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  1. Hi, I know this has been done to death but I've been searching through the forum and not actually found a specific answer yet. Anyway, I entered Australia on my working holiday visa in early August 2015 and within about 2 1/2 week (before the new regulations came into play) got a job on a farm in NSW. Before i arrived on the farm i'd heard stories about changes to the 2nd year visa application but was fairly uniformed and ignorant on the subject. At the start i laid out to my employer that i would require payslips as evidence for my 2nd year visa should i decide i wanted to. At the time he told me no problem etc, but i ended up getting paid on a monthly basis in cash. When i first asked my boss about payslips again he just said his accountant will sort payslips before i leave the farm which i believed and didn't question too much as i was enjoying the experience and getting paid. Anyway, when it came to leaving the farm my boss owed me money and promised to pay me up full with payslips backdated etc. Weirdly enough I got on with him great and he was quite genuine (in most cases) and after leaving the farm for the next couple of months he payed me back what i was owed in installments but I never recieved payslips (I'd expect I owe the taxman a fair amount, presuming he never paid it). I still maintain contact via Facebook. Now this leads me to my question. I am keeping my options open in regards to doing a second year etc. But before I seriously consider it I need to know if its a viable possibility. By this I mean: -From what I've read so far I believe because I started work before the new regs came into play I don't fall into the category of having to provide payslips etc. -Therefore, what evidence do I need to provide to back up my application? I have photos, my bank statement shows that when I occasionally got to town I cashed my money etc. I can also provide a ABN number and get any signatures from my boss. -I presume if they accepted the fact I did regional work it would then open up the corridors to owing tax? If so is this a complete no go? However, given the reputation of the immigration office I am very sceptical the above evidence I would be able to provide is sufficient. I would love to hear experience from anyone who has applied for a second year visa in terms of what the process and requirements were like. E.G. Do you always need to provide payslips, photos, bank statement etc. I appreciate this subject has been done to death so any help is greatly appreciated. I'm just trying to see how viable a 2nd year is. It's such a shame its so complicated as the 4 1/2 months I spent on the farm will live with me forever! Thanks.
  2. Daz178

    Mental health jobs/ WHV

    In the visa application I stated that I intended to work preferably within mental health (such as a secure unit) and intend to do farm work. From the criteria mentioned in the screenshot I get the impression that the medical would be something they would contact you and pre-arrange for when you arrive in Australia. I haven't heard anything so I doubt this would be applicable to me. Also, the "Depending on which country you are from" indicates to me that you're more likely to undergo the medical if you come from a country where a range of diseases are more common. Coming from the UK I think I should be fine. Thanks for your input anyway Stacey
  3. Daz178

    Mental health jobs/ WHV

    Sorry, have you any idea of the purpose of the medical? What exactly would it entail? It seems very strange that you would have to go through such procedures, especially when looking for a non-qualified mental health nursing assistant job
  4. Hi, Not quite sure if this is the right section, but cause my query is related to WHV I chose to stick it in here. I'm due to fly out to Australia on the 10th August. So far i've kinda expected work wise to just look everywhere and take what you can get. Since finishing Uni I currently work in a mental health unit within the NHS on an as and when contract (known as "bank") which is 0 hour, but due to demand for staffing I can pretty much chose when I want to work. As far as Nursing Assistants go I'm extremely experienced as I've been highly trained in various aspects of my job, and have a wide range of certification/references as proof which is regarded highly in this country atleast. I was wondering does anyone know of anything similar in Australia? i.e. a system which facilitates flexible "part time" workers within the mental health sector. From some research I have done I gather you could possibly get on an agency? I know it's unlikely, and my main purpose for the WH is not for CV building so worst case scenario I'll do anything. Thankyou in advance for any help answering my query