied. Oops sorry, I shouldn't post here [emoji12] Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk
  5. Makybe Diva

    190 visa

    To be fair, no agent had replied for over a week Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk
  6. Makybe Diva

    Glimmer of hope for accountants

    Good luck with your visit. Hope it helps your decision 1 way or the other. Will you be contacting recruitment agencies while you are there ? Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk
  7. Makybe Diva

    Activating Visa

    I knew what you meant ?
  8. Makybe Diva

    Accountant to 189

    Although you are unlikely to get an invite anytime soon unless you have 70 points
  9. Makybe Diva

    Let's talk about cheques...

    I'm planning on transferring 20k GBP just before we leave to get us setup. No job to go to so whether that is enough probably depends how quickly I find work..... I am leaving the rest in UK bank until the GBP (hopefully) picks up.
  10. Makybe Diva

    Moving to Brisbane 8th fed 2017

    We are moving over on 29 December so our kids (8 and 6) are finishing up with the rest of the class for the holidays. We felt this would be easier for them. In your situation I would be worried they will get bored for 4 weeks in January before you leave when their friends are back at school so I would probably send them back after Christmas....
  11. Makybe Diva

    Keeping UK mobile phone number once in Oz

    I'm in the process of transferring my orange contract to a 3 payg prior to moving in December.
  12. Makybe Diva

    Family Tax Benefit part B $100K threshold

    If the bank interest was all in your partners name would you be entitled to part B ?
  13. Makybe Diva

    Visa options?

    Your wife will need to sit an english test prior to submitting an assessment of her qualifications. PTE do these throughout the country and results are available the following day. As a CA she should pass the qualification assessment no problem. ICAA have about a 2-3 weeks turnaround. As is said above there is a oversupply of accountants meaning at least 70 points are needed for an invite at the moment. She would likely need 20 points from her english exam (top marks) and also would need some points from her work experience. This would depend on her job roles and responsibilities. ICAA can also do this alongside the qualification assessment. If you are planning on doing this process on your own then it takes alot of reading up and investigating. Accountants have been flagged for removal for a number of years so if you are worried time might be limited then an agent such as westly above would speed the process up considerably.
  14. Makybe Diva

    MoveCube price

    Ours is coming on Friday I think we were quoted £950 (from Scotland) but from memory our expected charges in Australia were much higher than your quote (about $900 I think)
  15. Makybe Diva

    ACCA + Experience points confusion

    I used both and would recommend either. There would be no point getting your experience assessed so just go for a basic skill assessment.